La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 1997 on USA
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Nikita is assigned to get close to a money launderer in order steal his data files. When she learns about his successful charity for troubled youth, she starts falling in love with him. However, when Section One admits to Nikita that the shelters are a front for a thriving child slave trade, Nikita's feelings turn to hate. Can she hide her feelings and do the job, or will they get her and a truck full of kids killed?moreless

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  • Tricks of the Trade

    An episode that seems to drag on forever with a storyline that could have easily have been told in a quicker way, this isn't exactly Nikita at its finest but, despite some script problems, is still a watchable hour.

    Charity sees Section One hiding information from Nikita as she is told to get close to Alec Chandler, a man made rich from opening several homeless shelters across the country. When Nikita discovers that Chandler is using the shelters as a front for child slavery, she is understandable upset with her bosses, in particular Michael.

    One thing I didn't like about this episode was some overtly sexual scenes involving Nikita. Unlike the previous episodes, Nikita uses her sexually to get what she wants twice in this hour. Most notably was when she lifted up her skirt to seduce Chandler's men in order to knock them out. Relying on Nikita's sexuality makes for some lazy storytelling and it felt slightly out-of-place.

    In Charity, we learn the full extent of how deceitful Section One really is. They're an organization willing to do anything to complete a mission and the fact that they are quite happy with manipulating their own agents is surprising.

    Simon MacCorkindale gives a good performance as Chandler and he's excellent as he effortlessly shifts between the suave gentleman he is perceived to be and the psychotic slave trader he is revealed to be. The scene in which he tells Nikita what will happen to her when she is forced into becoming a slave is the dramatic highlight of the episode.

    The attraction between Nikita and Chandler doesn't convince and that slightly spoils the episode. There are also some scenes which could have been funny. When the queue grows outside the yacht bathroom, believing Nikita must have had some bad shrimp or something when in fact she's jumped out the window to plant a tracer, Robert Cochran could have written in a good comedy moment but it ends up being as dark as usual. This is a drama series, I know, but some comedy couldn't hurt...

    The worst episode so far, Charity is something of a missed opportunity with a story that isn't that evolving and some moments that are completely unbelievable.moreless
  • Moving and emotional episode with intriguing ending.

    To think back to the start - I most say - it was something catching that really quickly drowned yourself into the story - a saving what seemed like an on-the-spot decision comes up to be part of a bigger plan, what leads Nikita into the mission, where she has to get close with a man who, despite everything else, does little charity. Nikita becomes emotionally involved as she starts to believe that the man really tries to help children from streets. The only problem is that she still has to carry on the mission what makes her really doubt does she wants to do it. So, Michael is brought in and he almost get caught but he manages to get away.

    But the story is not ended when they got the data. She founds out who the man really is - selling children - and she is caught when she returns. A lot of action, many exciting moments and stylish scenes.

    And the end.. something I defenetly did not expected and somehow weird.. It was the previous episode, where Michael lost his wife.. so.. But it was something that defenetly made people wish to see next episode. So.. I will do the samemoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • GOOF: When Michael breaks into the computer, he is seen typing very fast. However, when the screen shows the password being entered, it much slower than how Michael is typing.

    • Nitpick: When Madeline tells Michael "Graystone, all caps," she should also have specified the spelling as graystone because of the alternate spelling, greystone. However, it's possible that Chandler used "GRAYSTONE" because it was a significant part of his history, an address, a school, etc, and Michael would have recognized the word from the man's dossier.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Michael: I came to apologize.
      Nikita: You know you're becoming very predictable, Michael. You lie, then you say you're sorry. You lie, then you say you're sorry. Can you come up with anything a little more interesting?

    • Michael: You don't have to like the job. You just have to do it. I'll be at the party tomorrow night. His perimeter security is very tight. We'll have to work from the inside. You'll be briefed in the morning. And, ah, get rid of the cat. It's a distraction. When you walked in, it was the first thing you noticed. If I were an enemy, you'd be dead by now.
      Nikita: Sometimes I think you are the enemy.

    • Nikita: Will you answer a question for me?
      Michael: If I can.
      Nikita: (she pulls out a gun) Why shouldn't I just kill you? Hm? Why shouldn't I just pull the trigger?
      Michael: (advancing until her gun is at his throat) I can't think of a single reason. (He kisses her hand, and walks away)

    • Guard: I'd tell you, but Chandler will kill me.
      Nikita: He's not here. I am.

    • Chandler: Well one thing about the streets is that you learn to take care of yourself.

    • Chandler: (To Michael) That wasn't a request little fella, that was an order.

    • Chandler: Actually, George comes from downtown. I pay him extra for the phony accent.

    • Nikita: Well, the lives of those children were worth thousands of your next levels.

    • Nikita: You try snapping pictures when you're supposed to be throwing a fit!

    • Nikita: Up yours, Birkoff!
      Birkoff: Anytime, babe. My number's in the book.

    • Michael: (pretending to be drunk) You can't find a damn bathroom on this tub... and I've gotta find one quick.

    • Nikita: So our mission's over?
      Michael: Not quite.
      Nikita: Why not? Oh, 'cause we haven't caused him enough pain, 'cause he's still standing.

    • Walter: I'm a driven man, Nikita. When I start something, I can't stop, even if it takes days. That's how it would be with you and me, a non-stop sweat.

    • Kosten: We're having a meeting here!
      Nikita: So am I! You're not invited!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The kitten in Nikita's apartment was a gift from Chandler, left inside while she was away from home. When Nikita first came home, she sensed there was someone in the room and pulled her gun, only to see the cat. These scenes were cut from the aired version for lack of time, but were included with the DVD set.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Watch Me Fall" - SIANspheric (used in the balloon scene)
      "In Your Life" - Clove (used when Nikita is walking with Chandler)
      "All Dressed Up in San Francisco" - Philsopher Kings (used when Nikita is followed at the mall)
      "Jersey Girl" - Holly Cole Trio (used when Nikita is slow dancing with Chandler)
      "Secret" - Tristan Psionic (used when Michael and Chandler confront each other)


    • Chandler's boat is the Captain Matthew Flinders. Captain Flinders was in the British Royal Navy in the late 18th to early 19th century, and was one of the most successful navigators and cartographers of the age. He wrote the primary work on the exploration of the Australian continent, titled A Voyage To Terra Australis.

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