La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 8

A Time for Every Purpose

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on USA



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  • Quotes

    • Nikita: (after they kill Graff and release Haled) What now?
      Michael: Release Jones. Take him back to Section.
      Nikita: Are you sure?
      Michael: I need Section resources to provide security for Adam's return. Jones will tell them to cooperate.
      Nikita: After what we've done, I'm not so sure.
      Michael: He claims Section exists to protect the innocent. Let him prove it.

    • Jason: (after Walter learns Myra Mauk might take over for Operations) What's wrong?
      Walter: If she takes over the Perch, I'm toast. Toast! You can forget the Farm. I'll be sent right to abeyance. I'll be dead in week!
      Jason: (figuring it out) You did her.
      Walter: Worse than that. I didn't do her.
      Jason: You lost me.
      Walter: About twenty years ago, I was assigned to a Spec Ops at Oversight. She was in charge. Well, we found ourselves in Paris, we had 36 hours downtime, and she insisted that we spend it in bed.
      Jason: What's wrong with that?
      Walter: I had other plans!
      Jason: Another girl?
      Walter: No! A woman. I turned her down, and for months after that, she put me in every deadly situation that came along!

    • Nikita: According to my father, I was born for this.
      Michael: There'll be a time when Adam won't need me anymore.
      Nikita: You know where I am. I love you.
      Michael: I love you.

    • Mr. Jones: I'm afraid I lied. It is not you they want. It's me. I do apologize for this whole charade, but you see, I had to make it appear convincing. We were under constant observation by my colleagues, and they certainly wouldn't allow me to give myself up. So it all comes down to you, Nikita. I need your promise that you will return to Section and become Operations, and eventually take over for me, as I had always planned. I cannot go, if you don't say yes.
      Nikita: Yes.
      Mr. Jones: Good. One day you will realize it is the right decision. Always trust your father.

  • Notes

    • Eugene Glazer (Operations) does not appear in this episode, having been killed off in the previous episode "Let No Man Put Asunder".

    • Michael becomes the first person to leave Section.

    • Music Used In This Episode
      "Expander (Remix)" - Future Sound of London (when Michael and Nikita go after Graff)
      "Spies" - Coldplay (as Mr Jones goes to The Collective)
      "Immobile" - Autour de Lucie (as Nikita wanders through the market in the teaser, and as Michael and Nikita say farewell at the station)

  • Allusions

    • A Time For Every Purpose:
      This episode's title comes from the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1, which states, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." This verse was later covered by The Byrds in 1965 and became a Billboard #1 hit song "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)" in 1965.