La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 14

Double Date

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 1998 on USA
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Episode Summary

Michael and Nikita are sent on a mission along with former hit man David Fanning, but during the mission he takes Nikita hostage and demands that Michael return his estranged wife Lisa or Nikita will be killed.

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  • The case from past returns and both Michael and Nikita find themselves on hard position.

    I am so happy that they decided to bring something from past and continued with the story. And the "Obsessed" was a great episode but maybe this one even goes farer and impress us more.

    The story is, that the hitman, who everyone thought was killed, is alive and works for section and Nikita and Michael are send to mission with him. Nikita does not trust him and there is a reason as on the first change, he will robe Nikita and tells that Michael have to bring his wife back (whose Michael seduced in "Obsessed" and about who he did cared as it seemed). So, Michael has to hurt her again in order to save Nikita. He just does not have a choice even if he does not want it.

    The only problem is - Lisa in not the same girl she was. At least she believes it, but in the end, she falls into his arm and Michael takes her away. It was so nice to see Lisa again - I liked that episode with her and the way she tries to be stronger, but she just is the same girl... very well done.

    Nikita in the same time tries to escape and in the end she manages, but Michael is already there with Lisa. Shooting, Nikita mets her in forest, they try to escape but they are caught and Lisa goes with her ex, Michael always there, watching and he could shot but he does not. So, she is taken away, but she has a poison and as Michael said: to get over him, she has to kill him herself. And the answer by Nikita: she needs or you made her think she needs?

    Fantastic, lot of action and emotionmoreless
  • Nikita: You\'re going to kill me? Michael: No, I\'ll shoot you in the leg and carry you back. But it would be easier if we could both walk.

    This is another series classic. Right away we know this is going to be juicy when Michael and Nikita walk in and circle Operation's new recruit - David Fanning, from the episode Obsessed.

    First words of this episode comes from Nikita "David Fanning...I thought he was dead." Michael watches this interaction closely.

    Operations informs these two that Fanning is going on a mission with them. Nikita makes sure Ops knows that she, in no way, trusts him. "I dont like him, I dont trust him, and I sure as hell don't want to work with him." To which Operations tells her that she has to put her past behind to do the mission. "It's not just history. Michael seduced his wife I betrayed him with Section, he wont rest until we're dead." Nikita says strongly.

    There's not a moment, not even through Fannings "sweet talk" that she trusts him. Michael is mostly silent here, but he's ever watchful of the two.

    The scene with Fanning, Michael and Nikita in Walter's section is just classic, where Fanning says how he admires the fact that Michael and Nikita can carry on a relationship with their types of jobs. I was very proud of Michael, who wasn't quite himself. Usually he'd go to a length to let it be known that he and Nikita have nothing going on. He denied nothing, just told Fanning to drop it. Of course, Fanning couldn't resist and kept going deeper, until he gets a little too close, making Michael get right in to his face, though doing so calmly.

    Mission time. Fanning decides that he's going to take over - kills everyone but Michael and Nikita, hides in the van, then jumps out and grabs Nikita at gunpoint, telling Michael to get his woman back, or he'll take his. Well now, Nikita got herself a real title. Who cares about Section One operative or what level she is - she's Michael's woman. Sweet...

    Michael goes on his mission to find Lisa within 48 hours to save Nikita's life. Which might be just a tad difficult, seeing that not only does Michael have no idea where Lisa has gone, but the little fact that, oh yes, Lisa hates his guts a million times over.

    This episode shows something shocking as well - Birkoff actually isn't in the Section 24/7 - he plays video games at the computer clubs. Always a geek, no matter where he is. Sadly, he don't get to finish his game, for Michael pays him a visit, giving him instructions to tell Ops that he and Nikita are on mandatory refusal to find the terrorist that isn't dead (though he really is), and that he needs Birkoff to find Lisa now.

    "If you betray me, I'll kill you." Michael says, drop dead serious. "That's why you can trust me." Birkoff says quickly. It's just the beginning of him sweating bullets in this episode.

    Michael finds Lisa, and orders Milk at the bar. Somehow, this is terribly funny to see.

    Lisa looks much older now, wiser definately. Yet she still allows him up to her room.

    Yet after they're finished sleeping together, Michael gets a little surprise - Lisa isn't as innocent as seemed, and sends in her guards to beat the living crap out of him, convinced he's on another assignment. Terribly hard to watch - the only time it's fun to see Michael tortured is if Nikita is watching.

    Meanwhile Nikita is locked in a cabin with Fanning, furious but not beaten. Even chained, she has ways of trying to escape. Unsuccessful, of course, but she made the effort.

    Back to Michael and Lisa - Michael is very well trained in the Valentine department. Obviously earns his title of Level five as he still manages not only to convince Lisa that he's in love with her, but to get her to tell him every detail - how to escape, where the guards are and how many, everything he needs to know, before he sticks her with a needle and she falls peacefully asleep. Proving, that he'll do anything to get Nikita back as quickly as possible. Ah, love.

    Birkoff is successful in tricking Operations, though it's a wonder he's still breathing afterwards.

    Nikita is busy again trying to escape. Michael clearly taught her all he knows. Fanning makes the mistake of dropping a round of bullets from his bag, which she ends up using to free herself and flee the cabin before he can get back.

    Michael meanwhile is driving to the cabin of Fanning and Nikita with Lisa starting to come through. Before they get out, he hands her a bottle of isotape, which we previously learned will kill you if on your skin for more than twelve hours. He tells her that this is her escape.

    Nikita, in the woods hiding, is watching Michael and Lisa walk towards the cabin, when Fanning starts shooting. Lisa runs, Nikita meets her and gets her back in the car, starting to drive away. This attempt is a failure, of course, when Fanning shoots the actual car. Lisa goes to her husband, though Nikita pleads with her not to. And once they are gone, Nikita realizes that Michael is hidden in the trees, watching.

    She starts to go after Lisa again when Michael actually pulls out a gun and points it at her, in case she decides to keep going. She looks near comical (or at least comical for Nikita) as she looks back at him.

    "You're going to kill me?" She says in amused disbelief.

    "No, I'll shoot you in the leg and carry you back. But it would be easier if we could both walk."

    And Nikita don't doubt this part. After all, hadn't she seen him shoot others in the leg already? Hadn't he done it to her in the beginning? Hadn't he just done it to Jurgen? Lots of leg shooting in this show, if you think about it. Either way, she relents and he tells her about the isotape.

    This episode ends showing Lisa and Fanning walking through the woods towards the cabin again, when he stops to take a drink that she refuses. As we see him splash it on his face, we also see the bottle that Michael had given Lisa, now empty. Fanning tells her to keep walking, and the bottle drops from her hand to the ground, knowing that he wouldn't be ordering her to do anything after twelve hours time.

    Great episode, four and a half stars out of five.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: The forest was supposedly full of Kusko's men, too many for a direct assault. But Michael's team only kills Kusko and a few of his men. Where are the rest? Wouldn't they be looking for Fanning?

    • Nitpick: Lisa is wearing a completely different outfit in the jeep than she was wearing back at her flat. Can we really believe that Michael changed the unconscious woman's clothes just so she'd be in basic black like him?!

    • Twin Sighting
      One of the twins is at the cybercafe where Michael finds Birkoff.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Nikita: (referrring to Lisa) I've got to help her.
      Michael: (pointing his gun at her) Nikita!
      Nikita: You gonna kill me?
      Michael: No, I'll shoot you in the leg and carry you back.

    • Lisa: (after her bodyguards beat Michael up) How does it feel, Michael? How does it feel to be used and betrayed?

    • Michael: Give your employer a message.
      Bobyguard: Why?
      Michael: She knows me.
      Bodyguard: Sure she does.
      Michael: There's something in it for you.
      Bodyguard: And what's that?
      Michael: I'll give you back your gun.
      Bodyguard: You don't have my gun.
      (Michael punches him, takes his gun, and points it at the second bodyguard)

    • Birkoff: You can trust me.
      Michael: If you betray me... I'll kill you.
      Birkoff: That's why you can trust me.

    • Operations: He's going on a Mission with you.
      Nikita: Really? A psychotic killer and a sadistic wife beater...
      Operations: Most Operatives start out flawed. In one way or another.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music Used In This Episode
      "Absurd" - Fluke (in the chase through the forest)
      "#1 Crush" - Garbage (in the teaser)
      "Life In Mono" - Mono (when Michael finds Lisa)
      "Take California" - Propellerheads (in the cybercafe)


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