La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 9

Down a Crooked Path

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2000 on USA
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Episode Summary

Another incursion takes place in Section One, this time in the form of a virus that is making Section One's members sick, one by one. Taking matters into his own hands, George orders in his own Bio Team to treat Section's members, but Operations suspects George has an ulterior motive. Sure enough, when Section's people go in for their "examination" with George's Bio Team, they come out vegetables. It seems George's team is mind wiping (downloading the contents of the brains) the Section's members. Can Michael and Birkoff stop George's team before everyone in Section One gets their brain sucked?moreless

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  • Little reminder of what have happened but it did had something else do - a quite many intriguing action what will have effect in future

    In plain and first site this was a total flashback episode. But on the surface of reminding us what have happened the backstory of this episode is quite promising. It is war between Oversight and Section and Georg is making his move but he does not think that everyone will work together in the end to survive.

    Their minds are being downloaded and they are wipped clean in order to make them later robot operatives. But they understand it and try to stop it. It is just the last time as one and one they are called and they have to go. In the end it is Michael alone who has to save all and he manages it and also manages to take down Georg and manipulate with him. But how and why and did he, is a question because he does has Adrian and maybe there is something going on with him and Georg, so I would say that last scene was act. Again, episode what builds so many questions.moreless
  • It's clip show time.

    Just another clip show with some window dressing.

    George from Oversight blasts the crew with a temporary virus to incapacitate and get neural scrapings from the cast so that he can make clones.

    Kind of a rehash plot of another virus in Section episode, but this time it's just a ruse to participate in the tried and true television staple of the clip show.

    At least it's another stepping stone to show how George is now on a quest to take down Operations and Madeline and anyone who gets in the way of the two, but it's not like we didn't know that already.

    An OK episode but definately one that's not going to make it onto my must-see list of eps. from this series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Michael's memories are played in reverse, the memory of him jumping through a window from the Season One episode "Friend" is included. However, that clip wasn't part of his original memories, it was shown as one of Nikita's memories, as well as being from her point of view.

    • The list of Section One personnel who are part of the blanket cancellation includes: Operations, Madeline, Walter, Michael, Nikita, Birkoff, Davenport, and Mitchell.

    • Goof: Why did the techs call Michael's cell phone when they wanted Birkoff?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Birkoff: (after Madeline gives him Operation's codes to get a neural blocker) Do you think Operations will believe this is all I extracted from his computer? We could have had a field day with some of the file names I saw.

    • Operations: Seems the attack was considerably more successful than we first suspected.
      Madeline: Then George was right.
      Operations: Yes, but how could he have been so certain? You think George could have been behind this attack?
      Madeline: We went to war with the man. It's possible this is his retribution.
      Operations: Debilitation is grounds for cancellation.
      Madeline: I know.
      Operations: In spite of all our preventative measure, it seems George has finally found a way to get rid of us. Once and for all.

    • Operations: Why doesn't he respond?
      Tech One: The infection caused a neural meltdown.
      Operations: He was fine when he came in here.
      Tech One: It's incredible, we know. In fact, we've never seen anything quite like this before.
      Tech Two: We're labbing it now. But my guess is whatever entered his system worked in the same principle as a computer virus. Deleting the neural zones. Like an accelerated Alzheimer's disease.

    • Tech One: Walter.
      Walter: Yeah, it's me. Fit as a fiddle.
      Tech One: Come in.
      Walter: Why don't you just give me a couple of aspirin and I'll call myself in the morning?
      Tech One: Lie down.
      Walter: What's that stuff?
      Tech One: It's a sedative.
      Walter: Any particular reason why I need that?
      Tech Two: Our bio-probe requires the subject to be asleep.
      Walter: Bio-probe?
      Tech Two: You may feel lightheaded, may even hallucinate.
      Walter: Haven't done that in years!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode is the only "clip show" of the series. A clip show recycles large amounts of old footage to save money and/or time in production.