Kyo Kara Maoh!

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 03, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Until the Day We Can Meet Again (Finale)
      Since the conclusion of the battle with Janus, Yuri has since slipped into a coma. Nothing seems to wake him. Will they find a way to revive Yuri or is he lost forever?
    • A Place to Return to
      Janus lost and confused, questioning his existence, can Yuri and Shinou save him or is all hope lost?
    • Sad Howl
      Sad Howl
      Episode 37
      Yuri is restless. He desperately wants to go out and find Sara. But believing Alazon may still come back for Yuri they refuse to allow him to leave the castle. Will Berias find Sara? When Sara finds Janus what will come of this meeting?
    • The Power of Truth
      The Power of Truth
      Episode 36
      The monster's are now gone but the threat of Alazon is still there. She still wants to take Yuri back with her. Will he go? Will Sara let him?
    • The Unfulfilled Promise
      Alazon gave more power to fullfil Janus' last wish. To see Shinou. He gets to Shin Makoku and sends monsters out to attack! Is Alazon still after Yuri? Can they stop these monsters from destroying the city? What about Sara?
    • The Holy Kingdom
      The Holy Kingdom
      Episode 34
      We learn the truth of Berius' relation to Sara and the truth of Alanzo and her kingdom of Seisakoku and how it all connects to Sara.
    • An Unexpected Reunion
      Sara comes to take Berias home. But strangely enough despite telling Conrad he is eternally loyal to Sara, he refuses him when asked to return. Why? He gave a reaction at the mention of the holy sword. Is it possible that he knows something?
    • A Blue Wind Blowing Through
      Conrad is now a masked man leading Aldabert and crew in a rebellion against King Lanzil of Big Shimaron. Wolfram upset that Conrad has yet to return insist on going to bring him back! Will they return to Yuri's side or stay till a new king has been chosen?
    • The Maou Resigns
      The Maou Resigns
      Episode 31
      After what happened Yuri and Shori return to Earth but Murata does not. A week later Yuri finds that he is unable to return to Shin Makoku. When asking Bob he says it's Yuri's fault he can't return. Can Yuri overcome what is preventing him from returning to Shin Makoku or is stuck on Earth forever?moreless
    • Outbreak of War
      Outbreak of War
      Episode 30
      Conrad went alone to Small Shimoran for what was thought to be a peace settlement. But is it already too late to prevent a war?
    • The Limits of Thought
      The Ten Noble families put Shori under House Arrest when he refuses to tell why he agreed to stay with the enemy. Will Yuri or anyone convince Shori to tell or will he continue to play dumb?
    • Put into Operation
      Put into Operation
      Episode 28
      Yuri finally gets to Shori but when he get's there Shori refuses to go with Yuri. What is he thinking? Can Yuri snap him out of it and return to his side?
    • Holy Sword
      Holy Sword
      Episode 27
      Thanks to Adalbert's informants they learn of the White Crows hideout. Meanwhile a woman tells Shori she is the queen of a country that was sealed because of fear of they use of horyoku. She wants Shori to revive the sword that she claims will save her country. She offers to destroy Big Shimmeron that threatens Yuri or even make him king of her country. What will Shori do?moreless
    • White Crow
      White Crow
      Episode 26
      Murata tells everyone a little more about his past lives and more about Janus and the White Crows. Shori meanwhile is taken by ship to Big Shimmron and to the leader of the White Crows.
    • Pursuit in the Wilderness
      When trapped by Shin Makoku soldiers Janus takes Shori and flees through the forest. They make it to the ocean but then are trapped by Yuri and the others. Can Yuri get Shori back or is he too late?
    • The Chosen One
      The Chosen One
      Episode 24
      Conrad and Wolfram show up and they all head to Blood Pledge Castle for safety. Just as they get close to the castle the White Crows attack! Shori jumps out determined to save everyone. But what about him?
