La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 8

A Time for Every Purpose

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on USA
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Nikita faces up to her ultimate destiny, to take over Section One. Meanwhile, Michael re-enters the picture and kidnaps Mr Jones, who he plans to give to The Collective in return for his son. Now, Nikita must make a choice: should she sacrifice her own destiny, or Michael's son? Her fateful decision will forever determine her future... and the future of everyone around her.moreless

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  • End of a Morally Dubious TV Series

    La Femme Nikita the Joel Surnow TV series was a morally dubious enterprise that would have us buy into the notion that "the good guys must do bad things to defeat the bad guys."

    It differed from La Femme Nikita, the memorable Luc Besson film and Nikita, the reimagined Craig Silverstein TV series that followed, and not to its advantage.

    Both the Luc Besson film and the Craig Silverstein series promoted a more accurate view of right and wrong.

    Joel Surnow would go on to create the even more immoral TV series "24," which rationalized the use of state-sanctioned torture.

    Surnow's argument that the good guys must do bad things to defeat the bad guys is of course nonsense.

    Whether we are good guys or bad guys is defined by what we do. If we do good things, then we are the good guys. If we do bad things, then we are the bad guys.

    There is no such thing as good guys doing bad things to defeat the bad guys. If you do bad things, then you are no longer the good guys. You are the bad guys.

    It doesn't matter if you still have on a white hat. It doesn't matter if you have an American flag pin in your lapel.moreless
  • A beautiful end...

    I never thought they would fix anything with the extra 8 episode - I was sure they made it worser. The start was not the best but somewhere in 3-4 episode it started to get better but it somehow lost it soon, but this episode - it was superb. It was even more beautiful than the end we had after season 4. It was sad and I cried but somehow it was better - maybe because they changed with irony the last ending and this time Nikita did not say things she did not meant.

    And the dilemma Nikita is left - Michael or Adam or his father.. someone has to be sacrificed and in any case this is bad. they had some action, they had beautiful moments, unexpected turns.. As my sister said - it was perfect episode.. I almost agree... but it was beautiful defenetlymoreless
  • This season finale met my expectations for this wonderful and exciting show.

    This show makes turns at every season. No one is who they appear to be or what they appear to be. Every turn is logical and well developed. The show does kill main characters and does not bring them back from the dead. This gives real suspense when a character is in jeopardy. When a series builds with that type of foundation, you know that the finale , should and does have the same wonderful suspense and turns in events. The finale met my expectations. It lets you know what happens to each character. It has suspense and kills main characters. In addition, it leaves room for you to wonder if there were ever be a sequel. It lets me imagine will Michael and Nikka ever be reunited? How will Nikka change with all her new power?moreless
Aidan Devine

Aidan Devine


Guest Star

Kate Trotter

Kate Trotter

Myra Mauk

Guest Star

Conrad Coates

Conrad Coates


Guest Star

Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward

Mr. Jones

Recurring Role

Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson

Jason Crawford

Recurring Role

Roy Dupuis

Roy Dupuis

Michael Samuelle

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    • Nikita: (after they kill Graff and release Haled) What now?
      Michael: Release Jones. Take him back to Section.
      Nikita: Are you sure?
      Michael: I need Section resources to provide security for Adam's return. Jones will tell them to cooperate.
      Nikita: After what we've done, I'm not so sure.
      Michael: He claims Section exists to protect the innocent. Let him prove it.

    • Jason: (after Walter learns Myra Mauk might take over for Operations) What's wrong?
      Walter: If she takes over the Perch, I'm toast. Toast! You can forget the Farm. I'll be sent right to abeyance. I'll be dead in week!
      Jason: (figuring it out) You did her.
      Walter: Worse than that. I didn't do her.
      Jason: You lost me.
      Walter: About twenty years ago, I was assigned to a Spec Ops at Oversight. She was in charge. Well, we found ourselves in Paris, we had 36 hours downtime, and she insisted that we spend it in bed.
      Jason: What's wrong with that?
      Walter: I had other plans!
      Jason: Another girl?
      Walter: No! A woman. I turned her down, and for months after that, she put me in every deadly situation that came along!

    • Nikita: According to my father, I was born for this.
      Michael: There'll be a time when Adam won't need me anymore.
      Nikita: You know where I am. I love you.
      Michael: I love you.

    • Mr. Jones: I'm afraid I lied. It is not you they want. It's me. I do apologize for this whole charade, but you see, I had to make it appear convincing. We were under constant observation by my colleagues, and they certainly wouldn't allow me to give myself up. So it all comes down to you, Nikita. I need your promise that you will return to Section and become Operations, and eventually take over for me, as I had always planned. I cannot go, if you don't say yes.
      Nikita: Yes.
      Mr. Jones: Good. One day you will realize it is the right decision. Always trust your father.

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    • A Time For Every Purpose:
      This episode's title comes from the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1, which states, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." This verse was later covered by The Byrds in 1965 and became a Billboard #1 hit song "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)" in 1965.