La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 1

Getting Out of Reverse

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2000 on USA
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Episode Summary

Nikita continues to show evidence of the "reprogramming," including ordering the elimination of a captured Section operative, endangering the lives of children during a mission, and taking part in the beatings of a captive. Michael is determined to reverse Nikita's reprogramming, and he soon determines that the former Section operative who came up with the "reprogramming" process, Ross Gelman, may be the key. Meanwhile, Operations couldn't be more proud of the "new" Nikita, but Madeline is still worried. But Operations decides that the solution to the problem is simple- eliminate Michael for good!moreless

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  • Michael looks for evidence that Nikita has been reprogrammed but runs into obstacles...

    This is a very interesting program. Where in the past, Nikita shows restraint and emotion during missions while Michael seems cold-hearted, now the reverse is true. Michael tries to protect innocents from decisions made by Nikita. Meanwhile, Michael finds out about the Gelman method used on Nikita, with Gelman getting killed in the process. Michael then knows that he has been observed talking to Gelman, and protects himself. A hologram of Michael is shot by operatives while Michael himself escapes.

    Meanwhile, there were a few discrepancies. For instance, in Nikita's apartment is an art piece on the wall that she previously the Season 3, episode 10 episode where she is altered to love a hostile.

    These small discrepancies do detract from the story, but not significantly.

    I love the way Michael is suddenly the human, emotional one, while Nikita is the cold valentine/killer operative. An interesting change-up from previous seasons.moreless
  • Super start for events at the beginning of this season.

    Nikita is acting normal for some but Michael does not believe it and he wants to prove everyone is wrong and get her back. But that is not easy as she is doing quite well. She seems to acting first but more and more then being like reprogrammed. Nikita is ready to even sacrifice innocent children in order to prove herself. It doesn't worry many but Michael takes more steps to discover what happened with her. He contacts a man but he is killed after he says something before warning: "If I will tell you this, you will be dead man" And he is not wrong. Soon Davenport ends up with two other operatives to cancel Michael. But he is gone...

    Super start for super exciting events.moreless
Colin Fox

Colin Fox


Guest Star

Mark A. Owen

Mark A. Owen

Russian Guard (uncredited)

Guest Star

Lawrence Bayne

Lawrence Bayne


Recurring Role

Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mick Schtoppel

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Nikita is wearing a Russian Army uniform, but there is no insignia on it anywhere. A real soldier would have them, so there's no point in putting her in uniform without those elements, since they would be an immediate sign that something was wrong.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Mick: (as Michael leaves with Nikita's maintenance chemical) Michael, if you take that, they will find out and blame me!
      Michael: It's possible.

    • Operations: We were pleased with your clarity in yesterday's mission.
      Nikita: Thank you.
      Madeline: How does it feel to be back in Section?
      Nikita: I feel good. Ready.
      Madeline: And your interaction with others?
      Nikita: They seem to expect more than I care to give.
      Madeline: And what do you think that might be?
      Nikita: The emotional component. Like we talked about with Michael.
      Madeline: Yes. It's unnecessary for us, but they need it.
      Nikita: Hmmm. Well, I could smile more. (she smiles)

    • Michael: Why?
      Nikita: They tried to reprogram me. I had to let them think they'd succeeded.
      Michael: When did it start?
      Nikita: Genefex Mission.
      Michael: You weren't at the rendezvous point.
      Nikita: Birkoff sent me upstairs and Madeline was waiting. I was tranq'ed. I don't know what they did but when I awoke, I knew they'd been messing with my mind. They tried to strip me of my humanity. No feelings. No connection with anyone.
      Michael: Why didn't you let me help you?
      Nikita: There was too much surveillance. Believe me... believe me. (they kiss) I have to go.

    • Nikita: They're watching us.
      Michael: I know.

    • Madeline: Michael means nothing to her. Not anymore. She's a perfect robot.

  • NOTES (2)

    • There are a couple of deleted scenes from this episode included with the season four DVD set. They show Nikita's first meetings with Birkoff, Michael, and Walter, since her return to Section.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Leave You Far Behind" - Lunatic Calm (during the mission and chase scene)
      "Lullaby" - Lamb (as Michael watches Nikita walking down the street)