Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 5

This Is Not a Test

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle goes to school with his super IQ!

    Kyle goes to school with his super IQ and finds out he doesn't know anything about history! This adds to the mysteriousness of Kyle. Where is his memory? He fixes that problem by reading all the encylopedias but it's still not his real memories and I felt bad for him.
    Tom Foss sneaking around is not how a police officer acts! There is something just so myterious about him and his connection to Kyle but I haven't been able to put my thumb on it. I don't like the fact he can watch Kyle - and the family - now. Just creeps me out.
  • Good ole High School.

    One thing I learned was that High School never changes. There still are cliques, bullies, jocks, etc. It is nice to see someone like Kyle who doesn't care and just does, sit down and talk to anybody. I think his new friend is just what he needs too. I love Kyle's intake on what goes on around him too. Like when the bell goes off between classes, he just wanders around like everyone else and finds his place. I'm glad he got into high school, this sure is going to be an eye opener for him and some interesting storylines for us.
  • This is a great story, showing the everyday turmoil of high school.

    The first day of school! No one more excited than Kyle, however the principle is trying to put a damper on Kyle being enrolled at Beachwood. Kyle still searches for his place in the world. At lunch Kyle makes his first friend, Deichman, who shares Kyle's passion for drawing. At home, the Trager's plan for a romantic rendezvous is disrupted by the appearance of Tom Foss. With the guidance from Deichman to the library to learn more for his placement test, Kyle is able to pass the test with colors. Josh is attacked Toby, who has a grudge with Josh for calling him stupid. As Toby is throwing the first punch Kyle comes to save the day. When everyone is turning in for the night, the audience finds out that Tom has installed surveillance cameras in all the rooms of the Trager's house.

    I meticulously enjoyed this episode; it resembled high school suitably, from the trouble with the teacher, cafeteria argument, to school fight. I really adore how Kyle behaved in the fight, being defensive and not offensive, protecting Josh and himself also not lifting a hand in retaliation. Too bad most fights do not go that way. Now, I know Tom defiantly knows something about Kyle, about who Kyle really is.
  • Great episode!

    Kyle's first day of high school! Josh insults an angry boy who tries to hurt Josh. Luckily, Kyle is there to help! Lori and Hilary fight. Declan talks to Lori. Tom puts cameras in the Trager home. Kyle solves a near impossible math equation and read the entire encyclopedia. Stephen and Nicole almost spend the day alone. Kyle becomes friends with a geek. Kyle hides his feelings for Amanda.

    This was a great episode! I really liked it because it really deals with high school issues! Things like, bullies, nerds, stuck up girls, math, the library, school fights, tests, and other things. There were various cliques like the skaters and the gothic people. I thought it was cool when Kyle was fighting the kid who couldn't read. I also liked Deichman, the geek, for some reason. I give this episode a 10!
  • Kyle goes to school for the first time. Lori has problems with Hilary. Josh gets bullied, and Nicole and Stephan have someone break into their house. They have to worry about this instead of having a nice afternoon kid free as they had planned.

    In my opinion, this was a great episode. I kind of felt bad for Kyle in this episode. He finally figured out that he loved someone (Amanda), then he found out that she had a boyfriend (Charlie). Also, he was under the pressure of being a very smart person going to school for the first time. He had to take several tests. He passed all of them with flying colors except for the history tests. All that I can think about (now, after the finale episode) is the fact that he was just recently "created." He couldn't possibly now anything about the past unless he studied it, which was exactly what he did. He read every encyclopedia once, and very fast, then he went back to take the test. He ended up taking it in less than half an hour, and he once again passed.

    In the previous episode, Lori and Hilary had a fight. Now, Hilary keeps on taunting Lori while doing things such as spilling a drink on Lori's shirt just because Lori was wearing the same shirt that she was. Lori is also having trouble with Declan.

    Josh is in remedial reading. In that class, the teacher asks a student, Toby, to read a passage in a book. He unfortunately can't do it. The teacher asks Josh to read and he reads perfectly, as if to show off in front of Toby. Toby thinks that Josh was trying to insult him. After school, Toby meets Josh and the hallway and tries to beat him up. When Kyle comes into it all, he stops Toby, but then the principal and the Trager parents come in.

    Back at the Trager's house, Nicole and Stephan were planning for an afternoon alone. Their plan gets ruined when Nicole calls Stephan saying that she thinks there's a person inside the house (Tom Foss). After she gets off the phone, she finds out that someone is at the door. When she opens it up, it's Tom Foss, claiming to be a police officer
    who had just happened to drive by just on time to see what was happening.

    This episode was my favorite out of all of them. It had a great plot and it revealed some interesting characters.
  • Kyle is given another chance to take his test and this time... well... is passing really a question of "if"? And then again, poor Kyle's on his toes as he takes on the local schoolyard bully and tells his girl what she wants (and probably needs)

    This one made me feel every emotion out there. Kyle's spending his time in the library and still can't tell his girl how he feels, knowing that the answer she wanted to hear would make her feel better. Kyle's learning human psychology very quickly to make that judgment. It helps that he read and memorized the entire encyclopedia and still had time to defeat the schoolyard bully without throwing a single punch but is still reprimanded for being involved. To make matters worse, Kyle's first try at taking a test failed and he attempts it again after learning what he needed to know. That is, everything.
  • Show keeps getting better and better!

