La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 1997 on USA

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  • There are worse and better times and this is defenetly the hardest and worst time for Nikita, as she has to chose between Section and the man he loves, but the problem is - she does not have the change to choose.

    This episode more concentrates to the emotional matters of Nikita rather than the mission - but the mission is always there, making Nikita struggle more just to understand - she cannot do both.

    Nikita is growing more and more found with Gray and his little daughter (who, btw, got very lovely toy lion. I wish I had ever got something like that), wanting to have a normal life, to take Section 1 as a job and then go home and play a family, but it is harder than she expect.

    The episode begins with rather interesting scene, when in the morning, Michael knocks on Nikita's door, marches in and plays very friendly but annoying, for Nikita, cousin and he interferes more and more into their business - it only drives Nikita more out of her mind and makes her feelings toward Michael rather angry.

    The conclusion to her doubts, as everyone trough out the episode try to tell her and warn her - she cannot have a life she wants. She lives in lies. She has a mission, but loses Grey's daughter on the mall, and when she gets back, the mission is already in action without her but she jeopardize the success of the mission. So, they tell her to let him go. She is going to do it, but still having doubts but when he comes and says that a car almost run him over, Nikita takes what she needs and tells - only to broke his and her heart, ends up in Michael's office enraged, just to call him jealous. But he let his change go. And to make the end even more catching, he says - they wanted to kill him...
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