L. A. Doctors - Season 1

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  • Forty-Eight Minutes
    Forty-Eight Minutes
    Episode 24
    Roger, Tim, Evan and Sarah are on their way to a medical conference in Palm Springs when they are suddenly involved in a serious road accident on a bridge. An ambulance, an empty bus and some other cars are also involved. Everyone seems to be alright but Sarah, who was driving, is stuck behind the wheel. While Evan attends to her, Roger and Tim look after the other injured victims. Vinny, a guy from the ambulance, is getting much worse. Roger tries to get one of the less injured crash victims, Burt, to help out but Burt is not the helpful type. Instead he lights a cigarette - causing the ambulance to go up in the air in a giant explosion. Vinny suffers cardiac arrest and thanks to traffic jam, it's impossible to get him to a hospital. Roger rushes to pharmacy to get some adrenalin but gets into major problems when he is unable to pay. Meanwhile, Sarah starts to get weaker. She can't feel her legs and she has internal bleedings. Roger finally manages to get the supplies he need and returns just in time to save Vinny. A desperate Evan confesses to Tim and Roger that he loves Sarah. But what can they do to help her? They manage to cut her free from the car but still there's nothing they can do. Her only chance is a helicopter, which never seems to arrive. Evan and Sarah express their love for each other but her life cannot be saved. Sarah dies quietly on the bridge - surrounded by those who love her. Moments later, the helicopter arrives.moreless
  • Every Picture Tells a Story
    Roger and Eleanor are visiting Roger's old childhood friend Charlie Dorland, a famed painter, and his wife Nicole. Suddenly, Charlie suffers a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Suzanne is in seventh heaven with her new boyfriend Jason Brody. Another couple is also very much in love: Evan and Sarah. They make love at the practice in nearly all the offices, but later they are unable to retrieve some of their personal items. Oh uh! What if anyone finds out? Sarah and Evan try to act very casual but they try a bit too hard. Besides, the others find it weird that they keep searching through all the furniture. Suzanne introduces Jason to Leanne. Later, Jason approaches Leanne after learning she often uses untraditional ways to cure patients. He wonders if she can help him cure Hepatitis C. Leanne is surprised to learn of Jason's condition and appalled when Jason says that Suzanne doesn't know. Roger tells Charlie that they've found much Cadmium in his blood. Charlie uses Cadmium in his paintings but Roger orders him to stop painting or else he'll die. Charlie is not happy to stop painting but is convinced by Nicole and Roger. Not long after, Charlie is rushed to the hospital again, and the doctors are unable to save him. It turns out he died from Cadmium poisoning. Roger is devastated but Eleanor is convinced that Nicole has something to do with it: she is now a very wealthy widow. Leanne goes to Tim and Sarah, wondering if she should tell Suzanne. They convince her to do so and make Suzanne take a test. To her horror, Suzanne learns the test is positive. Feeling totally cheated, she refuses to see Jason again. Roger finds out that the large dose of Cadmium in Charlie's body couldn't have come just from painting a picture. He confronts Nicole but she claims Charlie must have killed himself when he couldn't paint anymore. Leanne and Tim offer Suzanne support and she reconciles with Jason. Roger finds a mask Charlie put on while he painted and has it tested: it's sprayed with Cadmium. He gives it to the police and Nicole is arrested. At last she reveals her true face to Roger as she tells him the evidence is too vague and she'll get the best lawyers.moreless
  • Que Sera, Sarah
    Que Sera, Sarah
    Episode 22
    Evan is developing strong feelings for Sarah. But then Sarah suddenly meets Phillip Gant, an old friend, and his patient Dennis Rodman. Sarah is thrilled to see Phillip again; Evan on the other hand is jealous. Roger drives Eleanor to her ultrasound when another car drives by them. Roger is annoyed and starts competing until the other car pulls up right in front of him. Eleanor hits her head quite hard and then Dave, the angry, muscular man from the other car, assaults their car. However, Dave suddenly falls to the ground in pain. Tim is approached by Carol Weller about her grown up daughter Stephanie - a long term patient of Tim's. Stephanie is retarded but she and her new boyfriend Mark (also retarded) desperately want a baby. Carol knows they can't take care of baby and fears she'll be stuck with it. Frustrated, she considers going to Mexico to get Stephanie sterilized. Roger is very concerned as Eleanor suffers from headaches after hitting her head. He forces her to take an MRI to find out if everything is all right. Roger is later surprised when Dave insists he be his doctor. Turns out he's ill because he's been taking too much steroids. Roger lashes out at him and