La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 15

Fuzzy Logic

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 1998 on USA
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Section captures a young computer genius in order to break a code that is aiding terrorists in their attacks. Nikita also helps a new neighbor who is not what he first seems.

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  • Birkoff has hard time as younger and smarter person is brought in to help them.

    Birkoff has so far enjoyed the position of quite irreplaceable person - he is needed. But even he cannot do everything and so he is asked to find someone who could broke the message so that they could stop terrorists. The only possible person is even younger than he, already professor. So, Nikita and Michael go to pick him up. Comes out the boy is quite arrogant and he knows that he is smart. He just cannot understand the limits and what is good for him. So, Nikita is the one who should send him back home after he does his part, but the boy, just by curiosity, wants to see around and so Nikita has two choices - to protect him and get him away or tell others. As he is just a boy, not understanding nothing, Nikita tries everything but the boy just does not follow her instructions and it is hard to keep secrets from Madeline - the ending, what almost seems that they let him go (as he thinks again, he is clever and plants a virus into Section system), they fool him and he cannot leave.

    Good story, cleverly plotted but not the best.moreless
Eve Crawford

Eve Crawford


Guest Star

Louisa Nixon

Louisa Nixon

Female Techie

Guest Star

Christopher Crumb

Christopher Crumb

Section Prisoner

Guest Star

Kris Lemche

Kris Lemche

Greg Hillinger

Recurring Role

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    • Birkoff: I know Greg, it's your world, we just live in it.
      Greg Hillinger: You know what? I never thought about it like that, Seymour, but you're probably right.

    • Nikita: (showing Hillinger a man being tortured) You like that? Because you better get used to it if you want to hang here. Happens everyday.
      Greg Hillinger: What is he? Some kind of criminal?
      Nikita: No. That's Dave. He works here.

    • Madeline: (when Greg shows the research he's done on Section) We've let you roam through an outer, nonsecured area of the network to give you something to do.
      Greg Hillinger: Gee, thanks! You think I can't dig deeper?
      Madeline: If you did, and by some fluke happened onto something classified, you would never go home again, never see your mother again. Your life would be over.

    • Nikita: He's a teenage boy with an extraordinary mind. Who knows what he'll accomplish or how many people will benefit if he lives. You want to lock him up because that's what the rule book says?
      Madeline: Your point is well-taken. But these aren't easy decisions. I don't enjoy making them.
      Nikita: I think you do. I think you go home to bed every night, hoping someone will screw up, so you can make your 'hard decisions'.

    • Greg Hillinger: Hey, go to Hell! I want to talk to the man in charge!
      Operations: I am the man in charge.
      Greg Hillinger: You couldn't be in charge of my crotch!

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    • There are several Batman allusions in this episode. Hillinger refers to the Section as "the Batcave", and Nikita calls Greg "the Boy Wonder".