La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 22

Four Light Years Farther

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2000 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Michael gets to his final mark in the abeyance mission and activates the detonator, the clock reads 40 seconds. But when he starts the timer it's set at 50 seconds.

    • Interesting that while most abeyance operatives aren't told that they are on a suicide mission, Michael is fully aware and doesn't intend to avoid his demise.

    • Twin Sighting
      Two men strongly resembling the twins who worked for Adrian are on the plane with Mr Jones and Jason.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: A la vie.

    • Michael: (When he thinks they will cancel him) I'd prefer a bullet.
      Operations: A bullet? Nikita was right, you'll get over her death, she'll never be able to get over yours. This is just to help you get through this.
      Michael: (screaming) No! No!

    • Madeline: How dare you two have the presumption to judge my contribution to this organization on a single event!
      Nikita: It's not the event, it's the relationship between you and Paul that concerns us. You two don't complement each other.
      Madeline: I really don't need to hear what some ad hoc internal affairs bimbo thinks of my work. Get to the punchline.
      Mr Jones: If you insist.
      Nikita: No.
      Mr Jones: We've discussed this, Nikita.
      Nikita: And you know where I stand. This is not the way.
      Mr Jones: There's no place for her here.
      Nikita: Maybe not in Section, but she does have assets.
      Mr Jones: Is this a personal plea?
      Nikita: Yes.
      Mr Jones: (to Madeline) You understand, in the end, this decision is mine and mine alone.
      Madeline: No. You don't understand. I'll make my own decision regarding my fate. (She takes a cyanide capsule from under her hair, bites it, and dies in seconds)
      Mr Jones: I shall miss her fortitude. (activates intercom) Housekeeping, please.

    • Mr. Jones: I chose Nikita for her free will... and her sufficient disdain for Section One. Well, I think it's time we got started.

    • Michael: I'll need you after I'm gone.
      Nikita: What does that mean?
      Michael: Adam, you're the only one I can trust.
      Nikita: That's something you should do yourself.

    • Operations: They're to be treated well.
      Madeline: I agree, but they can't be trusted.
      Operations: They never could. Not from the moment she arrived. There's a bond between them that can only be broken one way.
      Madeline: Which one?
      Operations: Nikita.
      Madeline: I disagree.
      Operations: Michael's more valuable. You know that.
      Madeline: Whichever one we let live will never forgive us. We let them make the choice.
      Operations: What's the difference?
      Madeline: Eventually, the survivor will need to anchor. They will want to believe in us, but they'll need justification.

    • Nikita: ... What are you waiting for?
      Michael: We're surrounded.
      Nikita: Removing collateral.
      Michael: Yes.
      Nikita: Should we use the car?
      Michael:: We won't get ten feet.
      Nikita: I've got three grenades, we can carve a path, the highway is less than a kilometer.
      Michael: No... there will be another day.

    • Nikita: So what do you feel about all this, Walter?
      Walter: A bit betrayed, how do you think?
      Nikita: That's good.
      Walter: Why good?
      Nikita: Because you were betrayed. You have a firm grasp on reality.
      Walter: Then what the Hell am I doing here?

    • Michael: Why did you break protocol?
      Nikita: I wasn't ready to see you die.
      Michael: Are you out?
      Nikita: No, I gotta go back, but you can make it, you'll be able to jam their frequency long enough to get out of the hemisphere, take it.
      Michael: What about you?
      Nikita: I'll be all right, I got a card to play; they owe me this.
      Michael: Come with me.
      Nikita: I can't.
      Michael: Is this what you want?
      Nikita: I don't love you. I never did.

    • Michael: After I'm cancelled, they'll induce, so you're not suicidal. After some time passes, you'll be brought back. It won't be as painful as you think.
      Nikita: You can live without me a lot better than I can live without you.
      Michael: No.

    • Michael: Nikita, it has to be this way.
      Nikita: No. Let them kill us both.
      Michael: They won't do that. They need one of us.
      Nikita: Then we should both live.
      Michael: You know they won't let that happen.
      Nikita: Why not? If they cancel you, I won't want to live. I'll step in front of the first bullet shot at me.

    • Nikita: You're a ruthless man, Paul. And that's good. You do your job with clarity and I respect that. But children and terrorists; they're not the same. But to you, you've abstracted them. And killing one to save a hundred is not always right.

    • Operations: What do you want me to say? I'll water my compassion so you can see it grow?
      Nikita: I'm sorry, you're not ready. You'll stay in Section. Your status will be reviewed in...7 years.
      Operations: Because I lack compassion?
      Nikita: Because you lack the good judgment that comes from having a small dose of it, Paul.

    • Walter: What I don't understand used to come to me to confide, you used to ask for my advice. Now if you were doing that just to figure out who I was, why did you keep coming after you knew?!
      Nikita: You kept me grounded, Walter. When you go undercover for as long as I did, you have to find a center, a place you can stay anchored so you don't drift. You were my center.
      Walter: Well isn't this great. I was just starting to get comfortable disliking you.
      Nikita: Don't get too comfortable, you haven't heard my recommendation.

    • Nikita: You have shown an otherworldy disregard for your own well-being. More than anyone else, you've been true to the highest principles that define this organization.
      Michael: That's not true. I betrayed Section. I've put your well-being ahead of everything else.
      Nikita: I have no choice, but to recommend your cancellation.
      Michael: Is there an abeyance mission pending?
      Nikita: Yes.
      Michael: Thank you.

  • Notes

    • Music Featured In This Episode
      "Tomorrow Never Comes" - Dot Allison (as Nikita and Michael are driving to a bank)

    • This was originally intended to be the final episode of the series. However an internet campaign organized by 25,000 fans of the show successfully convinced the USA Network to film 8 final episodes to officially conclude La Femme Nikita.

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