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L.A. Dragnet

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From Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, one of television's most successful creators and architect of the long-running Law & Order franchise, comes this modern-day take on the classic police drama. Filmed on locations throughout Los Angeles, this updated version of Dragnet features a group of detectives in the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Squad investigating crimes that could only take place in Los Angeles, one of the world's most glamorous and intriguing cities.

Within this incredibly diverse landscape, these dedicated cops are relentless when it comes to solving crime. Lieutenant Joe Friday (Ed O'Neill) is a seasoned veteran who has seen it all. Through his voiceovers, viewers will gain insight into the crime investigation process, as well as hear the honest thoughts of a 21st century cop. Although a veteran of the beat, Friday still has the same passion and energy as his younger charges.

Dragnet will draw storylines from L.A.'s rich crime history, as well as today's headlines. Against the backdrop of economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods, the detectives come up against a group fo criminals who are just as diverse, from diamond thieves and Hollywood movie moguls to street gangs, copycat serial killers, international terrorists and kidnappers.

Adding a contemporary look to the show is the introduction of a radio-controlled miniature helicopter known as the Flying-Cam, which will provide panoramic views from never-before-seen angles of L.A.'s many neighborhoods. In addition, video technology will also feature prominently in a number of episodes, reflecting society's obsession with the "big brother" world of present day security.

Dragnet began in 1949 as a radio drama, then moved to television in 1952, running for seven years in its initial incarnation. It resurfaced in 1967 for three more years, starring Jack Webb as the no-nonsense, "just the facts, ma'am" LAPD Sergeant.moreless

    Twins get beneath the Surface on new show

  • Ed O'Neill

    Ed O'Neill

    Lieutenant Joe Friday

    Ethan Embry

    Ethan Embry

    Detective Frank Smith (Season 1)

    Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria

    Det. Gloria Duran (Season 2)

    Roselyn Sanchez

    Roselyn Sanchez

    Det. Lisa Macias

    Christina Chang

    Christina Chang

    ADA Sandy Chang

    Desmond Harrington

    Desmond Harrington

    Det. Dexter McCarron

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    • Even Ed O'Neill could not save the program from Dick Wolf's fatal error...

      ...the fatal error I saw in the show was this: it violated the concept Jack Webb had in both the original 1950's production, and the 1960's revival. The concept was simple - an ordinary case, with nothing really extraordinary about the detectives working the case, nor anything really extraordinary in the resolution of the case.

      But the first episode, "The Silver Slayer", deviated so much from this time-tested formula, that I didn't watch another episode. The fact that the episodes were an hour long didn't help, either - the originals, at thirty minutes, had no chance to lag, as the Wolf rendition did.

      The only reason I rated the show 5 at all was Ed O'Neill's performance. If Dick Wolf had followed the original "Dragnet" format, O'Neill would have been a perfect Joe Friday - and even in this fatally flawed format, he still was quite good. He was a much better Friday than Dan Aykroyd was in the motion picture - in fact, O'Neill's performance was much better than any he turned in for "Married With Children".

      Too bad it was wasted - but he saved L.A. Dragnet from a certainly deserved zero rating.moreless
    • Ed O'Neill drops the Al Bundy persona and does a credible job as Joe Friday

      This was an updated version of the classic crime drama. Ed O' Neill plays the hardboiled Friday and was so good at it. I thought this Dick Wolf produced show would be a hit, but like ABC is wont to do, they didn't promote it right, didn't leave in a good time slot and moved it around so much it could never develop a following and wondered why it didn't get good ratings. It only was on for 20-25 shows, but the ones that were on were top-notch. Even the theme song, updated and modern spin on the old classic was good.moreless
    • Another great show by Dick Wolf

      L.A. Dragnet was another great show by Dick Wolf. Mr. Wolf is a big fan of the original Dragnet and that show is where Law & Order gets its "ripped from the headlines" tag. I'm glad he took a shot and did this remake. The writing and directions were both very strong as well as the acting.

      I think the thing that ultimately killed the show was the constant fiddling with the cast. I understand Ethan Embrie was not keen on the way his character was written. I also believe that a lot of viewers had a hard time taking Ed O'Neil seriously. My best friend even stated that he (Mr. O'Neil) would always be Al Bundy in his eyes. It's too bad that people won't let this great actor live down his most famous roll.

      Hopefully this show will make it to DVD and we can all enjoy the reruns at or leasure.moreless
    • Great Detective Show.. Cancelled way too quickly

      Hey.. I think O'Neill from Married with Children made a really credible Joe Friday.. Why? Because, his acting didn't remind me at all of Married with Children.

      He was Joe Friday.

      Now.. I think they went wrong in season 2.. renaming the show L.A. Dragnet and then, making him work with a bunch of other detectives.. This is the part that went wrong. To me.

      I still liked the show.. but the truth is.. the first season formula made more sense. Now the show had that 50s detective feel to it, and I like that. Oh well.moreless
    • Oh my god, this episode was really quite terrible and cringworthy to watch! The acting was very bad but it matched the writing.

      Oh my god, this episode was really quite terrible and cringworthy to watch! The acting was very bad but it matched the writing. The appearance of Pete from Fall Out Boy was just silly and the way as many of the characters could just be in a scene with him learning how to cook or kissing him due to believing it was dream!?!


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