tries to persuade him to stop using steroids. Tim briefly discusses Stephanie with Leanne. Leanne takes it upon herself to contact Stephanie and Mark to inform them Carol is planning to sterilize Stephanie. Evan is frustrated that Sarah seems to be harboring feelings for Phillip. Dennis Rodman gives him some advice on how to approach Sarah. Dave gives Roger a sincere apology and promises to stop using steroids. Tim examines Stephanie and finds out she's pregnant. However, Tim is furious with Leanne for going behind his back. Leanne stands for her decision and reveals she cares extra much for all patients after her daughter died of leukemia some years back: She wants patients to get a better treatment than her daughter did. Stephanie is terrified of her mother and runs away from her and into the streets where she's hit by a car. She survives but has bleedings. There are two options: either she goes into surgery immediately but that's risky for the baby, or they wait and see if the bleeding stops. Carol forces Stephanie to agree to the surgery - she's taking no chances. But as she talks with Tim later, she changes her mind for the sake of her daughter's happiness: they'll wait. Eleanor's MRI reveals she's OK but she's not happy with Roger: if he constantly treats her like she's going to break just because of her prior medical condition, she can't take it. Stephanie's bleeding stops and Leanne apologizes to Tim. They reconcile. Sarah assures Evan she doesn't love Phillip. To his surprise, Evan learns that Sarah is in love with him and they kiss passionately.moreless
  • O Captain, My Captain
    The arrival of a new female doctor, the controversial Leanne Barrows, causes reactions from Evan, who immediately dislikes her and questions her morals. A young girl is found beaten into a coma and no one has a clue who she is. But after a male nurse recognizes the girls from a porno movie, Tim sets out to find out who she is. (Sorry! A more fulfilling summary will come soon!)moreless
  • The Life Lost in Living
    Roger must treat his old patient Vince Duralde, who is soon to be executed for murdering his pregnant wife as he though someone else was the baby's father. But now Vince has changed drastically: he has trouble speaking, suffers from blackouts and doesn't remember killing his wife. Tests reveal he has changed due to a brain tumor and he's no longer mentally competent. Therefore he can't be executed unless the tumor is surgically removed. Martial arts star Sammo Hung comes by the practice and melts Felicity's heart. Sammo has problems performing his demanding stunts but Tim discovers he's injured his wrists after answering too much fan mail. Less typing and he'll be fine. Nick injures his leg rollerblading and needs surgery. Evan asks Sarah if she can get her renowned surgeon father, Dr. Edmund Church, to do the operation. However, Edmund's hand starts shaking during the operation and a nervous Evan commands him out of the OR. Edmund is furious. Sarah is also outraged when Evan accuses her father of having a problem, but then she accidentally finds out that Edmund has Parkinsons. Roger tells Vince he may keep on living if the tumor doesn't progress. He advises him to not operate. This gains a lot of media attention and Roger is assaulted by several death penalty devotees. Tim gives Roger doubts as he claims Vince has used him to avoid his execution. Later, the parents of Vince's dead wife confront Roger and give him photos of their dead daughter. Roger gives these photos to Vince and when he sees what he's done, he agrees to the operation. Vince wakes up from the surgery, remembering how he killed his wife. He can now be executed. Sarah confronts Edmund but he denies he has Parkinsons. But when he start shaking in the OR while Sarah watches, he must agree to stop doing surgery. Sarah promises to be there for him.moreless
  • Where the Rubber Hits the Road
    Roger is arrested for battery after he amputated Kevin Raives' leg (ep #15). Kevin's father sues Roger for all he's got. Ronny Wilcox, one of Evan's old patients, is dying from ALS. He wants to die with dignity and asks Evan to get him in contact with someone who can help him commit suicide. Evan is very reluctant but after Ronny nearly shoots himself, Evan takes the gun and agrees to help. Dr. Doug Carter, who performed the amputation on Kevin, testifies against Roger - saying the situation was not life threatening and the amputation wasn't necessary. The case looks dark and Roger is too concerned to share Eleanor's enthusiasm with the baby. Meanwhile, Sarah and the other try to help with the practice as best as possible. Roger feels guilty that Evan and Tim may also lose all thanks to his mistake with Kevin. Evan gets hold of a doctor called Howard to assist Ronny with his suicide. Roger's attorney does his best to prove that the only reason Kevin is suing is because his greedy father has forced him to it so he can capitalize on his son's misfortune. The tables are now turned and the Raives' (knowing they'll lose) offer Roger a settlement. Roger's lawyer advises him not to take it but Roger feels very sorry for Kevin and pays the settlement under the condition that Kevin's father won't get the money. Evan discovers that the gun Ronny was going to shoot himself with was empty. Fearing that Ronny doesn't really want to die, he rushes to stop him. However, Ronny has now made his peace with his destiny and goes ahead with the suicide.moreless
