Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 14

To C.I.R., With Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Madacorp is outed!

    Kyle returns to the Traegers with his secrets which he finally tells to the Traegers. He then asks the family to help him take down Madacorp. The display of love with the family was endearing.
    Just as if on cue, the family goes to a party given by Madacorp. Are all things they way they really seem? Is this the way to take down the evil company? Tom Foss out at at Madacorp but Kyle still considers him a friend.
    Kyle thinks he misses his chance to say good bye to Amanda but he does get to do so. This show shows so much potential for the second season. I can't wait for more. Must have more Kyle XY!
  • After witnessing Jessie hurl herself over the cliff, Kyle returns to reveal those things he had been keeping from the Tragers and enlists their help in bringing down Medacorp and their sinister technology.

    What a great episode.
    First, the title "To C.I.R. With Love." A bit cheesy, perhaps but irresistible. Next, everyone is looking great, especially the star of the show. But the best part of this episode is the wonderful balance between action, suspense and warmth between the characters. Who cares that Jessie emerges from a cataclysmic leap over the cliff without a single scratch? We've come to expect stuff like that in this show. The word of the night seemed to be "freedom." Enslaved before to forces and emotions beyond their control, each character seemed to express the freedom to live and love and breathe. And did I mention that Matt Dallas is still gorgeous?
  • This was a good start to season 2.

    I liked the season premiere. I was glad that Kyle was finally able to divulge his secret to the rest of the family . That secret had been weighing heavily on him for the later part of last season. The only problem I did have with this episode was Jessie surviving. When she initially jumped in the season finale, something told me that she was not really dead. I just wish they could have explained how she survived that jump. The season premiere also saw the exit of Tom Foss and the head of Madacorp. It looks like Emily will be the new villain for this season. From the previews Jessie will continue to butt heads with Kyle. The rest of the season should be interesting to watch.
  • Cat is out of the bag!

    Well the cat is out of the bag as Kyle comes home to the Taggers and tells them everything about MegaCorp and how he and Jessi survived the fall. Without hardly a scratch as the evil company put their plan in motion. As we see in the part two of the second season. Now that the cat is out of the bag, emotions beging to ride high. And that all of the lives of everybody involved are put at risk. As the company is throwing some kind of party. As the Taggers and Kyle want some answers into what is going on. Well, can't wait to find out about the next episode as this was suspenseful from beginning to end!
  • Great episode!

    Kyle returns home to tell the Tragers everything. Jessi is alive and back at Madacorp. Lori and Declan talk now that they both know Kyle's secrets. Kyle wants to say goodbye to Amanda, but she has already left. Josh and Andy spend the day together at Madacorp, while Kyle and Stephen try to shut them down. Kyle tries to help Jessi not to release the information in her head. Kyle and Jessi stop Madacorp.

    This was a great episode! The only thing is that I didn't watch the previous episodes recently, so at first, I forgot what had happened, even with the short recap in the beginning. I did love this episode and it was very good! It gets a 10 out of 10!
  • A great start to the part two of the second season! Kyle faces Jessi XX's supposed death and comes back home to tell everything to the Traggers.'To C.I.R., With Love' is an episode full of suspense from the start till the end!

    A great start to the part two of the second season! Kyle faces Jessi XX's supposed death and comes home to tell everything to the Traggers. Along with them, they'll try to defeat Madacorp. The family goes to some open party Madacorp is giving, being the perfect time to give their plan a go. An episode full of suspense from the start till the end!

    'To C.I.R., With Love' leads us to something new...what does the future hold for Kyle and Jessi? How normal will their lives be? Don't miss the next episode 'The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades' from Kyle XY!
  • kyle comes home and tells the tragers everything.

    this was one of the most pivotal episodes of kyle xy.

    Not only do the tragers find out everything but they decide to team up with kyle to take out madacorp. The revelation that jessi survived the fall shows us that with kyle and jessi anything is possible. Jessi using her ablities to help kyle was a major character development for her and hopefully she'll be able to find a good home now.The scene between foss and kyle at the end of the episode was very touching as well. Foss may not be apart of the tragers but as far as kyle is concerned he's still family.
  • Things finally become more clear as the episode we have been waiting for has arrived.