    • Elle's Kidnapping
      Elle's Kidnapping
      Episode 23
      As Yuri and Murata jump into Yuri's bathtub ready to head back to Shin Makoku, Shori unexpectedly jumps and grabs a hold of both of them. This forces them off course. So instead of ending up at Shinou's temple where everyone is waiting, they end up in Hube's home land. Hube, Nicola and Elle were out for a walk and spotted them. At their place it's discovered that Hube and Nicola have yet to have a formal wedding. So Yuri announces they should just do it now! However after the Wedding Elle is kidnapped!moreless
    • People at the Round Table
      No sooner than Yuri returns to Blood Pledge Castle than Seven of the ten Noble Families(Not counting Gwendal and Gunter) have been waiting for him. Aldabert sent a note explaining why he wasn't coming. They demanded to know why Yuri set off to Small Shimaron on his own without consulting them! Most are objecting to even the thought of trying allying with a human country. Shinou doesn't want anyone to know of him as he wants them to respect Yuri's position, not his. But Can Yuri really do it?moreless
    • A Bitter Parting
      A Bitter Parting
      Episode 21
      Sara and Yuri are recovering from the incident with Big Shimaron. Despite not wanting to but upon Sara's request and the urging of the others Yuri agrees to leave. Later when Big Shimaron shows up, Sara claims that the Maoh threatened him to join forces. Why does he want Big Shimaron and Shin Makoku at even more odds? What does he need Yuri's powers for?moreless
    • For My Friend's Sake
      In order to save Sara and spare any harm to Small Shimaron, Yuri reveals himself and agrees to surrender to Big Shimaron. Conrad and the others except Gunter all agree, knowing there'd be no talking Yuri out of it. They'd just have to form a rescue party. On the way to surrender Sara takes an arrow meant for Yuri.moreless
    • The King's Protector
      We see the day Berias pledged eternal loyalty to Sara. Despite the protest Yuri wants to return to save Sara.
    • The Two Kings
      The Two Kings
      Episode 18
      Sara's general plots to kill him and Yuri. While walking in the garden they are told that invaders have entered the castle. Sara not believing goes along with it till they reach a hall in the caslte then he takes off with Yuri leaving his retainer Berias along with Conrad and the others behind.moreless
    • Small Shimaron's Invitation
      Yuri readily accepts Sara's request to visit Small Shimaron, but he's the only one who trust. Sara's own vassals are against allying with Shin Makoku. Half way there Sara comes out to visit and they settle down to have tea when their attacked.
    • Wincott's Inheritence
      Sir Delchias Wincott, Julia's brother who looks almost exactly like , has come with his young son Rinji, Gunter's enemy. He found a scroll that talks about a secret built into Blood Pledge Castle. Shinou now a tiny due to being away from the temple runs into Rinji and Greta who start chasing him thinking he's a fairy. He accidentally leads them to where the secret was held and what he wanted to remain a secret! So what exactly is this secret that even Shinou himself came to prevent being found?!moreless
    • Lullaby of the Wind
      Hearing about how Greta and Beatrice declared Father's Day to be celebrated in Shin Makoku, Cheri decided that it wasn't fair and declared that Mother's Day was to be celebrated from now on. Yuri soon learns that Greta is sad as she can't remember her mother's face. Soon Greta's grandfather arrives and wanting to rebuild Zoracca wants to take Greta with him and make her a Duchess. They decide to let Greta make the decision. When Greta tells her grandfather about not being able to remember her mother's face he tells her by returning to her homeland she would be able to remember. She happily agrees till he tells her that he doesn't want her to simply come to visit but to stay, never to return to Yuri and the others or to Shin Makoku ever again. What will Greta chose? Will she stay with Yuri or will she leave and return to her homeland?moreless
    • Moon Reflected in Water
      Yuri returns home because he has finals coming up. Conrad and Wolfram decide to go back with him. Before he left Annisina gave him a helmet that was said to let him learn all he needed to learn while he slept. He took it back to earth and then Shori comes in and teases him thinking it was a toy helmet and put it on his head. An explosion occurs and when they wake up they had switched bodies! Shori wanted it kept a secret.moreless
    • Small Shimaron's King, Saralegui
      Yuri and Al are able to get the holy sword and Morgif back but not Al's rusty sword. They are then surrounded and saved by Small Shimaron. Yuri realizes where he's seen Sara before and shocked that he was the king of Small Shimaron. Though Wolfram and Conrad have serious distrust Sara claims to want ally with Shin Makoku.moreless
    • The Hero and the Three Swords
      Yuri, Conrad and Wolfram travel to Caloria and meet up with Flurin. On their way to her place their attacked by Janus and his houjutsu user's. One fire a beam right at the carriage where Flurin and Yuri are. Their saved by Al. He was given a rusty old sword that Al believes holds power when he helped out a village. That night Janus shows up and creates a giant monster. He threatens to continue firing on the town if they don't hand over Al's Holy Sword, Morgif and the new sword Al picked up. Not wanting the town to be in danger since it just was recovering from the destruction caused by the boxes being opened. Will they be able to get Morgif and Al's swords back?moreless
    • Annisina the Bride!?
