Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 8

What's the Frequency, Kyle?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on ABC Family
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Kyle's visions offer the Tragers solace after Stephen's father suffers a stroke and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Jessi's lack of progress at therapy dismays Emily.

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  • I thought a lot of parts were predictable.

    I was a little disappointed with this episode, i realized straight away who had attacked Lori, i also thought, since kyle now has this holographic memory ability, could he not just "go to" the time Lori was attacked and, seeing he can walk around in his memory, just walked to where she was being attacked and taken a look at her attacker?? y

    that would have been awesome. I also have to admit, i think Amanda is sweet and all but i just find her so boring... uninteresting. i would have preferred kyle and Jesse to connect, maybe make Amanda go after kyle a bit. (i thought their connection would be more Adam and Eve, but my partner says their connection is that of siblings... to bad)

    I don't like seeing Declan with Jesse so it was good seeing him meet up with Lori, with some chick flicks and good company... though i did admire Lori's courage and ability to cope. Not all would have dealt so well with the situation. It was nice seeing a more vulnerable side to Emily, and even Jesse. How is no one has noticed she's like Kyle???

    Coma communication skill... COOLmoreless
  • not the best episode, but still very good, slightly better than last week

    for me, this wasn't one of the better episodes of season 2, lori was attacked in the last episode and we finally find out it was jessi, not a big shocker, that girl is usually kinda creepy but i started to feel for her in this episode, that doesn't justify why she attacked lori but i do feel bad for her, josh was sweet with telling lori how much he cared, he's definately earning points with me this season, but what was up with the lack of andy ?, she's gonna be on next week but i would have liked a mention of her, i couldn't really get into the storyline about stephens dad, he was in coma the whole episode and we didn't get to hear his side of the story, kyle and amanda are heavily featured as usual, their cute and everything but i rather have josh and andy, in my opinion, they're the best couple (potential couple) on the show and the writers are wasting it, there better be some great josh/andy stuff next weekmoreless
  • I like how Kyle could communicate with Stephen's Dad!

    I loved this episode....

    Kyle was so sweet in this and Amanda helping him and telling him he could do it was cool.

    I wish people really could comunicate from a coma but there isn't anyone like Kyle that can get the message through! Although I watched this episod ages ago I can still kind of remember it! I can't believe Kyle! I mean he is to talented and great!

    And Jessi, well even though we know where she came from she is way more stranger than Kyle when he first got into the Trager house. But I liked Kyle from the start, not Jessi.

    She is just too weird for me, I think they programed her wrong!moreless
  • A person should communicate to his/her loved ones in order to stay stronger.

    This episode proves that Kyle Xy does not only make the people enjoy each episode per week. It also makes the people feel what the characters feel.

    I think this is a very touching and emotional episode. Actually, I don't really like the plot of the story since it failed to continue the suspense that was brought last week. However, there is an element in the episode "What's The Frequency, Kyle?" that makes it great. I was touched by the story of Steven and his father but I was more touched with Josh having concern with Lori. I think that the main theme of this episode is communication. We sometimes forget to have conversation with our loved ones because of our busy lives. In this way, we are creating gaps between us and our loved ones. We feel that it's very "OA" to say that we care for them. Because of that, we tend to disregard them as part of our lives which creates misunderstanding just like what happened to Steven and his father. But Josh didn't waste his time to tell to Lori how much he cares for his sister.

    Finally, this episode brings one of the best ending ever. Kyle and Amanda kissed (finally!). This is really the first time we see them doing kissing and as a fan of Kyle, I am very happy for him. I think he feels like in heaven when he is kissing Amanda. Over-all, this is another spectacular episode!moreless
  • I love all Kyle XY episodes, and I don't think this one was the best.

    Kyle help Steven reach his Dad, Lori deals with being attacked, Amanda and Kyle finally get their first kiss.

    I thought this episode was good but not the best. I liked it when Kyle helped Steven reach out to his Dad, I thought that was very heart warming.

    When I found out that Jessie was the one who attacked Lori I was suprised because I actually truly thought it was Tom Foss. Never mind because Jessie felt bad about attacking her and gave back the necklace. I don't think Tom would do anything like that.

    Im glad Amanda and Kyle finally got their first kiss, although Kyle looked rather scared when Amanda was getting closer and closer to him, it was still cute. Its a shame there wasn't much Josh and Andy, although I hear that there's more of them in the next episode, Ghost in the Machine. Appearently we find out whats really wrong with Andy!!!moreless
Laara Sadiq

Laara Sadiq

Dr. Kheel

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Linda Sorenson

Linda Sorenson

Nancy Hollander

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Beau Daniels

Beau Daniels

William Trager

Guest Star

Conrad Coates

Conrad Coates


Recurring Role

Nicole Leduc

Nicole Leduc


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Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns

Emily Hollander

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    • Kyle: (voice-over) Adam told me that as my mind developed, new abilities would reveal themselves to me, like holographic memory. But this was different, the church wasn't my memory, it was someone else's. If this was a new ability, why couldn't I control it, and if it wasn't, how could it be happening at all?

    • Stephen: (about his father) He had a stroke last night. Looks like he's not gonna make it.
      Nicole: I'm so sorry, Stephen.
      Kyle: Is there anything I can do to help?
      Stephen: No, there's nothing to do. I said goodbye to my father years ago.

    • Stephen: (to Kyle) I want to thank you. What you did... (Stephen pauses and thinks) You've made such a difference in my life, I'm very happy that you're here.
      Kyle: Me too.

    • Jessi: I lack empathy, I'm socially manipulative, and I have no remorse.
      Emily: Did Nicole tell you that?
      Jessi: I just want things to make sense. I want to understand why I do the things I do.

    • Amanda: I hate hospitals. They're always so cold.
      Kyle: The colder temperature helps prevent the spread of viruses.
      Amanda: The least they could do is paint the walls, make it feel warmer.

    • Josh: (to Kyle) Just when I'm ready to cross alien off my list, you pull another stunt and suck me back in.

    • Kyle: Ever since my trip to the hospital, I felt like I was in a fog. But as my head cleared, an image appeared in my mind. I didn't know what it was, or why I was drawing it. I just knew I had to get it out.

    • Lori: Do I speak with a British accent?
      Kyle: No.
      Lori: Am I wearing a crown?
      Kyle: No.
      Lori: Then stop guarding my door like I'm Queen freaking Elizabeth.

    • Kyle: Life is full of regrets. But no matter how hard you try, you can't change the past.

    • Amanda: Sometimes things happen that just don't make sense. You've gotta have faith that they're happening for a reason.

    • Kyle: Adam Baylin said I would touch the world. But what good is having a gift if I couldn't help the people I loved the most?

    • Amanda: So did you ever solve how you did it?
      Kyle: Not really. But I thought about what you said. That some things science can't explain. What I realized was that it doesn't matter how it happened. Or even why. What matters is it did. (Kyle looks at Amanda) What's that look?
      Amanda: You're the mind reader. You tell me.
      (Amanda and Kyle kiss)

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    • Featured Music
      "Wrap It Up" by Whitey
      "Ships" by New Ruins
      "Ride" by Cary Brothers
      "Dragonfly" by M Craft
      "Fly Straight" by Aidan Hawken

    • International Airdates:
      New Zealand – 18 November 2007 on TV2
      India – 12 January 2008 on Star World
      Sweden – 24 February 2008 on Kanal 5
      Brazil – 24 December 2008 on Sci Fi Channel
      Australia – 1 January 2009 on Fox8
      Slovakia – 29 March 2009 on Markiza