  • Denial
    Episode 18
    Tim brings in three-year-old Zach Field to the hospital. Zach is slowly dying form Canavans and thanks to bureaucracy, the parents have been waiting for him to get treatment for over 1 1/2 years. Suzanne worries when Felicity's behavior shows signs of a compulsive disorder. She goes to Roger with her worries. Zach's only hope for survival is gene therapy but this is still in a trying phase and the board won't go ahead with it. Tim finds out that Roger has a friend on the gene therapy board, Dr. Megan Todd. Tim convinces Megan to give the OK for Zach to get treatment but the board votes her down. Tim the alienates Megan by calling her a coward. Roger snaps at Tim as the hospital has now lost a valuable asset in Megan. Kelly is upset after the shooting at Nick's school. She wants to move far away but Evan doesn't want to leave the practice. Kelly announces she'll take the children and go anyway. Evan promises to fight her on this. Roger confronts Felicity with having a compulsive disorder but she claims to have it all under control. In a last attempt to save Zach, Tim takes Zach and his parents with him to the gene therapy board to make them realize what they're doing. Evan decides to let Kelly move with the kids after he sees the consequences their fighting has on the kids. Felicity realizes she doesn't control her disorder as good as she thought and asks Roger for help. Megan tells Tim the board has allowed Zach the treatment. Roger realizes he's been acting very busy and cool so he apologizes to Felicity and Tim.moreless
  • Immaculate Deception
    Eleanor is feeling dizzy and nauseous, so Roger takes her to see Dr. Florin. It turns out there's nothing wrong - the tumor is completely gone. In fact, Eleanor is pregnant! Roger and Eleanor are both surprised (she's 42 after all) but Eleanor is depressed because she think Roger doesn't want a baby. However, she is wrong as Roger is in fact extremely happy. Another surprise pregnancy is one the way too, as Sarah informs her patients Kate and Andy Markin that they're expecting. The couple is ecstatic as they thought they couldn't have children. Roger is impressed by the efforts of talented and dedicated intern Dennis DiMayo. Dennis wants a surgery performed on patient Maria Sandoval but she turns out to be an illegal immigrant and the hospital is eager to release her. Roger gives Maria's chart and tells him to hide it so she can't be discharged. Eleanor asks Sarah for advice. She's wondering whether or not to stop taking her medicine as she fears it could hurt the fetus. Dennis tells Roger that the hospital is making a new chart to they can discharge Maria. Roger decides to help out by "tricking" his friend Dr. Carol Soracco, who needs experience in this sort of surgery, to operate on Maria. Detective DeNito tells Sarah that Kate Markin has been raped. Sarah has to examine Kate, who is mostly worried about her baby. Roger offers Dennis to come work with him but worries when he starts to suspect that Dennis is using drugs. Detective DeNito finds Kate's statement about the rape inconsistent. She tells Sarah that she suspects Andy after finding out that there's a history of domestic violence. Roger confronts Dennis, who confesses to his drug use but refuses to accept his help. But Roger refuses to give up and asks Tim to detox Dennis so it won't be public. Sarah makes some tests and concludes that Andy in fact is the rapist. She then goes to Kate with what she knows but Kate denies it and refuses to talk to the police. Dennis is unable to get through his detox programme. Roger is mighty disappointed and tells him from now on it's absolutely no drugs or he goes to the cops. Roger then takes him home to him and Eleanor, where Dennis eventually suffers terribly from abstinence. The psychological impact causes Kate to lose the baby. Sarah finally manages to convince Kate to go to the police. Dennis pulls through. He thanks Roger for being there and starts seeing a therapist.moreless
  • Baby It's Cold Outside
