Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 14

To C.I.R., With Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on ABC Family



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    • Declan: I guess there's somebody up there didn't want me to de-re-virginize you.
      Lori: You know about that?
      Declan: Are you kidding? None of the guys at school have been able to get any since re-virginization started sweeping the nation.

    • Kyle: Do you remember what you told me the night that you brought me back here, when I thanked you for everything you'd done for me?
      Foss: I told you to be worth it.
      Kyle: That's what kept me going through all this. With what you've lost in your life, you still gave everything so that I could have mine. I'm gonna work as hard as I can every day so that I can be worth it for you.
      Foss: You already are.

    • Josh: I can't believe you just used your cancer to get a French pancake.
      Andy: I can't believe I didn't use it a long time ago.

    • Lori: What are you doing?
      Josh: Acting normal.
      Lori: Well stop acting normal, you're freaking kids out.

    • Kyle: (to Tragers) I know that you have a lot of questions. I have a lot of answers, and I'm ready to tell you everything. None of it changes the way I feel about all of you. I hope that it doesn't change the way that you feel about me.

    • (After Andy meets Josh and Lori at Madacorp)
      Andy: What's going on?
      Josh: What? Nothing?
      Andy: Right, I can always tell when you're lying.
      Josh: I"m not lying. There's nothing going on!
      Lori: They are so screwed!

    • Kyle: Hey, how are you doing? I mean, now that you know all of my secrets?
      Lori: I got dumped because Declan wouldn't trust me with your secrets. Do you know what that means? This wasn't about me; it wasn't my fault! All this time I've been worried about what I did wrong, or what I could have done different. I couldn't have done anything, because it wasn't me! I'm free.
      Kyle: Free?
      Lori: Yes! Free from all the drama with a capital Declan. Free from worrying about anybody else's feelings but my own. Free! (hugs Kyle) Thank you for this.
      Kyle: You're… welcome?

    • Josh: (to Andy) I used to try on Lori's training bra and one time I took a measuring tape and-- (Josh throws up in the bushes behind him.)

    • (After Kyle tells the Tragers the whole truth.)
      Josh: Whoa!! That is so much cooler than anything I've ever dreamed up!

  • Notes

    • The outdoor scenes at Madacorp's open house were filmed in the Rose Garden at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

    • Featured Music
      "Bow and Scrape" by Saturn Missiles
      "Time Goes By" by Air Traffic
      "Let There Be Morning" by The Perishers
      "Life is Beautiful" by Vega4

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