Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 6

Welcome to Latnok

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Another great installment.

    This episode reveals how Latnok recruits new members, what kind of people Latnok is after and what some of their plans are. Latnok is not what Kyle expected. The new members are gifted University students who are trying to achieve technological advancements.

    Kyle's promise to Cassidy and family money problems force Kyle to join Latnok. Kyle does not like the idea of working with Latnok, but he does not have much of a choice. Kyle saved Nicole from a death, but when Tragers receive a hospital bill Kyle feels obliged to take care of this problem too.

    Kyle is coming to a crossroad where he has to decide what path he is going to take.
  • Finally, an episode this season that had everything you could ask for, and all done perfectly.

    Warning spoilers contained below:

    Kyle goes to Latnok this episode, which I guess we have been waiting to see for some time (well I have been wondering what exactly Latnok is like when not plotting against Kyle. So it seems that family money troubles force Kyle's hand, making him join Latnok. From what I saw this episode Latnok looked pretty good, they seemed to have a good thing going, with lots of young bright minds. Yet, I still have this feeling that something is not right with Latnok, just by how they treated the situation with Kyle and all. I really liked how the family got together in this episode, there was a lot of strange situations for people, but they all seemed to work out nicely. So Nate loses the science fair to Kyle, but sneaky Nate does something so low, I almost wish we never met him. He found out about Kyle and Amanda's break up, and now he has found Amanada, and it seems Nate is going to try and woo her in order to get back at Kyle. At the end of this episode, the truth finally comes out. Jessi finally tells Kyle she wants to be with him, and it leaves us at that. So basically, a lot of people in this episode are in some pretty tough situations, and the show isn't being picked up for another season. Before I wasn't too disturbed by this, but now I am kind of wishing the show is picked up again. The show now getting to the stage where I don't mind the drama, as long as it's more realistic like it was in this episode. I really liked this episode, and I hope to see more like it to come, and at least one more season.
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