    With Kelly and Winnie out of town, Evan drops Nick off at school a bit early. Nick's school friend Krista Lawrence is also around, and Evan also meets Nick's sexy science teacher, Donna Basher. Suddenly, without warning, someone starts shooting! There's a mad gunman loose! Back at the clinic, the others are completely unaware of what has happened. They wonder where Evan is and struggle to take care of all the patients. Sarah helps to deliver a baby for Mr. and Mrs. Simms, a black couple. However, their child turns out to be white and despite Sarah's theory that it may the result of latent genes from old family generations, Mr. Simms suspects his wife of cheating and orders a paternity test. Meanwhile, Evan, Donna and Louis, the janitor, struggle to reach the police. From his secret hiding place, the madman shoots Donna. The police arrive but can't find the shooter anywhere. They suspect he's inside the building but don't dare to enter yet. Time is running out and Evan has to use some very primitive equipment to save Donna's life. Suddenly, another young kid (who had been hiding in the bathroom) appears. Excited to see him, Krista and gets up from the floor to greet him but she's mowed down by the shooter. Back at the practice, Sarah tries to convince Mr. Simms to not go ahead with the paternity test; if he doesn't trust his wife, then what will happen to their relationship? Mr. Simms decides to trust her, and Sarah is happy to see the couple admire their child together. Krista must get to the hospital right away and Evan jeopardizes his own life as he carries her outside. The cops run after him to stop him from going back in and in the process they find the shooter and catch him. Donna survives the ordeal but Nick and Evan are devastated to learn that Krista has died. They are left wondering what can make a human commit such cruel acts towards innocent children.moreless
  • True Believers
    True Believers
    Episode 15
    Roger is forced to hurriedly perform an operation in order to save the life of a young boy, Kevin. But in order to same Kevin, Roger must amputate the boy's leg, something which greatly upsets both the Kevin and his father. Meanwhile, Evan must take care of his insane patient Charlie, who believes aliens are going to come to his aid.moreless
  • Just Duet
    Just Duet
    Episode 14
    Sarah's patient Patricia Kingsley is close to dying from cancer when Sarah discovers she has a husband, Hugo. Sarah locates Hugo to convince him to be at his wife's deathbed and soon discovers why he has stayed away; Hugo is horribly disfigured (looking a lot like the Elephant Man). Roger is happily surprised when Eleanor unexpectedly reappears. She is getting sicker, though, and Tom Florin says she needs to have the tumor removed right away. To Roger's great relief, Eleanor agrees to the operation; she wants to live so she can be with him. Evan finds Patrick's behavior towards a patient, opera singer Francesca Lucchesi, inappropriate. Francesca has problems with her voice, and Patrick (who seems to have a crush on her) suggests to Evan that she may have tuberculosis like the character she is to play in the LA Opera. Evan gets her to take a test to find out, and Francesca worries. Everyone looks strangely at Hugo but he gets to be with his wife as she dies. Afterwards, he collapses due to the disease that has disfigured him. He's slowly dying and refuses to get treatment. Sarah reluctantly allows Hugo to go back home. Without his wife, he longer wants to live, and he dies that night. Sarah is left sad, yet jealous of the strong love Hugo shared with his wife. Complications occur during Eleanor's surgery but her life is saved. However, Tom can't promise that she won't have permanent brain damage. Evan tells Francesca that she doesn't have tuberculosis and she almost gets sad; she has been looking for an excuse to not sing as she was only forced by her parents to do opera. Evan encourages her to bet on her own music, so she goes to an audition and does well. Patrick is soon by her side with red roses. Eleanor seems to be out of the woods for now and Roger wants her to marry him right now. Eleanor agrees and they are married outside the hospital.moreless
  • Been There, Done That
  • Endless Bummer
    Endless Bummer
    Episode 12
    Tim suddenly starts shaking while examining a patient and can hardly hold on to his balance. Suzanne and Evan are worried about him but Tim just brushes it off. Roger is surprised when he bumps into and old acquaintance at the hospital; Eleanor Riggs, who is an old college girlfriend that he once loved passionately. Roger is excited about seeing her again but then he finds out from Eleanor's former doctor that she suffers from a terminal, inoperable tumor. Trying to compensate as he's probably losing the twin girls, Tim goes to donate his bone marrow to a very sick young boy. However, the kid's doctor, Dr. Grant, refuses to let him go through with it because Tim's blood pressure is way too high. Roger confronts Eleanor about not telling him of her illness. He insists on trying to help her but Eleanor has come to terms with the fact the's going to die and just wants to spend time with Roger instead. Meanwhile, Tom Arnold drops by the clinic and Felicity scares him with her depressing Y2K prophecies. The worried Tom proceeds to bother Evan with his new fears. Roger later consults a friend, Dr. Tom Florin, about Eleanor. Florin is willing to try and help Eleanor but tells Roger that he respects patients who choose to live their last few months fulfilling their lives instead of spending the time they've got left in a hospital bed. Tim writes himself a prescription to get his blood pressure down. Dr. Grant agrees to let him transplant his bone marrow now but all of sudden, Tim's hand starts shaking and he suffers another panic attack. After recovering, Tim still persuades Dr. Grant to let him donate. Eleanor makes it clear to Roger that if he wants to remain a part of her life, he has to give of the idea of saving her.moreless
