La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 10

First Mission

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 1998 on USA
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Episode Summary

Nikita is promoted to team leader when Section has a manpower shortage, and her mission is made much more dangerous by disobedient operative who is obsessed with Michael.

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  • Nikita troubling with her principles and duty for the Section

    It would have been more intriguing if it had been before "New Regime" but now, in this place, it offers really little.

    Nikita gets promoted and she has a mission to carry out the problems become when one operative, whose performance is not the best, do not follow her orders and they do not succeed. Also, Nikita learns that she has crash in Michael and that changes her position, but instead of jealousy, she starts to protect her.

    Again, she ruins another try of the mission, they think about canceling her, Nikita does not like it - but in the end the girl still dies. Weird, but it seems to be all I feel about the episode. Quite boring story, not very much emotion. This time not even innocent soul Nikita cares about. somehow episode that did not amazed me.moreless

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    • Nikita: Walter, sometimes I don't know if you're incredibly wise or just really full of crap.
      Walter: Yeah, I have the same problem myself.

    • Nikita: Walter, what do you know about Vizcano?
      Walter: Vizcano, or Vizcano and Michael? She tried to kill herself. Some people say it was over him.
      Nikita: You don't think so?
      Walter: Eh, I guess if someone wants to die, one reason's as good as another. Personally, being in love always made me want to live.

    • Operations: With most operatives, self preservation takes over, compassion is the first thing to go.
      Michael: She's different.
      Operations: Have you tried, Michael, really tried to crush out her feelings?
      Michael: Of course.
      Operations: You succeeded with so many others, why not her?
      Michael: She's strong.
      Operations: Is that the only reason?
      Michael: Yes.

    • Operations: You still don't understand what you are dealing here, do you? You think you are a lonely beacon of decency in an insane world or something like that. Isn't that true? The section isn't me or Madeline or Michael. It's bigger, deeper, smarter then any of us.
      Nikita: You make it sound like it's alive.
      Operations: Oh, yes, and we all walk a narrow path to keep it that way.
      Nikita: Path without feeling, compassion, or hope.
      Operations: Yes.
      Nikita: We die so the section can live.
      Operations: Yes.
      Nikita: I can't accept that.
      Operations: You have no choice, Nikita. No one does, especially me. Do you understand?
      Nikita: I understand that you are talking to me for once.

    • Michael: Can I give you a piece of advice?
      Nikita: Go ahead.
      Michael: It's best to be ruthless, but if you are not, it's essential to appear that way.
      Nikita: Is that your secret, Michael? You just appear to be ruthless?

    • Prager: I don't know anybody named Peter Stark. You've got the wrong guy. I'm just a businessman.
      Nikita: Well, think of me as an executive with a career crisis. And I need your help. So... I'm going to break a bone, a minute. In three hours, you'll be a rag doll, except rag dolls don't feel pain. You will.

    • Nikita: (referring to Michael) Well... why don't you become his quest?
      Vizcano: No, I had my chance. It's too late. Although... I think I'll always love him. May the best woman win.
      Nikita: Vizcano, there's no contest. I'm not playing.

    • Michael: Tell them only what they need to know. Establish dominance.
      Nikita: In other words, treat them like animals.
      Michael: Animals with guns.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although credited, Alberta Watson (Madeline), did not appear in this episode.

    • Janet Kidder, who plays Vizcano, is the niece of Margot Kidder, who plays Nikita's mother in the episode "Walk On By". Janet also plays Nikita's mother in flashbacks in the same episode.

    • According to Christopher Heyn, Assistant to the Executive Consultant, "It is recommended that Episode #210, "First Mission", should be viewed after #204 "Approaching Zero", but *before* #205 "New Regime". The episode makes more sense in the overall story at that stage of the season. First Mission was meant for that spot, but it got pushed back into the production schedule because the script needed work. Nigel Bennett was available, so New Regime got pushed up."