Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 14

To C.I.R., With Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Kyle is standing on the cliff just after Jessi jumps. Kyle is about to jump in after to try and save her, when Tom Foss stops him. Foss convinces him that she couldn't have survived and that going in after her would kill him too. Kyle confronts Tom with Adam Baylin's comatose but living state. Tom confesses that he and members of Latnok have been taking care of him and that Adam didn't want Kyle to get his hopes up if he couldn't heal himself if something happened to him.
Kyle returns to the Trager's home to explain about how he was created by Adam Baylin, Zzyxx, the new threat, Madacorp, and Jessi's death. Josh breaks the tension by exclaiming that the truth is cooler than anything he ever dreamed up.
Kyle worries that he will have to say goodbye to the Trager's after everything he told them. But it isn't the only goodbye he is worrying about. He visits Amanda's house but she has already left for the airport.
Kyle apologizes to Nicole. He never meant for any harm to come her family. Nicole hugs him and tells him he is wonderful and he could never do anything to make them love him less.
They discuss what is to be done about Madacorp. Although Kyle no longer has the information he took from Zzyxx, he is betting that Ballantine doesn't know that and wants the information badly enough to put him in the C.I.R. (Cerebral Impulse Relay) chair. Kyle believes he can create an energy surge that will burn all of their servers once he is hooked up to the CIR chair but Stephen will have to sneak in and create a physical link to the chair and the rest of Madacorp's systems. Nicole is not happy with the plan. They use Madacorp's open house as a cover to sneak in.
Lori thanks Kyle because she feels free. She knows now that her break up with Declan wasn't about her, it wasn't her fault, and there wasn't anything she could have done differently.
Stephen slips away and plans to be back in 45 minutes.
Josh is worried about keeping Kyle's secret from Andy.
Kyle approaches Ballantine and makes a proposal. Ballantine can have the information if he leaves the Trager's alone.
Declan shows up at the open house because he was worried about Lori.
Josh and Andy pig out at the buffet, since the cancer is going to make her throw it all up anyway. After waiting in line for a crepe, by the time they get there the station is closed. Andy tells the guy who got the last crepe that she has cancer so he will give it to her. When it works she tells Josh she can't believe she hasn't used it a long time ago, it is freeing no longer having to keep it a secret.
Emily discovers Stephen before he can make the connection. Stephen tries to plead with Emily, to think of her family and the lengths she would go to protect them.
Jessi has survived and is locked in Madacorp. She is in a frenetic state, scribbling all of the information she retrieved from Kyle, disjointedly, on the walls of her cell. As it would take 57 years for her to finish, she has made a deal with Ballantine to give them the information if they will give her the memories of the life she always wanted. Kyle tries to talk her out of it, trying to convince her that Ballantine's promises aren't worth it, but she just wants the information out of her head.
Declan apologizes about lying to her and Lori forgives him. Declan and Lori let go of the past by destroy souvenir's from their time as a couple.
Kyle and Stephen are locked in a room together. Emily whispers to Stephen that she is thinking of her family.
Stephen is over an hour late so a worried Nicole calls him. When she is unable to contact him she gets on an elevator to look for him, while the guard is otherwise occupied.
Andy is finished with the buffet and wants to sneak in to Madacorp to steal and break things. Josh tries to dissuade her by telling her embarrassing things about himself and then throws up in the bushes.
Kyle starts to understand why the information from Zzyxx is so important. Kyle senses Jessi and tries to connect with her while she is in the chair.
In the chair, Jessi "dreams" of being a part of the Trager's family. But intruding on the loving dinner scene is Lori's bruised face and a newscast about the murder of a hunter in the woods. Kyle also contacts her and convinces her that she can be a better person if she chooses to be and that the information she has was never meant to be her burden but his. She trusts him to take the pain away and Kyle is able to take back the information before the chair extracts it from her.
Brian Taylor tries to convince Kyle that it is too dangerous. Fighting the chair will fry his brain.
Emily helps Jessi escape.
Nicole and Jessi meet up in the elevator. Nicole implores Jessi to help Kyle and Stephen, saying Kyle always believed in her, risked everything to help her.
Kyle is put in the chair. He "dreams" of the Trager's and Amanda to try to hold out against the chair but as Ballantine gets closer to the information he wants, Kyle's memories of them begin to disappear. As Kyle goes into cardiac arrest, Taylor protests, and Ballantine kicks him out.
Jessi links with Kyle just in time. Their combined efforts allow Stephen to escape and complete the connection. They are able to create a power surge that causes a black out in the entire town. Afterwards Jessi collapses.
Kyle visits Jessi in the hospital. Kyle thanks her for her help. She admits that it is nice to do good for a change.
Madacorp is blamed for the black out in Seattle. Ballatine is fired. Brian Taylor has powerful connections in Madacorp and Ballantine was operating without their knowledge. Emily is to replace Ballantine.
Before he leaves, Tom gives Adam's record to Kyle. Kyle promises to work hard to be worthy of him. Tom confesses that he already is.
Lori and Declan make a pact to get together again if they haven't found anyone else by prom.
Amanda's flight was delayed due to the black out. So Kyle gets to say goodbye to her properly. They promise to call and text while she is away.
Brian Taylor visits Jessi in the hospital, claiming to be her father. He also says he has information about the woman in the photograph, Sarah.
The family enjoys a candlelight supper.