Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 8

The Tell-Tale Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • This episode is very powerful! Such sad moments. It's my favourite episode!

    This episode was just amazing! From start to finish!
    The very beginning Jessi and Kyle were sleeping together! Just sleeping and that's all! It was so adorable! The song Reasons to Love You by Meiko was playing! It completely fits them. I thought it was really cute how the first bed Kyle was able to sleep in was Jessi's! The whole episode was them trying to find out what happened to her mother. There was one scene where the parents were talking about about Josh and Andy and Nicole said "We can't have two teenagers who hormones are raging living together under our roof, then the scene shoots to Jessi and Kyle! I thought that was really funny! I love when Kyle goes into Jessi's memories and she's remembering moments between them! I love Nicole tells him that he doesn't have to be the one to fix this and he says "Yes, I do." He really loves Jessi. I love when Kyle tells Jessi to think of a time where she was happy and felt safe, so she thinks of when they were sleeping together. Aw! Its sad when she sees blood on the walls and she screams and Kyle gets into the tub with her! The saddest moment of the episode is when she gabs him back into the dream and she's trying to get to Sarah. They can hear Sarah's hearbeat. Jessi's freaking out! Kyle says "Stay with me. It's just you and me." The heartbeat stops, Jessi says "She's dead. My mother's dead." They leave the dream and just lay in the tub. She's cries on him. He kisses the back of her head! Nicole goes to talk to Jessi and tells her that she knows that she saw something really bad and that she doesn't have to tell her what it was. Jessi says that one day she'll tell her. Kyle shows Jessi that Sarah kept pictures of Jessi, showing her that her mother really did love her. Jessi smiles and it's sp cute! Kyle is watching her then KISSES her! She smiles during the kiss! It's really adorble! Great episode!
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