    I thought this episode handled Kyle's telling his family the truth really well, and I loved how they all reacted and worked together. I think Kyle's not having any secrets makes him and the Trager's a lot more dangerous as they now all can take part in trying to take down Madacorp. And since Stephen is already employed with Madacorp, they have a way to infiltrate them. Things seem to be all planed out perfect, but looks can be deceiving. We find out Jessi is still alive after her attempt to kill herself, which to me was not a huge shock, but still a shock. I kind of figured she would still be alive, I mean, if she wasn't, then the show would be over soon technically. I really liked this episode and I think it put a lot out on the table for future episodes. I like how Jessi finally makes her own choice to do something good, this made me happy because it means there is still hope for her. The real surprise for me was Emily's taking over Ballantine's job. We get a tease for next episode, but I am not sure how true one of them really is.
  • So Kyle is back to tell the Tragers the truth finally about himself. Once everything is out in the open they band together along with the help of Jessi and Emily to bring madacorp down.

    WOW what an episode!! This is how every season opening episode should start and end. They didn't leave anything out, touching on ALL the things they left hanging at the end of last season. The episode was filled with a well rounded amount of drama, suspense, action, comedy and of course the dynamic of thier family love. I am glad to see Lori and Declan have resolved their issues, cause i so love them together. OH YEAH...and so happy Amanda wasn't able to leave after all and was able to say goodbye to Kyle after all. I love those two as a couple, so she better come back soon. Glad Madacorp has been brought down, but i doubt that is the end of thier troubles yet. LOL I do wish they would have covered more about what happened to Adam and how Jessi survived that jump. I think someone else said this too and i have to agree the end with the Tragers all together having dinner by candlelight was completely priceless and soo touching. I can't wait to see what happens next...

    ~I dont know if anyone caught this. But Martin Cummins who plays "Brian Taylor" used to be in the show Dark Angel with Jessica Alba where she was a genetically enhanced killing machine that broke out of a place called MANTICORP. Just thought that was amusing.
  • This show has never had a bad episode. I don't think it was the best way to start off the last ten episodes, but it was still good !

    I do think this episode could have been much better if it didn't feel so rushed. I enjoyed it for the most part but I'm upset that they didn't go into detail about how Jessi survived the jump, they just left us hangin, hopefully they'll explain in a future episode but I doubt it. Also, I could have done without all the lori/declan and josh/andy scenes, don't get me wrong, I like those couples but that screentime could have been used towards us seeing more of family dynamic after kyle's revelation or more of an explaination on how jessi survived, good episode though.
  • Kyle tells the Traegers about his past, and they help him bring down Madacorp, but when they find that Jessi survived the fall, and is giving them what they need. With the help of Nicole, Kyle, and Emily she helps Kyle bring down the company.


    So this was an interesting episode. It reminded me a bit of the fifth Harry Potter movie, in which the enemy keeps invading the protagonist's memories. I loved the couples scenes, Declan and Lori reminiscing about their past, and now thanks to Kyle she knows it was Declan that was at fault, not her. And then Josh and Andy, I thoguth it was a bit cruel that she used her cancer to get a crepe, but thought it was great when Josh admitted all those things to her and then puked. Then the best one between Kyle and Amanda, how great was it that he caused her to stay for just a little longer to say goodbye.

    Now I still have no idea what exactly happened to Adam Baylan, or where Tom Foss was going, but I can't wait to find out what will become of those two.

    So I still do not trust Jessi, and now that Brian Taylor is in her life, I do not trust those two together. Then there is Emily, she is now the chair at Madacorp.

    The candlelight dinner at the end was really classic, made even more special by the fact that the power came in and then Josh turned the lights off.

    I think it is good that they are taking a backseat from the evil corporation storyline, and going back to the story of the family and Kyle's relationship with them, hopefully it will mimic season one. What is to come looks great, this should shape out to be a good conclusion to this season.