La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 8

A Time for Every Purpose

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

With Adam held captive by The Collective, it would appear that Michael has little choice, but to meet The Collective's demand that Michael trade Mr. Jones for his son's life. Michael tricks Nikita, and captures Mr. Jones himself. At this point, Michael makes Haled a separate, individual offer, in exchange for Adam's return, Michael will help Haled knock off Graff, allowing Haled to become the head of The Collective. Haled accepts, Michael lets Mr. Jones go, and Michael and Nikita eliminate Graff during an arms deal. But when Haled himself turns up dead, it looks bleak for Michael. Meanwhile, with Operations having been killed by Haled at the end of "Let No Man Put Asunder," Section gets a couple of new candidates from Oversight for the job of "Operations," including a tough cookie named Myra Mauk, & the other candidate Kelley. Walter has a bad history with this woman, and he's convinced that her ascendance to "the perch" will mean his certain cancellation. He appeals to Jason Crawford for help to take Myra out of the running for Operations. Will Jason put his neck out for Walter? Or will he side with Myra, whom Jason already has a good relationship with? After some soul searching, Jason does the right thing, and drops the dime on poor Myra. Finally, Mr. Jones makes Michael an offer, in exchange for Adam, The Collective would get Michael himself, Michael agrees. Michael and Nikita arrive at the trade location, Mr. Jones makes a stunning announcement, he will agree to trade himself for Adam, under one condition, Jones will only agree to save the boy's life, if Nikita agrees to become the new Operations. Reluctantly, she agrees, Michael gets Adam back, and The Collective executes Mr. Jones on the spot. With Nikita now in charge of Section One, she allows Michael to go free, so he can be a proper father to Adam. After a teary good-bye with Michael, Nikita assumes her rightful place in Section One's "perch."
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