La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 1997 on USA
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A mysterious Section One operative offers Nikita a seemingly ironclad opportunity to escape from Section for good. All the information he gives her checks out, and Nikita seriously weighs his offer. However, Michael starts making romantic overtures toward Nikita, and her emotions are divided. Is the Section just toying with her to test her loyalty, or is it the opportunity to escape a real one? And if it is real, can she escape with her heart?moreless

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  • Nikita has change to escape but she has no idea how much other people around her know about her plans.

    The story is quite intriguing - Nikita meets mysterious Eric who offers her a change to run, get out of the Section. First she doubts as she does not believe it but in one point, she really wants to get away. I just think when they went to arrest Jerico and the mother was killed - it remembered her again that she did not wanted to be there as for couple of last episodes, it has felt like she is quite ok where she is and she is accepting her fate.

    Anyway, almost on the same moment, she learns about change to get away, something else happens - Michael. He gives her a compliment, wanted to ask her out for coffee and he is just much much nicer with her. All that just makes her think twice before leaving and she lets the first change go.

    After that Eric tries to make her come, again, and he understands quite well that it is Michael who is holding her back - so he tries to change her mind. I loved the place when he tells Nikita that she follows her and others.. and when she asks, do you follow Michael too, to tell me that he doesn't care about her. The answer he gives is just so.. I have no right word, not fake... but something he do not believe. At least it sounds like that.

    Ok.. I think it is so clear and expectable what will happen trough all this episode and so there is no surprise when Michael knocks on her door and after that - maybe most emotional and moving scene so far. But it is beautiful to watch and Michael succeeded on his mission - Nikita does not go.

    And in the end, we learn why everything was done and that he knew all the time. But she is just so emotionally involved and the last scene - when she just troughs all those camera parts on the table - super endingmoreless
  • The Great Escape

    You knew it would happen eventually but it still makes for an excellent episode of La Femme Nikita.

    In Escape, Nikita is offered the chance to flee Section One with the help of one of its operatives, the mysterious Eric. But, is Eric telling the truth or is it all a Section test to prove Nikita's loyalty?

    Peta Wilson is excellent in this episode as she gets far more embroiled in this dilemma and ponders her relationship with Michael. Michael also proves himself to be a ruthless Section operative. Though he claims he manipulated Nikita purely to save her life, you can't help but think he may have ulterior motives for his actions.

    This episode also features a notable guest performance from Jaimz Woolvett as Eric. He captures Eric's determination to leave and also his hesitance to go without Nikita perfectly and it's a shame we didn't get to know him earlier in the series.

    The locations in Escape were excellent, in particular the snow-covered landscapes used for outside Nikita's apartment and in exterior shots. I loved the scene where Michael flirts with Nikita and they dance before passionately kissing and I almost felt cheated that it turned out all to be a lie.

    Though this episode does have some plot holes, it's an excellent hour which features a stunning final sequence. Escape, however, may of worked better later in the season as it doesn't have much impact when it's only episode eight...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The terrorist group Section is taking on in this episode is called Tiburon.

    • Nitpick: We discover that there are cameras monitoring Nikita's apartment but if they've been there all along, how is it that Nikita managed to hide Julie in her apartment for so long in the episode "Friend" without Section finding her? Could it be that Section knew about Julie being there all along, and was using Nikita to draw her and her cohorts out? Or did Eric protect her somehow, covering up Nikita's secret?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Nikita: Are you trying to seduce me? I've never been able to figure you out. Why should today be different?
      Michael: It's very simple... after Simone, I thought if I ever cared for anyone again it would have to be someone from outside the Section, but I was wrong. No one from the outside can understand who we are. We fight all the time just to stay alive. Let's not fight what's between us. Let's take what we can get.

    • Nikita: You mean there's a backup system?
      Michael: He won't get far. And anyone who went with him, wouldn't have either.
      Nikita: You knew about his plan all the time, didn't you? This was all one big manipulation to keep me from going with him, wasn't it?
      Michael: To keep you alive.
      Nikita: But why? Why bother? (Michael says nothing) Welcome back, Michael.

    • Madeline: Somehow I don't think it's the mission you're having trouble figuring out.
      Nikita: How did he get here? What's his life like outside? Does he even have one?
      Madeline: Would knowing the answers make you perform your mission more efficiently?
      Nikita: It might.
      Madeline: Is it his life you want to know about, or his heart?
      Nikita: Does he even have a heart?
      Madeline: Michael loved once, very deeply.
      Nikita: Simone.
      Madeline: Some men can only love once. Whether Michael's like that or not, I don't really know.
      Nikita: Gee, Madeline, I thought you knew everything.
      Madeline: I know what I need to know, Nikita. If you can say the same, you'll be all right.

    • Nikita: Your cameras. I'm not having them in my apartment any more.
      Operations: You're not?
      Nikita: (throwing the surveillance cameras at Operations) And if you don't like it you can...
      Operations: (interrupting) We can what?!
      Nikita: Cancel me, because I'd rather be dead than be watched like an animal in the zoo!
      Operations: Are you sure about that?
      Nikita: I'm very sure. (Nikita storms off)
      Operations: Cancel surveillance on Nikita... for the time being.

    • Michael: You were out last night. I called to ask if you wanted to get a cup of coffee.
      Nikita: Why?
      Michael: I like coffee.
      Nikita: First you compliment me on my new sunglasses, and now you're asking me out for coffee?
      Michael: I've been thinking about you lately.
      Nikita: And what have you been thinking?
      Michael: That we might spend more time together outside the Section.
      Nikita: I didn't think there was anything outside Section.
      Michael: There is.

    • Nikita: Does the Section ever test its operatives? Tempt them, for example?
      Walter: You gotta think of the Section as a living organism. And like any organism, it will do whatever it has to to survive. Be... careful!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Evidence" - Tara MacLean (while Carla and Nikita talk)
      "Torn" by Rose Chronicles (Nikita thinking about Michael)
      "Temple" by Beverly Klass (Michael's seduction at Nikita's apartment)
      "Cun Lacoudhir" by Rhea's Obsession (as Michael and Nikita dance)