La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 13

Beyond the Pale

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 1999 on USA

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  • Who wants to get out now?

    Not long ago it was, when Nikita was so desperate to get out, then she gave up as the life outside was not what she dreamt of but now, Michael sneaks in into her home and announces that they are going to leave. Surprising? Definitely.

    The story of this episode is really catching, very cleverly plotted, leaves many possibilities to end, has so many unexpected turn in story. We have some really promising scenes between Nikita and Michael - what else would we want?

    The story starts and everything seems to be in order... Michael is left down in promotion and he seems to take it out by escaping the section. It might first look little suspicious and I think Nikita is not first believing him too (as she should have learned that he is not to be trusted. he does what he is told) but when the get to that lovely farm house in the middle of nowhere... That changes. And when I say lovely farmhouse, I so mean it. That look like super perfect place - that rural atmosphere, smell of old things. Really romantic.

    But their happiness do not last long as Michael is caught - by that man who took the position he wanted. It seemed for a while that their escape will bring him down but he did not stopped and found them. Interrogation. Even now I believed that he did wanted to get out and it looked logical that he broke when Adam was brought in (clever, clever.. he has more than one weakness)... but how things started to work out after that - it was all too clear - Michael again played, did what he was told, but I am sure he enjoyed it.

    It was fantastic episode, with lot of action, different perspective than usual. One of my favorites.