La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 13

Beyond the Pale

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 1999 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Zalman is working for Red Cell.

    • Nitpick: Zalman must not know much about the Devos' interrogation techniques. Their work always leaves scars under the eyes of the subject, but Michael has no such scars, because he was not tortured by them!

    • In the teaser when Nikita is asleep in bed, you can see Michael's reflection in the glass room divider as he approaches her from off camera.

    • Nitpick: When Nikita and Michael get to the farm house, Nikita puts on vinyl player (which logically requires electricity) but later in the same farm house, they need to use candles as there seems to be no power. Then again, maybe the candles are just to make the mood more romantic!

  • Quotes

    • Zalman: Oh listen, Madeline, you can assure Operations, I will find Michael and Nikita.
      Madeline: That's not a good sign.
      Zalman: Sorry, what?
      Madeline: Using a third party to mediate communications. It's an indication of instability.

    • Zalman: (when he discovers the field router is missing) Just so you fully understand how I work here, I do not tolerate mistakes!
      Walter: (unimpressed) Then don't make one bigger than you already have.

    • Walter: What you looking at, sugar?
      Nikita: Just the best part of my day.
      Walter: Keep on talking like that, I'll forget how old I am!

    • Nikita: You know it can't be casual between you and me. I can't do that.
      Michael: I know. (he raises his glass to her, and she returns his salute)

    • Nikita: How is this going to work?
      Michael: We can be careful, take things slowly.
      Nikita: There's another option, I mean, we can live the day like its our last.
      Michael: It very well could be.

    • Nikita: How long do you think we'll stay here?
      Michael: Not long enough.
      Nikita: I'm so glad you brought me here. I wish we could stay.
      Michael: Let's not think about the future. Let's just enjoy this while it lasts.

    • Nikita: I didn't realize you had such talent in the kitchen, Michael.
      Michael: There's still a lot of things that you don't know about me. Maybe it's time you learned.

    • Nikita: Michael, are you running away because you lost a post to Zalman?
      Michael: In Section, you either move up or move out.
      Nikita: I understand that, I just don't understand why you need me!
      Michael: I don't need you. I want you.

    • Nikita: (when she finds Michael in her apartment) Michael. What's wrong?
      Michael: (referring to Section) We're getting out.
      Nikita: How? It's impossible.
      Michael: I'll explain. Get dressed.

  • Notes

    • There was a deleted scene from this episode included with the season 3 DVD set. Birkoff shows Walter a tape of Michael's interrogation, in which, rather than being tortured, Michael is made up to look like he's been tortured by Section operatives. They now know that Michael is fooling Zalman. The scene was deleted in order to build suspense for the final confrontation at the cabin.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp" - Francoise Hardy (at Michael's cabin, and later at Nikita's apartment as they have dinner)

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