Kyo Kara Maoh!

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Kyo Kara Maoh!

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Title: Kyou Kara Maoh! Translation: Demon King From Now On!

Yuuri Shibuya thought he was just another ordinary Japanese student, but getting flushed down a toilet into another dimension has a way of changing how one thinks. Black hair and black eyes identify him as the Maoh, the next demon king of Shin Makoku, kingdom of the Mazoku. And it's no picnic to go from thinking you're human to finding out you're the head of a kingdom almost at war with humans, either.

Kind, compassionate, and filled with a solid conviction to do what's right, Yuuri is like no other Maoh before him. He is convinced that there's always a peaceful way to solve every problem. "I won't resort to war! When I became the Maoh, that's what I decided!"

With Conrad, Wolfram, his Maoh spirit, and all his other loyal supporters to help him, Yuuri just may succeed at changing the world for the better.

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AIRED ON 2/19/2009

Season 3 : Episode 39

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  • I really like this series a lot. I found it by concidence, and I don't regret it seen it right now. I love the characters, they are really charming and beautiful. This series is hilarious, I laugh a lot.moreless

    I really like this series a lot. I found it by concidence, and I don't regret it seen it right now. I love the characters, they are really charming and beautiful. This series is hilarious, I laugh a lot. I love Gwendal, Konrad, Yuuri, Gunter and Wolfram; he is so sexy like all of them. My favorites are Gwendal and Gunter. Yuuri is so innocent and noble I love that about him. And I laugh a lot when Wolfram get jealous over Yuuri when he talks about someone else or talk with someone else, lol. And Konrad is so noble and hot, I like him SO MUCH. I really think this is something different for what I seen before. I really like it a LOT! =Dmoreless
  • Normal, baseball loving, Yurri gets sucked into a boys harem when he tries to defend a classmate. Who would have thought that the welcome wagon would crown him king?

    A wonderful, fantasticle, and my all time favorite laugh out loud show. I fell in love with it and all the characters, they play off each other well and although I do think that other animes could top it easily, it's just the top on my heart's chart. It's well in conveying the bigger story though it sometimes get's lost along the way with some iffy filler episodes but overall it does well. I think it's main audience is directed toward girls in particular and it has some hints of gay relationships so that really limits the audience but still I recommend it to those who want a good laugh, a captivating story and to those that love a slashable show with pretty bi-shounen eye candy too.moreless
  • miaka got sucked into a book but yuri got flushed down the toilet, or should i say sucked by the toilet into another world, another dimension where humans and demons co-exist but on the verge of a war.moreless

    i love this show. it's not THE best anime i've seen but i love it enough that my first review goes to this show.

    what i love most about this show is the build-up of the story. from beginning till end it creates a complete circle and tied all loose ends not leaving a single trace of unsolved mishaps. it does have some filler episode which bores me but i must admit i cried when i hit the last episode. i seldom cry at shows but this one really hit me. the storyline wrapped up perfectly with then ending i'm sad to see it go.

    yes, i know that the plot is not as outstanding as any other anime out there but if you just want to have some few good laughs and look at some of the hottest-looking-drawn-up-cartoon guys then i'd tell you to go watch it. otherwise, if you're looking for some really intensive angst between characters, brilliant mysteries and an action-packed story then you'll probably be disappointed. oh yea, if you are sensitive about same-sex attraction even the slightest tiny bit then i suggest you to stay off it. i definitely enjoyed it and would go spend many hours watching them over and over again. just for laughs and to watch the hotness of the characters. aha. yea. but overall i definitely give this show a 9/10 rating, less one point because of the filler episodes. :Dmoreless
  • down the toilet towards royalty

    the story is basically about the contradicting views on the way of life. a boy somehow ends up in a altenate dimension when he is flushed down the toilet somehow by some bullies. as his discription matches a old legend of the new ruler he is apionted to rule the counrty he ended up in who is having a conflict with surrounding countries. the story sometimes repetative is very good but needs some finishing touches to make it a classic. although the concept is very impressive the delivery is somewhat unfinished and needs a little work. all in all its worth watching but dont expect pure entertainment but a fond experience.moreless
  • When a show begins with the main character being pysically flushed down a toilet, it's hard to tear your eyes away. From then on, the show continues to keep us captivated and surpised with its originality.moreless

    The show revolves around 15 year old Yuri Shibuya, who one day, after defending a classmate, finds himself face first in a toilet. Moments later, he's flushed and wakes to find himself in an alternate universe, where he is to become the Demon King.

    What follows is a comical adventure as Yuri tries to get his head around his unforseen promotion, and as his companions in the Demon Kingdom try to train him for the responsibility.

    Yuri is a kind soul who is easy to sympathise with. He has been thrust into a world that he knows nothing about yet adapts surpisingly quickly which makes him a strong character.

    On the subject of the other characters, the show has produced a fine array of loveable, unique characters, from the over-protective Gunter, to the stern Gwedal. Each has their flaws, but we still find some way to connect with each character, because each seems to have a personality trait that everyone can relate to.

    The contrast in customs between Yuri's world and the Demon Kingdom provides the setup for endless humour. For example, in our world, a slap on the face generally means you've done something wrong. However, in the world where the Demon Kingdom exists, a slap on the cheek is a marriage proposal, and so our hero finds himself unintentionally engaged to the young lord Wolfram. The setup happens early in the show but continues as a source of amusement throughout the show, as the unlikely couple become more likely, depsite both being boys. In the Demon Kingdom, it's not unusual for a malexmale pairing, which makes it easier to accept their engament and run with the comic relief it provides.

    As Yuri develops from an unwilling King to a mighty leader, we find ourselves hearing subtle hints about the past in the Demon Kingdom, and want to know more. The mystery surrounding the past gives a serious edge to the show that makes it almost impossible to tear away.

    The unusual situations Yuri and his friends find themselves in is a huge draw, and the show is certainly unique in that it creates its own stereotypes while breaking the rules of others. The show dares to go where many don't, and it makes it delightful to watch.

    Don't be surprised if, when you watch the very first episode, you find yourself flushed alongside Yuri, unable to escape the incredible world that is Kyo Kara Maoh!moreless