      Annisina's brother has announced that she is to met for an arranged marriage he's making for political advantage. She claims her brother would punish her if she refused. She decides she wants to do Shin Makoku's version of Romeo and Juliet. Drink poison and then die for an hour and she has the antidote (though later admits to not having tested it yet). Only she wants Gwendal to be her partner. He adamantly refuses! Unfazed by this she sets off as her and the maids try to think of someone. Everyone gets the chills as they are thought of. Then she decided on Dorcascos as he seems the only one available.moreless
    • Conrad and Günter
      Conrad and Günter
      Episode 10
      Most of the episode is a flash back to when Conrad was an angry teenager at Military school and Gunter was his teacher. The school is having their annual graduation ceremony and despite Wolfram's telling him to act like a respectable Maoh, during the graduation speech Yuri's confuses just about everyone by discussing baseball.moreless
    • Black Janus
      Black Janus
      Episode 9
      Yuri is lead to the same arena that the fighting tournament was head in. At first he's happy to see Conrad, but then is shocked when he sees Conrad once again in Big Shimaron's uniform. Scared despite Conrad telling him he's there to save him. Yuri is frightened when Conrad draws his sword but then ecstatic when he only cuts his bonds. The houjutsu user's show up and create a monster that despite Conrad cutting them they are instantly recreated. The situation looks hopelessness and Yuri is shocked when Conrad tells him they have to buy time for Murata, that he doesn't even know all of the plan!moreless
    • Imprisonment of the Maoh
      After Aldabert escapes with Wolfram they soon run into Conrad and the others. With the guards after them they can't return to save Yuri. The leader of the White Crows that had tried to convince Conrad to become king of Big Shimaron and the kill him when when he refused shows up wanting to rescue Yuri. Knowing the others would get on his case if he did he refused. Then Conrad appears before the new king of Big Shimaron demanding the throne!moreless
    • An Evening Banquet
      Fanfan it seems had Aldbert to investigate the rash of sword thefts. The organization that is behind it all is the White Crows. One Murata's former lives created it. They later sneak in to the castle while there's a big party. Yuri and Wolfram also attend the party with Fanfan. But how will they get in without being recognized?moreless
    • Infiltration! Big Shimaron
      Yozak, Conrad and Murata head off to Big Shimaron to investigate. However everyone decides that Yuri and Wolfram do not need to know the truth. Murata leaves a note claiming that he's off on vacation and borrowing Conrad. After learning of a new king being crown in Big Shimaron and Conrad and Murata's sudden departure make Yuri suspicious. He finally thinks of someone who might know and would tell him the truth. But once they learn Murata is in Big Shimaron, they face a greater problem. How do they get there?moreless
    • Leila's Marriage
      Leila's Marriage
      Episode 5
      Yuri and the others are sent an invite to Leila and Antoine of Francia's Wedding. But when they get there they learn that Tradition and Rules state that the First Sword must be a part of the wedding ceremony. However that sword was stolen! Yuri and the others along with Leila decide to get it back. It just so happens that Yosak already knows where the bandits are. The bandits chose the now collapsed ruins for their hideout. Can Yuri and the others get the sword back and finally see Leila and Antoine married?moreless
    • Young Boy King of Small Cimaron! (Part 2) OVA 5
      Yuri is unsure as to why he's even in Small Shimaron as he's not heard a serious conversation. Meanwhile Shori and Murata learn that Shinou himself called them to help Yuri. They take Morgrif and set out to Caloria where they meet up with Gunter and Lady Flynn Gilbit. They inlist the help of Adelbert von Grantz and head out to save Yuri. Yuri soon learns Sara's true intentions by going so far as to hypnotize Wolfram into doing his bidding.moreless