    Kyle still doesn't know about his past as he goes
    For the very first time it seems to school as
    He is very intelligent but also must learn human emotions
    When he does learn them and about them, then he will
    Be on the right road IMO. He meets a guy who loves comic books as that seems to be a start of a beautiful friendship!
  • this is just really a great episode.

    This episode basically sums Kyle up in one word: Super Man. (we are going to ignore the fact thats that actually two words) It displays his strength, both physically and academically, as well as his kindness. Unfortunately his ignorance and innocence also get thrown in to the mix. I think this episode is vital as far as character development goes, and the plot too cause now Kyle attends highschool, (God speed to him) What adventures will he now embark on and what tales will he live to tell? Not very many from the looks of the next episode. Tune in next week, (which is today!) for Kyle XY. I give this episode a thumbs up!
  • Good story

    I really like this story, I felt bad when the Vice-Pricipal wouldn't let Kyle join the school. High school is hard enough and when the people in charge don't want you there, that can make it worse.

    Acting by the leads is getting a whole lot better, while the secondary characters who have been around a while are getting better. But every new actor on the show seems to be a "NEW" actor.

    I am getting annoyed at the cinematography. Again, it seems that these are new people to the scene and the cuts seem too predictable. For instance, when the kids are at the car at the end, Josh didn't say a word, but the director thinks that all the actors need a close up, but still, Josh got a pointless close up.

    I still have high hopes. The story is amazing and the acting gets better, hopefully more of the technical aspects improve too!
  • What a fight...

    The best one yet! The first day of school episode is one I have been waiting for and the fact that we get to see Kyle use his fighting skills was great. He won the fight without throwing a punch.
    Plus we have more on Tom. Now that he has the means to watch the family all the time has just knocked up the fear factor up a few notches.
    I can't wait for the next episode to see how the troubles of that one day carry one into the rest of the show.
  • This was definately the best episode yet!

    In this episode Kyle went to school. I don't know why, but that made the episode so much better than all the others. I thought it was great how Kyle read the entire encyclopedia in one afternoon and aced his test in thirty minutes. After seeing this episode I realized that Kyle is not the only clever person involved in this show. The writters are also extremely clever. I thought Tom Foss was pretending to be a police officer. I didn't think he actually was one. I can find nothing wrong with this episode. Altogether this was another amazing episode.
  • wow wow wow wow wow wow

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  • Kyle is getting to be a genius!

    Man, Kyle is smart. He did a nunber of weird things in this episode. One thing was he was able to read all of a world book encylopedia series, beat up the bullier of Josh in his school, solve a math problem that takes college students 6 weeks to solve, and finish i almost whole day test in a half an hour! he is also beggining to communicate better with unknown people, like that comic book geek. This show is coming along great!
  • The comic book geek and the boy who does not know his own past. Seems like a dream come true for a comic fan.

    This episode was great. Kyle goes to his 1st day of high school and has no idea about anything in American history. But with the help of his new friend, he finds his way into the library and reads all the volumes in the American History collection. And despite all his learning, he doesn't want to have a private tutor, but he wants to go to class and interact with people. Cause he wants to learn what makes people act the way they do. And when he see's Amanda's boyfriend again, he acted just the way I usually do, with despise for the other guy. And Kyle makes the hardest decision, which is to tell her that they are just friends, even though he could have said that he liked her, but as Kyle said, "She belongs with Charlie." I think that's the guy's name, I hope it is. But the picture that Dikemen drew was really great. Cause the poor guy has no friends, and yet he found someone that may make all his imaginations real. All real because Kyle is the way he is. A little strange, and simply a kind person, cause he tries to do the right thing all the time. And that's what all heroes should be like.
  • We also learn more of his "new" family.

    I liked this episode, because Kyle teaches his 'siblings' that going to school is more than just knowing the facts, but to also belong with others (a group), even though we may not like his choice. Only a 'nerd' could understand and accept him for who he is and not what he is, at least in his first day. Lets hope this friendship blossoms.

    After learning everything, it is also nice to know he was insightful enough to let the girl he likes (loves) off the hook by reasoning she would be better off just beeing friends, at least for now.

    I can relate to taking a long test in a short period of time, but knowledge will allow you to do that. I just hope the show does not go this route and spends more time with the value judgements and less with the academic part of school.
  • Ya got to love this show

    Kyle is grown now. We have seen him grow up right before our eyes. Defending his new family, doing what's best for the girl he likes, beating up a bully with out beating him up, hanging out with the un cool kid and even making a name for himself. The writers have taken there time with this show and did great with this episode. Kyles first day in high school was an eventfully day but all went well in the end. The most touching part was when the nerd guy (forgot his name) drew Kyle as a super hero. Ya got to love it.

    We now know that Kyle will do anything to defend Josh or Lori, even if it means being pushed down a flight of hard steps himself! And Josh is defensive of Kyle as well, looks like they are bonding well.

    Tom Foss has tapped the Trager house? Now we know he wants Kyle for some reason...but why? I want to know now people!

    In this episode Kyle made a new friend, and his friend was not a popular guy which is good, Kyle has a very sweet personality that will capture many hearts, it captured mine that's for sure!

    Amanda is really pretty!