La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 8

Darkness Visible

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 1998 on USA
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Nikita and Michael are sent on a mission to take out a warlord in a Balkan nation, but on the way Nikita forces Michael into protecting two displaced children. However, that protection prevents Nikita from hitting their target, and they must risk everything in order to take him down.moreless

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  • Compassion and kind heart in the wastelands of Balkan - Nikita on mission.

    I do not know, but lately I felt like all the series I have been watching has gone down and Nikita seemed to start in second season (after first episodes) quite weak but more and more I enjoyed this episode - it was another great episode with the level of first season. There was moving story, well played, excitement, action, but most of all - it had something deep and important to tell us.

    The main story focus on Michael and Nikita who are send to Balkan to kill bad man named Luka. They end up meeting with two children whose parents have been taken by the same man and Nikita, who is the only one of them with soul left, of course, starts to care and cannot leave them behind. Michael is not very against and even even his cold heart and emotionless face are moved.

    The way their mission goes, the way both of them seem to care more and more about those kids and the way Nikita is ready to risk with the mission in order to save kids - if anyone in the Section would know...

    They manage to find kids' parents and save them, kill Luka and get away there alive but things change - they have to cross the boarder by themselves and that is maybe the most moving part - the way the camera work is done, the way that little girl looks back, the emotions, feelings. I cried.. from my heart. It was just so moving. And the end. those candles, the way it almost seemed to be happy end and then, she wakes. Super!moreless
  • Nikita forces Michael to feel some human compassion and Birkoff has to turn in his girlfriend...intersting...

    Nikita and Michael had one mission - to kill the terrorist (what was his name? His role in the episode was hardly there ...) and to get out to protect the Balkan Nation. But who really paid attention to that?

    As soon as I saw the boy in the field shooting at Michael, I knew how this episode would play out - Nikita's compassion would overwhelm her and force her to be...well, normal - she was going to do this mission - her way.

    Michael wasn't too big on her little idea of taking these kids with them. But when it all comes down to it, how much power does he really have over his material? If he wants to keep her on his good side, which is always a good idea if you're in love with her, not a whole lot. So the kids piled in the car, but not for long. Michael ordered Nikita to get the kids to the refugee camp while he did his real job and went to collect intel on their target. And when he got back to the car? The kids hadn't moved. Either had Nikita.

    "It wasn't safe." Nikita claimed stubbornly, to which Michael ordered her to get rid of them. And, in her angered state, she spat back that he should. Being the cold Michael that he is, he took action and grabbed the kids, placing them in the middle of the street in cold weather, and drove away, with Nikita too furious to talk, trying to keep her cool...and was failing. Before she could blow, the guilt got to Michael and he backed up, the kids piling in again.

    While this drama was happening, Birkoff had a problem of his own: his clingy girlfriend Gail is a thief, stealing from terrorist accounts. After Walter tells him that he has to report this, Birkoff sweats it out and wonders what he should do, his loyalties divided. The Section...or the only fun he had for a long time...possibly the first time.

    Back in Balkan, it's Michael's turn to fume in Nikita's disobedience. He orders her to shoot the target, while she's watching in terror in the opposite direction - the children are being taken. Instead of hitting the target, she hits the soldiers and abandon's position to grab the children and keep them safe. This leaves Michael alone, and not able to get the target himself. And so the mission drags on...

    Birkoff finally gets his head together and goes to Madeline, revealing what he knows about Gail. In her collected, calm manner, she informs him that she'll take care of it. This makes Birkoff insist that Gail would stop doing it if told not to - obviously he didn't want his girlfriend dead. But he left the office thinking that this was surely to happen.

    Meanwhile, Nikita is trying to save lives. Not only does she want to take the children across the border with them, but now she wants to find the parents and take them too. Michael don't answer her when she suggests this, but after their mission is completed, her next order is to find the parents. How sweet.

    The parents are found, but when it comes to papers, something goes wrong and they're forbidden to go across the border. Nikita and Michael keep going with the children to get them to safety.

    Mission completed, Nikita and Michael head back to Section, where Madeline welcomes them with a job well done, and informs that the children were put in good care.

    Yet Nikita has to push it once again by asking if there's a way to get the parents back with their children. Madeline gives an unreadable face, then walks away, followed by Michael, who has even less communication with Nikita than normal. Not even the blank stares really happened here. He was quite annoyed with Nikita, even if he did follow what she wanted.

