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  • Season 3
    • Children in Need Special
    • Get Away with You
    • Hot Crimes
      Hot Crimes
      Episode 5
      KYTV's Mike Channel investigates a possible miscarriage of justice. Johnny Sargent was found guilty for a murder he did not commit. KYTV reconstructs the gruesome crime that occured at the Red Fox Pub base on accounts from Colin Blaine, a witness. Police evidences are reviewed, including an interview with the Police Forensic Expert, Dr. John Sampson. KYTV then goes undercover to investigate former police officer, Ted Herbert. Mike finally confronts Ted with accusations that he was the real murderer and of attempted police cover-up.moreless
    • 2000 'n' Whither?
    • Fly on the Walls
      Fly on the Walls
      Episode 3
      KYTV's Mike Flex host this documentary on the Wall Family. The Wall family were chosen mainly because 'Fly on the Wall' made an interesting title. The film crew begins their filming of the family's Christmas party, and then on to their New Year Party, and on and on, through to Mr and Mrs Wall's birthdays... and so on. The crew overstays their welcome, eavesdrops on private conversations, drives the eldest son Mark to commit criminal acts, cripples the daughter-in-law, and accidentally kill the grandmother. Mr Wall becomes an alcoholic. Mike even seduces the youngest daughter Jenny. It finally ends with Mr's Wall suffering from depression.moreless
    • Those Sexciting '60s
    • The Making of David Chizzlenut
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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