  • Leap of Faith
    Leap of Faith
    Episode 11
    Roger is having an affair with Jill, one of the doctors on his rounds. Jill is very talented but Roger is still being kind of hard on her. Evan asks Kelly out on a date to see what happens and she agrees. Tim and Julie are crushed when they have to send the twin girls with Rosie for two weeks. Rosie has really cleaned up her act and Tim is convinced she'll soon have the girls back for good. Sarah is thrilled to discover that she is pregnant and shares the happy new with everyone at the clinic. Tim is approached by Robert Brooks, whose mother Mrs. Brooks keeps talking to her dead husband. She is aware that he is dead but she is still convinced that she can see him and talk to him. Mrs. Brooks also suffers headaches and Tim takes some tests. All of a sudden, Sarah suffers from stomach cramps and she is rushed to the hospital, where she is put under the care of Dr. Weiss. Sarah receives bad news; the fetus isn't in the uterus, it's in the tube and has to removed right away. Roger asks Jill for a diagnosis on a patient, Mr. Atkins. He isn't pleased that Jill seems to have a problem addressing the patient by name and it really causes trouble when Jill says that Atkins' chances for recovery are close to zero, without seeing that his wife, Tara Atkins, is listening. Roger tries to calm Tara. A hysterical Sarah is frightened to lose her tube and insist that only expert Dr. Patel will be allowed to remove the fetus. She is willing to risk her own life to wait for Patel. Tim tells Mrs. Brooks that she has a tumor that is causing her hallucinations about her dead husband. Mrs. Brooks won't operate if that means she won't see her husband anymore and Tim agrees that in her age, an operation may be too risky since the tumor doesn't appear to be dangerous. Evan tries to convince Sarah to not wait for Patel but Sarah is desperate to not lose her tube because she has already lost one earlier. Mrs. Brooks get worse and Tim convinces her to operate; she'll still have the memories of her husband. Patel arrives and starts operating on Sarah. Steven finally comes to the hospital too and Evan lashes out at him for his behavior towards Sarah. Roger gently tells Tara that her husband is a vegetable and won't get better. It's up to her to decide if she'll let him go or put him or have the machines keep him alive. Jill is impressed by how Roger seems to genuinely care for the patients and their families. Patel brings grim news for Sarah; the tube and part of the uterus had to be removed. A frantic Sarah wonders if a test-tube pregnancy is still an option but Patel can't say for sure. Steven asks Sarah for forgiveness but she wants out of the marriage. Evan and Kelly seem to find that old sparkle again. Jill and Roger, however, break up after Jill asks Roger if he can give all of himself to her like to his patients.moreless
  • Nate Expectations
    Nate Expectations
    Episode 10
    Tim is sad to inform his long-term patient and friend, Nate Bergold, that he is dying from cancer. Frustrated that there's nothing he can do for Nate, Tim suggests alternative treatment and they agree on a clinic in Mexico. However, Nates' wife Phyllis and their daughter Melanie dislike the idea and think the clinic is bogus. Nick is living with Evan while Kelly is out of town with Winnie. Evan is busy right now with many patients and Nick is getting bored. He announces that he certainly doesn't want to become a doctor, and Evan feels like a lousy dad. However, Nick reassures him he's a good father. Sarah's 42-year-old patient, Louise Gorman, has four sons and is desperately trying to get a girl. She and her husband are sort of disappointed to learn that Louise is carrying a boy. Roger agrees to temporarily take over for a "hotel doctor" at a fancy hotel where several models hang out. Despite objections from Phyllis and Melanie, Nate and Tim go to Mexico, and Nate seems better than ever. However, the clinic doesn't look too legit but Tim keeps quiet about it. Another cancer patient at the clinic, Maureen Hart, makes Tim stand up in front of the other patients and say he believes in this alternative method but Tim can't bring himself to do it. Mr. Gorman tells Sarah that Louise was hospitalized and had a miscarriage. They want to try again as soon as possible, but then Sarah discover that Louise didn't have a miscarriage; she had an abortion because she and her husband didn't want a boy. Sarah refuses to be their doctor anymore; getting her into a big disagreement with Roger, who's angry that she's driving away clients. Tim tells Nate that as a doctor he can't really believe in this method but they do need hope, and Nate goes ahead with the treatment anyway.moreless
  • What About Bob?
    What About Bob?
