La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 1

Deja Vu All Over Again

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2001 on USA
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Mr Jones tells Nikita that he needs her for one more mission, so she returns to Section to infiltrate a summit meeting between a number of terrorist factions. With her is Marco O'Brien, Michael's replacement and the cop that Nikita framed and recruited for Section in season one.moreless

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  • The world looks so hallow now... and it is far from friendly working environment.

    Mm.. so.. there is the season 5 now and it looks so cold, somehow out of the old ways - empty, to be honest. Everything is so hostile and unfriendly. Everyone treats Nikita as she is enemy - is she? She did betray them, if it could be thought that way and some things about her decisions are much clearer now but it feels like did everything to finish quickly at the end of fourth season and now they try to bring back what was - and it does not work. All the familiar faces are gone. At the end of the episode we see Walter again and his dialog with Nikita brings back little the magic there was but.. we have Quinn to replace Birkoff whose brother is gone too.. And we had the new guy in weapons instead of Walter - and he looked awful. Mr Jones or the old neighbor - he has been turned into something new - and the humor he had, the things what made that character enjoyable - that is gone.

    I think something has been missed and even if the mission was catching and had some great moments and was maybe even better than some other missions we had, it did not saved much.moreless
  • Good

    A good way to being for the last season. Shows how Nikita is now back at Section even after being promised a way out. Now after a botched mission she is forced to stay and no one seems happy about it. Operations and Quinn are out to get Nikita by finding proof that Michael is still alive. The cop that Nikita brought in to section is back for another mission and Walter makes a cameo at the end

    Very good way of showcasing the huge diffrences between S5 and the rest of the series and although Madeline, Birkoff and Michael are missed it's not enough to make this episode weakened in any way.moreless
Lubomir Mykytiuk

Lubomir Mykytiuk

Josef Dolmatov

Guest Star

Noah Klar

Noah Klar


Guest Star

Jason Dietrich

Jason Dietrich


Guest Star

Stephen Shellen

Stephen Shellen

Marco O'Brien

Recurring Role

Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mr Jones

Recurring Role

Lindsay Collins

Lindsay Collins

Elizabeth (female Devo)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Terrorists from numerous groups, including Red Cell and Black Moon, now form the core of The Collective, Section's new primary nemesis.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Joseph: Partner?
      Nikita: He's into technology. I'm more visceral. Together we're very effective.
      Joseph: I don't like unknown quantities.
      Nikita: I'll introduce you to him. He should be here any minute.
      Joseph: He just going to stroll into my office?
      Nikita: That's right.
      Joseph: No doubt you have a low opinion of our abilities, but your success was an exception, I promise you. And as far as hiring someone I don't know, this late in the game... (He takes a swig of his drink, just as a knock sounds at the door) Come in.
      (O'Brien walks in)
      Nikita: Marco, Joseph. Joseph, Marco. (Joseph shakes his finger at Nikita and smiles)

    • Nikita: (begging Walter to return to Section) You could help me change things.
      Walter: I've done my stint as 'Dear Abby'. Let somebody else have a turn.
      Nikita: New guy's not in your class.
      Walter: He'll learn.
      Nikita: Guess that's it, then.
      Walter: Guess so.
      Nikita: Suppose I said you're the best man I ever met, and another day in Section without you seems unbearable. Would that matter?
      Walter: (smiling) It might.

    • Operations: (introducing Nikita to Section) This is Nikita. She'll be joining us on a temporary basis. Some of you know her already. Quinn, for instance, spent two days as her prisoner while Nikita impersonated her in Section. I'm sure you haven't forgotten?
      Quinn: No, I haven't forgotten.
      Operations: And O'Brien, Nikita is the one who brought you into Section. No doubt you'll have a lot to catch up on. The rest of you may know Nikita by reputation only. You may have heard she was a spy for Center. That for three years she reported our every word and deed behind our backs. And in the end she passed judgment on people who thought of her as a friend or colleague. Two of them are dead. Another forcibly retired. All that is true. But whatever you might think of Nikita personally, it will not interfere with your work. Is that clear?

    • Operations: (To Nikita) I can't let you leave without a going-away present. Some advice? You think you're going to start a new life? You think you're leaving the violence and the fear behind? You're very much mistaken. Truth is, you were sheltered here. The dangers in Center are far worse, because they're far more subtle. Be especially careful of Mr. Jones. He's not what he seems.

    • Nikita: You're new to the job. It takes time.
      Quinn: Go to hell.

  • NOTES (4)

    • There are a number of scenes filmed for this episode that weren't used but included in the season five DVD set. In the first, Nikita and Michelle talk about Section and Nikita's deal with Mr Jones. In the second, there is an extended version of Nikita's pre-mission conversation with O'Brien. O'Brien doesn't like the mission profile, but Nikita insists. They argue, and O'Brien says if her profile works, he'll buy her a drink. She agrees, then he surprises her with a knife to the throat, tells her she's getting rusty, and she better be more awake on the mission. In the third, the scene where Operations tells Nikita that they were both wrong is almost the same, except all of Operations lines are spoken by Quinn, while Operations stands by and watches. His only part is to comment that O'Brien is good, but not as good as Michael is, and Nikita says firmly, "Was". The producers decided the scene played better with just Nikita and Operations, highlighting their personal animosity.

    • Music Featured In This Episode
      "Big Exit" - PJ Harvey (as Nikita cuts her hair)

    • Peta Wilson cut her hair after the last episode of season four thinking that she was done with the role. She is cutting a wig, not her own hair, in this episode.

    • Roy Dupuis, Alberta Watson and Matthew Ferguson have been removed from the opening credits, whilst Cindy Dolenc has been added.


    • Mr. Jones: In the meanime, what I suggest is that you both listen to recording of The Mikado or Pirates of Penzance.

      Mr. Jones compares Operation and Nikita to the famous theater team Gilbert and Sullivan, who worked together with great success, but who consistently fought with each other.

    • Deja Vu All Over Again
      The title of the episode is derived from the famous 'yogism', "It's like deja-vu, all over again", as spoken by New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra.