La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 15

Before I Sleep

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 1999 on USA
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This time, Section is out to get an outfit by the name of The Alliance, and Section's way in is a psychotic courier by the name of Jan Baylin. Baylin has other plans and she kills herself before the Section can use her. So, as a backup, Section employs a meek, terminally ill lookalike for Baylin by the name of Sarah Gerrard. As she trains her, Nikita starts to get suspicious, did Section purposely make Sarah ill to make it easier for Section to convince Sarah to work for them? And if so, will Section even let Sarah live if she completes the mission?moreless

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  • What Section can do and what not?

    Not everyone likes what Section does and she, Jan Bailin, decides to kill herself rather than work for them. So, will mission stop because the key character is dead? In section, the answer is no. They will find someone who looks like her and use her. This time the replaceable is a girl named Sarah, who is terminally ill, dieing and Madeline manages to make her see, that this is her change for make a difference. She takes it. Is it really the only people who comes in Section voluntarily? Nikita don't seems to believe it and is sure there is a big plot behind it - Madeline just has to always plot. Her suspicious become even stronger when she learns that she was diagnosed a day after real Jan killed herself and Section was monitoring her. But how can she tell it her? And is Section really ready to do that kind of things?

    When first Sarah seemed like someone who could never handle the task she was put, she really starts to enjoy it and as she says in the end: "I have lived all my life in one week!". I totally understand her and despite every thing Nikita tried to do as she was sure everyone is using her and she tried to avoid the mistakes she has made in Sarah. For her it was not a mistake - for her it was change to get out of her cell she has been living.

    Super and moving episode, what really shows - the Section is not totally evil and for some people, the Section can help them.moreless
Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau

Jan Baylin/Sarah Gerrard

Guest Star

Peter Crockett

Peter Crockett

Marco Ashe

Guest Star

Ron Kennell

Ron Kennell


Guest Star

Lindsay Collins

Lindsay Collins

female Devo

Recurring Role

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    • Madeline: I had to lie to Nikita before the Alliance mission.
      Operations: What's the problem?
      Madeline: She accused us of creating Sarah's medical condition.
      Operations: We didn't do that, did we?
      Madeline: No. But I didn't think Nikita would believe me, and there wasn't time, so I created an incentive scenario.
      Operations: So she thinks there's an antidote. I see your problem.

    • Nikita: I was right, you know. The Section did infect Sarah. They made her think she was dying, she had nothing left to lose.
      Walter: What are you going to do about it?
      Nikita: I'm going to tell her.
      Walter: No. Not before the mission, you can't.
      Nikita: She's despondent. I have to give her a reason to get through this.
      Walter: No, no, no. Just think about it. You tell her now, she'll freak. She won't trust anyone, not even you.

    • Nikita: You induced Sarah's illness, didn't you?
      Madeline: Yes, we did. She has one more task to perform. If she succeeds, we'll let her live.
      Nikita: Live how?
      Madeline: We have the antidote. We'll give it to her and let her go home. She's of no security risk to us. Just get her through this, Nikita.

    • Sarah: Oh God, it was- it was amazing, I've never felt like that in my whole life! You know, I don't think Marco Ashe is as bad as you guys think he is.
      Nikita: Sarah-
      Sarah: Anyway, I don't care. I'm going to see him again. If you can work that into one of your missions, great. If not, I'll go on my own.
      Nikita: Sarah, you can't.
      Sarah: Why not?
      Nikita: You don't know what you're dealing with. You should stop thinking about him. It's over.
      Sarah: You can't stop me. You need me, and if you want to keep using me, this is what I want.
      Nikita: Sarah, Marco Ashe is dead.
      Sarah: That's not true!
      Nikita: He's been eliminated. That's how they do things here. I'm sorry.

    • Nikita: Did Section induce Sarah's illness?
      Michael: Not that I know of.
      Nikita: Could they not have told you?
      Michael: Possibly. Maybe not. What do you know?
      Nikita: I know that it's all too convenient. Jan's death, Sarah's illness.
      Michael: So what?
      Nikita: So, I don't believe in coincidences. Not in Section.

    • Nikita: Sarah Gerard. You had Biotech engineer something to make her sick.
      Walter: No. No. What would make you say a thing like that?
      Nikita: Jan died on the twenty-third. The next day, Sarah was diagnosed with ALL.
      Walter: Well, that doesn't mean they induced her. I don't even know if that's possible.
      Nikita: I didn't think a lot of things were possible until I came to Section.

    • Nikita: Seemed to go well with Sarah.
      Michael: I haven't seen the output yet.
      Nikita: Well, Madeline thinks she'll be fine.
      Michael: Then she probably will.
      Nikita: Do you think it's right? What they're doing to her?
      Michael: She doesn't seem to mind.
      Nikita: It bothers me.

    • Michael: I make you nervous.
      Sarah: It's just the way I am. This is all so strange.
      Michael: It is. It usually takes two years to train an operative. And even then, most don't make it. But you've already fit in. You're a remarkable person, Sarah.

    • Nikita: She's resting. You saw the playback. It was a total failure. She can't do it.
      Madeline: Just the opposite. She took it much better than we expected. Right now she's post-processing it internally.
      Nikita: Really. What's she thinking?
      Madeline: She's horrified by how much she enjoyed it.
      Nikita: That's absurd.

    • Corey: (when he demands sex instead of a cash payment) What's wrong, bitch? You go when we're done.
      Sarah: Stop it. Stop it! Stop it! You're scaring me!
      Corey: What? (Realizes she isn't Jan) Who are you? I said, who are you?!
      Sarah: Sarah. My name is Sarah. Jan's dead. Section One hired me.
      (Michael appears and shoots Corey. Sarah screams, covered with his blood)
      Michael: It's best if you don't mention Section One.

    • Nikita: (on the first mission with Sarah) I don't care where we are. She can't do it- we don't go. Abort.
      Sarah: Maybe it's my fault.
      Nikita: Sarah, it's not your fault.
      Sarah: All my life I've been... I've been afraid, you know, afraid of people, afraid of doing things. The leukemia just gives me a better excuse.
      Nikita: Sarah...
      Sarah: I want to do this.

    • Sarah: (punished while being quizzed on acting like Jan Baylin) Why did you do that? It's the zoo!
      Madeline: It's neither. Jan Baylin isn't interested in right answers and she doesn't care about pain.
      Sarah: What does she care about?
      Madeline: That's the wrong question. It's, 'How does she behave?' Independently. She makes her decisions quickly and without regard to consequences.

    • Madeline: (about her agreeing to work for Section) And thank you again for doing this. I know how difficult it is for you.
      Sarah: It won't be if everyone here is as nice as you.
      (Nikita rolls her eyes at her naivete)

    • Nikita: (About dying woman) They're going to make an innocent woman spend the last days of her life working for us?
      Michael: Yes.

    • Madeline: Now listen carefully. We have our reasons for wanting Mr. Ashe, and you will help us. Usually, I'd extract what I want and you'd be disposed of.
      Jan: Oooh. I'm afraid.

    • Jan: (when in the white room with Madeline) I'm going to kick your ass, lady.

    • (Nikita and Madeline watch this conversation on a monitor)
      Michael: What is it about me that scares you?
      Sarah: I guess... I guess I find a different reason every time I meet a man. Not that I meet that many.
      Michael: And what reason are you giving yourself this time?
      Sarah: You're handsome. You probably get everything you want from women, which means you're not very nice.
      Michael: You're right.
      Sarah: Do you have a girlfriend?
      Michael: No.
      Sarah: But you love someone, don't you?
      Michael: Why do you say that?
      Sarah: I don't know. You seem like you're thinking about someone.
      Michael: We're not here to talk about me.
      Sarah: I thought that you were here to make me feel comfortable.
      Michael: I am.
      Sarah: Talking about you does make me feel comfortable.
      Michael: (smiling) Okay. I'll tell you about her. (Madeline turns the monitor off)

    • Sarah: Even if I wanted to, I'm too weak. (Madeline picks up a delicate porcelain figurine, and Sarah takes it from her) No, please don't touch that. My father made this one for me.
      Madeline: Not too weak. Sarah, I know you're more comfortable here alone. Being with other people has always been difficult for you. And if you choose to stay here, I'll leave. But if you want to do something that will help many people, save many lives, then you should come with me now.
      Sarah: Is there a chance I might be killed?
      Madeline: It's likely.
      Sarah: Okay.

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    • Title: Before I Sleep

      These are lines from the Robert Frost poem Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening, which concludes with the line "And miles to go before I sleep".