    Episode 9
    Roger is very happy with his sexy date Autumn but out of the blue she tells him she's getting married! An elderly black man named Bob arrives at the practice. He doesn't sign in; just sits there. Nina starts asking him question and Bob tells her there's nothing wrong with him. He's just come there to die! Don Claybourne arrives at the practice for treatment but his hateful attitude and racist remarks towards Nina make him an unpopular guy. In fact, Tim is so provoked by Don's racist attitude that he has troubles treating him at all. Bob is spreading his words of wisdom to Roger and the others. It turns out that Bob used to live in this very building when he was a kid back when it was an apartment building. Now he's come back to die. Sarah is filling in for another doctor and has to deal with a couple of childbirths. One of her patients, the very young Courtney Wilkes, is about to give birth and she is not very cooperative. However, Sarah is worried about Courtney and orders some tests. Roger and his friend Tom Arnold are summoned by Roger's lawyer Warren Spillman, who announces that he's getting married. Roger is more or less shocked to discover that Warren's bride-to-be is none other than Autumn. Nina makes friends with the very likable Bob, who tells her that when he lived in this building, he once saw snow in L.A. Tim finds out that Don is dying from cancer and has about three months to live. When Tim is about to inform him, Don starts commenting about a photo of Tim's foster-children. Tim is unable to deal with him and doesn't tell him anything. Out in the hall, Don is attacked by Patrick after he harasses Nina. There's lots of fuzz and Roger is furious about the whole thing. Roger tells Tom Arnold about him and Autumn but Tom advises him to keep it to himself. Don ends up in the hospital and Tim is criticized for not bringing him his diagnosis. Kelly argues with Evan. She really misses him and starts kissing him. Evan responds to her. Bob has another heart-to-heart with Roger. Bob says he's had a very rich life but his only regret is that he's had no one to share it with. He advises Roger not to end up the same way. Courtney gives birth but there's something wrong about the baby and it dies shortly after. Sarah does what she can to comfort her and Courtney decides to name her dead baby girl Sarah. Tim apologizes to Don and tries to help him even though it's not what he really wants to do. Evan tells Sarah he feels a certain connection to her but he's still in love with his ex-wife. Sarah understands; she herself is married. Bob dies and the only ones at his funeral are his two new-found friends Roger and Nina. At the end of the ceremony it is snowing in L.A.moreless
  • The Code
    The Code
    Episode 8
    Roger's patient Rebecca Williams has agreed to undergo a fat suction. Dr. Keith Burke, the chief of plastic surgery and also an old colleague and friend of Roger, performs the surgery on Rebecca and everything seems to go smooth. But shortly after, complications arrive and Rebecca almost dies. Her worried father, Corbin, asks Roger to find out if Keith screwed up? Rosie keeps spending time with the twin girls but she's unable to stay clear of the drugs and nearly ODs. Tim saves her life and later, Rosie asks him if he can get her into one of those detoxication programs. Tim agrees to help but only if she waves her parental rights. Rosie is devastated but has to accept the deal. Suzanne goes through an old issue of 'Playgirl' and is suddenly alarmed: one of the impressively "equipped" models bears an uncanny resemblance to Patrick. Suzanne bets with Nina and Felicity and reluctantly they ask Evan if he can settle the bet by peeking at Patrick in the lavatory. Evan absolutely refuses and dares the girls to ask Patrick himself. Indeed, Patrick shamefully admits it IS him. Roger starts asking questions about Keith, who feels threatened and makes if rough on Roger. Roger feels bad about betraying a friend that once supported him but after he finds that Keith has screwed up before, he tells Corbin he'll testify in court. But Corbin doesn't want a trial since Rebecca survived. Roger still reports Keith. Sarah hurts her back badly while examining a patient. Evan drives her home and massages her back when they're surprised by a furious Steven. Steven confronts Evan but he announces that he knows about his infidelity. Julie is outraged to learn that Tim blackmailed Rosie into giving up the twins. She forces him to stop but as Tim goes to talk to Rosie, she tells him she's not giving up her girls: she only said so to get detoxicated. As Evan and Patrick are at the lavatory at the same time, Evan can't resist taking a peek. Patrick notices and assures him it wasn't him in 'Playgirl', but he certainly doesn't mind taking credit for it.moreless
  • Maybe It's You
    Maybe It's You
    Episode 7
    Evan is stunned when he accidentally sees Steven kissing another woman. He wonders if he should tell Sarah but Roger doesn't think it's a good idea. Sarah's patient, Phoebe Mosely, is frustrated: she hasn't had sex with her husband in months. Things just haven't been the same since they got married. Meanwhile, Evan treats Phoebe's husband, Pete, who reveals he has problems getting a proper erection. Evan gives him Viagra. Patrick is frustrated to find Suzanne, Nina and Felicity drooling over a bunch of fireman that come to consult Tim. Their fellow fireman, Bob Wyczenzki, snores so terribly that none of them are able to sleep. Roger is concerned when he discovers big bruises on his patient, Sandy Rowlands. He fears she's being beaten by her husband, Ron, and goes by their house to confront Ron. But it turns out Roger was wrong: Ron didn't give Sandy those bruises - it was their autistic teenage son Denny. Evan doesn't tell Sarah anything about Steven. However, Sarah is worried none the less as Steven seems to be working overtime way too often. Pete is thrilled with the Viagra but Phoebe is of another opinion: all the romance is gone - Pete is just a "walking penis". Phoebe demands Viagra too, so she can be on the same level. Roger advises Ron and Sandy to put Denny in a home since they won't be able to handle his outbursts as he's getting stronger. Reluctantly, they agree. But then Roger discovers that Denny has memorized the comments of baseball commentator Vince Scully. Is he trying to reach out? He recommends Sandy and Ron to consider keeping Denny after all. But Ron is mad: he already knew about this but they can't reach him even though they want to. Ron says good-bye to Denny at a baseball stadium. Tim gives fireman Bob an uncomfortable apparatus to keep him from snoring but Bob can't sleep with it. Felicity's heart goes out to Bob so she gives him a night shirt with a cork sewn in the back to prevent him from sleeping on his back. Bob is extremely grateful and it seems to work. Pete and Phoebe are having lots of sex but the emotions are gone. Evan and Sarah get them to quit Viagra and get them to find the feelings that brought them together in the first place. It's a success but Sarah has to come to grips with her own marriage. She realizes Steven is cheating and Evan is soon there with a shoulder to cry on.moreless
  • Classic Evan
    Classic Evan
    Episode 6
    Tim is frustrated that the twins' mother, Rosie, seems to be cleaning up her act and starts visiting the twin girls. He and Julie argue about it. Tim also faces another problem: his patient Ruth is very ill but just as she is about to go into surgery, she gets hysterical and puts up a violent struggle. Why is she so scared of operations? Evan punches popular radio host Jay Johnson right in the face after he provokes him greatly during a hockey game. As Evan later examines him, they make friends and Jay persuades Evan to appear on his radio show. Roger is auctioned away to a woman at a charity auction. One of Roger's celebrity patients, Reggie Miller, has also been auctioned away - for $10.000 - and Roger keeps his mouth shut about the fact that he himself went for $1.500. Jay, who has an obvious drug problem, embarrasses Evan during the radio show and later steals his prescription pad and uses it to get drugs for himself. Tim wonders if some sort of childhood trauma could be the root to Ruth's fears and questions her father, Saul. Saul was in a concentration camp during WWII and Tim wonders if his stories from the camp could have affected Ruth. Saul denies it: he has never told her about this. Evan learns what Jay has done through the DEA and confronts him. Jay responds by playing a game of Russian roulette on the air but Evan manages to stop him from killing himself. Tim discovers that Ruth has heard Saul's nightmares about the war and the trauma is caused by her not understanding. Tim urges Saul to tell her about his experiences. Roger meets Leslie Weiss, the woman who "bought" him and he sleeps with her. Later, Reggie confides in Roger that the woman that bought him for $10.000 wanted to sleep with him but he turned her down because only a loser would do something like that. Feeling very cheap, Roger announces to Nina, Suzanne, Sarah and Felicity that he's now the marrying kind. He's met with skepticism.moreless
  • Whither Thou Goest
    Whither Thou Goest
    Episode 5
    Kelly goes to Roger with her fear of cancer, which is common in her family. Just as Roger is examining her breasts, Evan walks in for what becomes a very awkward moment. Kelly wants Roger to perform a test, which will show how big her chances are of getting cancer. Evan is angry that she has gone to Roger with this instead of him and thinks the test is a bad idea. Tim's patient, Mark, is hospitalized and put under the care of Dr. Meyer. Tim notices a big, alarming bruise on Mark and calls for a duplex scan. But Dr. Meyer won't hear of it; she refuses to waste any money on a needless scan. Sarah prescribes some anti-depressive drugs for her ex-boyfriend John, but perhaps Sarah could need some of those herself as her domestic situation is deteriorating. Steven finally gets a job writing a screenplay for a movie but even though he hasn't worked in ages, he turns it down. Sarah is greatly frustrated. In order to scan Mark, Tim bribes a hospital technician named Jared. It turns out that Mark is actually fine but later, Jared demands $10,000 from Tim to keep quiet about disobeying Dr. Meyer's orders. However, Roger helps Tim out by threatening Jared to back off. John starts to get sort of manic after taking the medicine Sarah prescribed. He takes Sarah and Steven to a gay bar but Steven is embarrassed and leaves. Later, John gets depressed again and Sarah tells him that this medicine is wrong for him; he must change to another. John has noticed how bad her marriage is and Sarah gets depressed. Kelly too lapses into depression when the test reveals there's a large possibility she may get cancer. The kids are also affected, and Evan gets furious and punches Roger. A wild fight ensues on Kelly's lawn and she is appalled. Later, Kelly forgives Evan and he tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to confront Steven but he seems to actually have gotten tired of her.moreless
  • Fear of Flying
    Fear of Flying
    Episode 4
