La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 2

A Girl Who Wasn't There

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2001 on USA
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Nikita finds clues about why she was recruited into Section. Is it possible her father was an operative, codenamed Flavius, and that she has a sibling with the initial "M" who is somewhere in the covert world she lives in? Quinn redesigns Birkoff's Artificial Intelligence program to build a holographic replica of Madeline, complete with Madeline's memories and psychological profile. But when Operations makes a few "alterations" to the AI's profile, he spends more time reliving the past than making clear sighted plans for the future, leaving Nikita's team vulnerable.moreless

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  • A long good-bye...

    The episode has it's beauty because it looked more familiar than the last one - it was a long good-bye to Madeline - she is dead but like ghost she was back but anyone in section does anything without a good reason. More and more Quinn's action are getting clearer - she wants to get higher and become new Madeline. And even if in the first place it looks like she tries to please Operations, she is only working for herself - to make Operations accept that she is gone and nothing can replace that.

    To bring back Madeline - it was nice and lovely but it won't save much. She is gone at the end and it again looks like writing story out of places they already ended it. They can do it a little but it will never have something continues or strong.

    The episode really does not have no mission and the all other story expect the Madeline and the dilemma around here, it had no magic. And it seems that from now on, they are more concentrating on the Nikita's story - why she is in Section.moreless
  • Kinda boring.

    Not much really going on with this episode. Seems to be more about showing the power struggle and conflicts of Nikita and Operations and Nikita and the rest of section. But really, isn't that what the whole show is about anyway.

    Walter comes back to section for good. Quinn creates an AI version for Operations to talk to. It wouldn't be so creepy if he didn't have Quinn sex her up a bit for him.

    Not as good as episode as I would have liked. Nikita investigates the reason why she was brought into section more and finds out that she has a long lost sibling known only as "M". Could it be Michael? FREAKY and totally gross if so.moreless
Michéle Duquet

Michéle Duquet

Vera Mason

Guest Star

Alberta Watson

Alberta Watson


Guest Star

Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

Bodyguard (uncredited)

Guest Star

Kira Clavell

Kira Clavell

Jasmine Kwong

Recurring Role

Stephen Shellen

Stephen Shellen

Marco O'Brien

Recurring Role

Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mr Jones

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Quinn is promoted to level three comm operative in this episode, which is one level below that of Birkoff when he ran comm.

    • Section faces The Collective in this episode. Vera Mason, who is kidnapped by O'Brien and Nikita, was formerly of Glass Curtain.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Madeline Hologram: Do you know why I killed myself? I was afraid Mr. Jones might have listened to Nikita and spared me. If he had, I'd have been relocated. We would have been apart forever.
      Operations: Yes, that's true.
      Madeline Hologram: Neither one of us could have functioned satisfactorily alone, knowing the other was alive. It would have been a constant distraction.
      Operations: This place was at its best when it was both of us.
      Madeline Hologram: But you're the leader. The one who makes final decisions, takes final responsibility. And I can assure you, the real Madeline admired you tremendously. And she... or I... was wrong to take my own life. It robbed you of the chance to make the call. (Operations swallows visibly) You know the codes to my file. You know what has to be done. My database has to be annihilated permanently. This time the decision has to be yours. (Operations nods, then deletes her program)

    • Operations: (after Jasmine messes up in a mission) Your experiment already failed, and that's exactly what I'm going to tell Mr Jones.
      Nikita: And while you're at it, let's tell him you're dating an inflatable computer program.

    • Walter: (when Nikita insists on trying to find out why she was brought to Section) If they'd have wanted you to know, they would've told you. So take it from a friend, just forget it, and move on from here.
      Nikita: I can't.
      Walter: But you're in cozy with Mr Jones, now. You've got a little freedom. Why mess around?
      Nikita: They brought me back into Section and I can feel the walls closing in on me.

    • Operations: Do you remember the Ukraine when we first met?
      Madeline: Yes.
      Operations: And our nights in the Tower?
      Madeline: Yes.
      Operations: And it's all just... part of your database?
      Madeline: Paul, I'm not flesh and blood.
      Operations: (smiling) Some said you never were, but I knew better.

    • Operations: I don't need sims to tell me that! This is too general. I need specifics. When? Where? Sequence? Priority? Methods?
      Quinn: We are working on it.
      Operations: I'm getting very tired of that phrase! If Madeline were alive this wouldn't be happening.

    • O'Brien: (seeing the greenhouse owner has lost control of his bodily functions in fear) Either he's a new breed of terrorist, or this really is a greenhouse.
      Operations: Report.
      O'Brien: Thermo. Bioscan. They are all negative.
      Operations: What are you saying?
      O'Brien: There's nothing here but flowers. Do you want me to bring you some?

  • NOTES (3)

    • There was a scene deleted from this episode included in the season five DVD set. In it, Quinn tries to access Birkoff's AI program as part of the creation of the Madeline AI. It was cut from the episode in spite of the fact that it introduced a new set, because it was deemed unnecessary.

    • Music Featured In This Episode
      "Save Your Love for Me" - Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley (as Madeline and Operations dance)

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Alberta Watson on the show.


    • Flavius:
      The codename "Flavius" Nikita discovers that may be her father is best known from the Flavian Dynasty of the Roman Empire. One of Rome's leading generals, Titus Flavius Vespasianus was the founder of the Second Dynasty of the Empire after the assassination of Nero in 68 AD. Three pretenders- Galba, Otho and Vitellius ruled for a short time before he came to power, but with their overthrow the Empire gained a stability it had been lacking for years under Nero's erratic governance. His two sons Titus and Domitian followed in his footsteps to rule Rome, just as Nikita is meant to follow in her father's.

    • Title
      The episode's title is a tribute to poems by Hughes Means and Ogden Nash. The line was also used by a terrorist in the season one episode "Gambit" with the lines "Yesterday I saw upon a star, a little girl who was not there. She was not there again today, gee, I wish she'd go away..." They were meant to attack Madeline personally (as a reference to Madeline's sister Sarah, who died when Madeline pushed her down a set of stairs), so using this poem for Madeline's reappearance as a hologram is extremely appropriate.