    • Greta and Yuuram
      Greta and Yuuram
      Episode 4
      In the village by Blood Pledge Castle, a couple of merchants arrive selling a rare pet- mini bearbees! People at the castle seem to love these tiny bearbess that fit in the palm of their hands and Greta is no exception. Yuri and Wolfram get her one, but while sitting by a fountain, they are warned not to the get little creature wet. Greta and Yuuram (named after Yuri and Wolfram) have to escape the results of what happens when they get wet. In order to stop an impending disaster, Greta must chose- sacrifice Yuuram or watch as her home is destroyed. But, what do the mini-bearbees become when wet?moreless
    • Girl of Love! OVA 4
      A pink bear bee cocoon was found while renovating. Soon after that dragons and all other animals start going crazy! A Pink Bear Bee only comes around once every thousand years. So what makes a pink one so special? Why are all the animals going crazy?
    • Determination of the Maoh
      Wolfram is forced by his uncle to return to his homeland. He does so in order to protect Yuri. When Yuri left believing to never return, the noble families gathered to decide the next Maou. They decided that Wolfram was the most suitable person. But now that Yuri is back Wolfram's uncle opposes Yuri being Maoh, still wanting Wolfram. Going the von Bielefeld homeland to try to convince Wolfram to return, Yuri finds himself in a duel with Wolfram. Wolfram wanting Yuri to kill him attacks with his magic and draws out the Maoh. The Maoh redirects Wolfram's attack back at him and stop anyone from getting near him. Will Yuri let the Maoh kill Wolfram or will he be able to gain control and prevent it?moreless
    • Dry Wind! OVA 3
      Dry Wind! OVA 3
      Episode 3
      After cleaning out junk in Shinou's Temple, a love compatibility device is found. However if the Demon mirror is added it's true power is revealed!
    • Conditions of the Maoh
      Yuuri is now celebrating his coming of age ceremony. However, it seems that the Ten noble families wanted Wolfram to be the new king of Shin Makoku. What path will Yuuri choose? Will he continue to be a king or will he return to be an ordinary high school student?
    • Maoh, Once Again
      Maoh, Once Again
      Episode 1
      Yuri and Murata head to Yuri's place to head to Shin Makoku. However once there Yuri's mother insists on wanting to go to. Yuri still new to traveling under his own power didn't want to take anyone but Murata, to which Shori reply's that if he can take Murata he should take him instead where he can oversee Yuri's role as Maoh. Yuri and Murata are able escape and return to Shin Makoku, where they learn 12 days have past since they were last there. But for once Wolfram isn't there to met them. They also learn that Gunter is preparing a celebration in honor of Yuri's coming of age. Wolfram meanwhile has returned to his homeland to settle some business.moreless
    • Who are the Laurels for! OVA 2
      Gunter wanting to Celebrate Yuri's return organizes a festival. All kinda of events are held, including a best fighter competition in which both Al and even Aldebert show up to compete.
    • Young Boy King of Small Cimaron! (Part 1) OVA 1
      Yuri, Conrad, Wolfram and Gunter travel to Caloria where Furin gives Yuri a gift of a trip to a hot spring! There Wolfram and Gunter are out of it due to Houseki in the hot springs. But Yosak shows up and takes their place. Then they meet the King of Small Shimaron King Sararegi who happens to be the same age as Yuri! He wants to make allies with Yuri and Shin-Makoku. He also wants Yuri to come to Small Shimaron to help convince others that being allies is a good thing. But is it really as simple as it sounds or is he up to something? On Earth Murata shows up and takes Shori to Shin-Makoku where they meet not only Ulrike and Gwendal but also the one who summoned them together!moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1