Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 5

This Is Not a Test

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Nicole and Stephen are at the front door where they exchange a kiss. Nicole loads all three kids, Lori, Kyle and Josh, in to her car because it's their first day back at school--for Lori and Josh at least. Little do they know that Tom Foss is watching their every move. Tom sits in his truck and patiently waits for the Tragers to abandon their house.

At the school, Lori and Josh find their cliques and wander off, while Kyle goes with Mrs. Trager to the Principal's office. While Kyle sits outside he hears the school bell which frightens him a bit.

Kyle wanders in to a room, there he sees an almost unsolvable problem written on a black board.

At lunch, Kyle decides to sit with the unpopular kid, who thinks Kyle is a joke but then strikes a bond with Kyle. Kyle's new friend takes him to the school library and leaves Kyle to study as he wishes. While studying, Amanda walks by and bids her "Hello" then Charlie comes along. Kyle becomes unusually shy which causes Charlie, and Amanda, to begin thinking. Later, Amanda comes back and finds Kyle still studying! She asks Kyle if he likes her, Kyle thinks for a minute, then replies with "You're my friend" And extends his hand to her. Josh, has gotten on a certain students nerves, but this student has anger issues and Josh gets a taste of them! Kyle however sees the angry student strike Josh and comes to his rescue. He stands in front of Josh and soon begins to escort Josh down the stairs, but the angry student becomes even angrier and kicks Kyle down the stairs, which makes Josh angry! When the angry student (Toby) tries to hit Josh again, Kyle stops him and this time puts Toby in his right place, but the Principal, with Mr. and Mrs. Trager only see Kyle making moves on Toby, which gets him in trouble.

In detention, Lori finds the teacher staring at the black board and instantly realizes who solved the math problem, she exchanges Kyle for detention.

However Kyle failed to take the test he was meant to take before, with only half an hour left to complete the test, Kyle begins it, and of course finishes it with no wrong answers! Outside the school, Kyle sees his new friend drawing a picture of Kyle as a super Hero, which makes Kyle happy.

Kyle is ready for a peaceful night of sleep, but little does he know, Tom Foss has planted cameras all over the Trager house, and is looking right at him.