L.A. Dragnet

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Another brilliant show cancelled by ABC because of less than perfect audience viewing figures. When will they ever learn to allow a show to nurture and grow ?

    LA Dragnet was a fantastic show, and Ed O'Neil had finally got out from under the demons that had ensnared him in typecast hell. It's always a crying shame when an actor is so good at his job, that he becomes hard to see in any other role. Ed O'Neil was a brilliant actor in Married with children. He played Al Bundy, to perfection.

    So it was brilliant to see him given a role which allowed him to spread his acting wings and grow. To me he was even better than the original Dragnet actor. Lieutenant Joe Friday played by O'Neil, was a detective who was far from the two dimensional characters we see on our screens week in week out. But ABC in their infinite wisdom started playing around with the air times and days, often the death knell to a show, probably done on purpose by some exec' who had the knives out for Dragnet, so that his own pet project would have a slot to slide into ? It wouldnt surprize me. Replaced by "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter"!! Good grief
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