L.A. Dragnet

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Another great show by Dick Wolf

    L.A. Dragnet was another great show by Dick Wolf. Mr. Wolf is a big fan of the original Dragnet and that show is where Law & Order gets its "ripped from the headlines" tag. I'm glad he took a shot and did this remake. The writing and directions were both very strong as well as the acting.

    I think the thing that ultimately killed the show was the constant fiddling with the cast. I understand Ethan Embrie was not keen on the way his character was written. I also believe that a lot of viewers had a hard time taking Ed O'Neil seriously. My best friend even stated that he (Mr. O'Neil) would always be Al Bundy in his eyes. It's too bad that people won't let this great actor live down his most famous roll.

    Hopefully this show will make it to DVD and we can all enjoy the reruns at or leasure.