    This episode ends with seeing the children in a church, lighting candles for their parents when the parents come walking in. All is joyful until Nikita wakes up, heavily breathing.

    In all, this was an interesting episode. I liked seeing the interaction between Michael and Nikita - how they could take turns being mad at each other, yet still get the job done and more. It just doesn't make for the longest of conversations or the greatest of company.

    I gave this two and a half stars out of four.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: While sneaking through the farmhouse, Michael's pistol has a silencer on it, but once outside at the barn, the silencer is gone.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Michael: (Quietly to children when their parents are not allowed cross the border) Don't look back, just keep walking...

    • Luca: Don't shoot me. I give you information, hmmm? Troop movements; locations of weapons stockpiled, identities of our informers anything you want.
      Nikita: You're not even prepared to die for what you believe in.
      Luca: Who says I believe? I do what I have to do to survive. Like everyone in this country.

    • Madeline: (To Birkoff) By the way, it took you longer to discover this than we expected. Keep your people closer.

    • Madeline: (when Birkoff turns in Gail) We've known about her extra-curricular activities for some time now. It's what brought her to our attention in the first place.
      Birkoff: What about the money?
      Madeline: Those accounts don't exist. We create them for the sole purpose of satisfying her habit.
      Birkoff: Her habit?
      Madeline: After an extensive profile, we came to the conclusion that stealing is something she'll never be able to give up. So we allow it. It keeps her productive.
      Birkoff: But how long can this go on?
      Madeline: Indefinitely. She doesn't want to spend the money, she just wants to steal it.

    • Nikita: (About the kids) So, what about them? Do you think we can get them across the border?
      Michael: Probably. But they won't want to leave their parents.
      Nikita: Well, I mean, if there's time we should try and get them all out.
      Michael: There won't be time.

    • Birkoff: (reluctantly selling out his girlfriend) Gail is stealing money.
      Madeline: How do you know?
      Birkoff: She's using our encryption programs to do it. I think ... if you just confronted her with it, she'd stop doing it. She's one of my best analysts... not one of my best, my best. We don't have to make a big deal of this.
      Madeline: But it is a big deal. Otherwise, why would you turn in a woman you're having intimate relations with?
      Birkoff: What are you going to do with her?
      Madeline: I'm going to take care of it.

    • Peter: (To Michael after he promises to help) I don't believe you! As soon as you get what you want, you'll get out of here. Why would anyone want to stick around here a second longer then they had to?

    • Birkoff: (About Gail) She walked away from her system without logging off last night. The modification dates on some files didn't look right, so I checked it out. She's funneling money out of terrorist accounts that we're monitoring. What do I do?
      Walter: You think you have options?

    • Birkoff: Walter, I need your help. I don't know what to do.
      Walter: About what?
      Birkoff: Gail.
      Walter: Oh, you've come to the right place.

    • Vukovich: (When he learns Michael and Nikita are not here for evacuation) These people helped us for years. They fed us information, risked their lives. We promised them that if the day ever came, we would get them out.

    • Michael: He said Luca took them to the train yards.
      Birkoff: That's all he said? Train yards?
      Michael:That's it.
      Birkoff: (Hopelessly) I've got dozens of locations that could be classified as 'train yards' in that region.

    • Michael: (after killing Luca) Let's find the parents.

    • (coming into Madeline's office to tell her about Gail's stealing, but changing his mind at the last second)
      Birkoff: The new keyboards are really ergonomic. Thanks for getting them approved.
      Madeline: I have a coup attempt in the Balkans, a missing warhead in Eastern Europe, and a hostage situation in the Azores. Is there something about these keyboards you feel will assist me in any way in these operations?

    • Michael: (after Nikita disobeys his order to get rid of the children) What is this?
      Nikita: I couldn't leave them there, it wasn't safe.
      Michael: This is not a game, we are not playing house. Get rid of them... now.
      Nikita: You get rid of them.

    • Michael: Nikita, let's go. We have a location.
      Nikita: What about Peter and Sasha?
      Michael: They've told us everything they know.
      Nikita: We can't leave them here alone. We have to take them somewhere, Michael.
      Michael: (He turns) No.

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