    Evan has a bizarre sexual fantasy about Kelly. Roger thinks it has to do with the fact that Evan hasn't had sex since the divorce. Kelly brings Tim bad news: the twins' alcoholic mother has cleaned up her act and may get the parental right back. Tim is frustrated but Kelly reminds him he knew this could happen when he agreed to be foster parent. Roger's stepmother Mildred is hospitalized with some gall bladder problem. However, Roger soon clashes with the obnoxious second year resident that treats her as he finds evidence that Mildred's real problem is a cardiac infarction. Roger has never really gotten along with his stepmother, and his dad, Vincent, is no man of emotions and dislikes it when Roger announces that Mildred needs surgery. A depressed Tim loses it when Nina tells him the insurance company SteadyCare refuses to cover the medical bills for one of their patients so they must send the patient a bill. Despite submitting a claim form several times, it has been declined each time by the account representative. Tim calls the representative, who is only identified by the phone number 8294-7, and when he never gets through, he sends an insulting and provocative complaint. Evan hits an orange fruit vendor with his car. He hurriedly calls for an ambulance but meanwhile, the vendor gets up and flees. Sarah tells Evan the vendor probably ran because he's an illegal immigrant and she helps him to search for the boy. Sarah's Spanish comes in handy and they end up at a run-down, dirty free "clinic" but don't find the boy. Instead they must save a gunshot victim that's brought in. Mildred and Roger form a closer relationship prior to her surgery. She tells him Vincent is very proud of him although his nature forbids him to show such emotions. Tim gets an angry reply from 8294-7 and despite Nina's vehement objections, he goes over to SteadyCare and violently attacks 8294-7. He then regrets what he's done and offers him a favor if he approves of the claim form. But 8294-7 declines it again and flees when Tim is off guard. Mildred's surgery goes fine and Roger confronts Vincent with not showing emotions. Vincent is agreeable but doesn't crack. Evan brings some supplies to help the illegal immigrants' clinic but they've left. On his way home, Evan stops to buy some oranges from a vendor.moreless
  • A Prayer for the Lying
    After much fuss, Roger convinces the other partners they should buy a patient list from Dr. Daniel Dalsky, who's about to retire. Roger pays a great deal for the list but figures it'll be lucrative anyway as there are lots of celebrities on the list. Sarah examines her patient, Rosalind, who's finally pregnant after trying for seven years. Sarah discovers Rosalind has a serious infection that needs surgery but this may jeopardize the baby's life. Evan is called to the home of Robert and Carol Edwards to check on their daughter, Tiana. Tiana, a former wild rebel, almost died in an accident some time back and has since become a strict religious. Now she's sick but she believes that only God can save her and gets Evan to promise not to take her to the hospital. Roger celebrates the new patient list at a fancy restaurant with his date Alyssa, Tim and Julie, Evan, and Sarah and her unsympathetic husband Steven. An awkward situation arises as Kelly comes into the same restaurant with a date. Evan goes to talk to her and Roger discovers by accident that an affair is what ruined Kelly and Evan's marriage. Nina warns Roger that they can't afford to have the new celebrity patient list. Tom Arnold is one of the celebrity patients but both he and the others turn out to be far more difficult to deal with than Roger has assumed. Roger is offended that Evan didn't tell him Kelly has had an affair. It develops into a big discussion and Evan has to seeks solace with Sarah, who reveals that Stephen once cheated on her too. Roger is forced to priorotize Tom Arnold and the others over his regular patients and after waiting terribly long, the elderly Mr. Mitski tells Roger he's fired as his doctor. After some soulsearching, Roger tells Nina he wants to sell the celebrity list. However, Tom Arnold demands to stay on as his patient. Tiana's condition worsens drastically and Evan rushes her to the hospital where she is saved at the last minute. But Tiana has now violated her beliefs: she could might as well be dead. Sarah operates on Rosalind and the baby survives. Roger travels all the way to Mr. Mitski's home to convince him to let him be his doctor again.moreless
  • Under the Radar
    Under the Radar
    Episode 2
    Tim's old friend Billy Andrews is dying from AIDS and asks Tim to get him marihuana as it helps with the pain. Knowing that Suzanne went to Woodstock, Tim asks her but Suzanne is concerned the partners will wrongfully suspect she uses drugs and decides to keep her mouth shut. A nervous woman, Alice Springs, comes to Evan for a physical to give to her boss as she is to start working full-time. Roger takes Tim to a dealer to get marihuana but they are busted by the cops and arrested. Late at night, Sarah catches Alice going through the archives, looking for her patient's file. Evan learns through Alice's test results that she has lupus. Alice tells Evan that if her boss finds out, she'll never get the full-time job she so desperately needs. Kelly worries the divorce is affecting Nick and asks Evan to talk to him. The media-happy Roger and his equal-minded attorney, Warren Spillman, go out to the media and make a speech on how important it is to get marihuana to sick people. Tim and Evan fear this will have a negative effect on the practice and call for Warren's dismissal. But Roger stays in the media, proclaiming how much effort and care he puts into the patients that need marihuana. He's even approached by Dwight Anthony of the celebrity action-committee. Sarah and Evan go to Alice's boss, Mr. Snow, with a deal: he lets Alice continue working and they'll treat all his employees at their hospital the same way they do their fee for service patients. That's not the case with most hospitals and Mr. Snow agrees. Billy's condition worsens and Suzanne gets him marihuana - but reassures Tim she's responsible and not using herself. Tim gives Roger a rude awakening as he asks him the name of the patient for which he does everything to get marihuana. Roger can't remember Billy's name and realizes he's been acting for all the wrong reasons. He tries to make amends by sitting at Billy's bedside. Alice and her two kids bring Evan supper to thank him. But seeing them eat reminds Evan of his and Kelly's failed marriage.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1