La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 1997 on USA
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Section One's computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague to reclaim the directory, but the man who stole it is killed by another terrorist seeking the directory for himself. Nikita discovers that it was randomly left with a civilian passenger on a city bus, architect Gray Wellman. Nikita is assigned to get close to Gray and retrieve the directory, but when she starts falling for him, her actions not only threaten the mission but Section One's very existence.moreless

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  • Different from previous episodes, somehow special but mostly - very exciting

    So, for a start, we have only Michael almost and after the theft in Section, he is sent to Prague to get get back the files what contains information about every operative in Section. They win the bidding but get the files back isn't so easy. We do have some stylish moments on Prague - like Michael who looks so sincere when he thanks the opposite bidder for returning the head of one of their agents.

    So, we get back .. where ever normally they are, just to let the stoler assassinated. The probability stays that he might met someone in bus, so they go trough the people there and Gray Wellman is the possible person, who might have the files now - so Nikita is brought in and as most of the times, she, again, get emotionally involved, start to care and then fall in with the guy.

    But all this should be on background as the files are important - that leads Nikita in dangerous situation as she gets dangerous necklace (I adored the scene where she gets back to Section and how easily she manages to give information without telling it and the way the play that conversation). She goes back and they stage her explosion, to get Benko. Nikita has to put herself into the risk, of course, and for moment give us the feel that maybe Benko thinks about pushing that button - but we all know he won't. So she has the button and for a moment, she almost gives it to Michael - but no.. she still holds it for herself. Very symbloic.

    I also most say that scene on the middle of the episode, when she mets Benko's agent and he tooks his weapon out - and as always - Michael just has to be near. It was quite sweet. Plus I liked the ending - why he was there, we can not know sure, but he is keeping his eyes on her.moreless
  • Fatal Attraction

    A good episode which sees Nikita again falling for somebody she's supposed to be monitoring, Gray also has a good storyline but, sadly, has too many loose ends for it to be a complete masterpiece.

    Gray sees a terrorist breaching Section's security and stealing a directory full of files on Section's operatives. Nikita goes undercover and starts dating the man who may unknowingly have the directory and ends up falling for him.

    Callum Keith Rennie gives an excellent performance as Gray and he has genuine chemistry with Peta Wilson. It's nice to see her in a relationship with somebody who hasn't got an evil agenda (unlike Alec Chandler in Charity) and their scenes together make for some of the most memorable moments in this episode.

    Gray is one of the more obvious spy stories and there are numerous other memorable moments which feel like they've been ripped straight out of a James Bond movie. The explosive necklace and the staging of Nikita's death being two most noteworthy.

    Although, the ending is slightly annoying, with the directory failing to be recovered. Section seem a little too blasé about it and you end up thinking that the entire story was pretty pointless. When looking at the teaser and the concerned look on the faces of Operations and Madeline when they discover the directory has been stolen, you would expect that they wouldn't just let it stay missing.

    Despite some annoyances, Gray is an excellent episode most notable for good performances from Peta Wilson and Callum Keith Rennie, and more hints at Michael's attraction to Nikita.moreless
Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie

Gray Wellman

Guest Star

James Kidnie

James Kidnie

Ilia Benko

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David Jansen

David Jansen


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Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mick Schtoppel

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: In the credits, Mick's name is spelled "Stoppel", but in future episodes it's changed to "Shtoppel" before being permanently written as "Schtoppel".

    • This is the first appearance of the character Mick Schtoppel, who becomes an important recurring character in season 2. But unlike his future appearances, Mick is all business in this episode, with no comic relief.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Madeline: You've done a good job with Nikita. She still lacks perspective, that's all. You don't think she's formed any attachment to Wellman?
      Michael: They've only seen each other a couple of times.
      Madeline: That's not what I asked.
      Michael: I don't think she has.
      Madeline: Good! But sooner or later, she will. Whether it's with Wellman or someone else. And when that situation happens, will you be able to handle it?
      Michael: Why wouldn't I be?
      Madeline: That's a question only you can answer.

    • Madeline: Your relationship with us is the only real relationship you'll ever have. If knowing that, you still want to proceed, I just hope he's a good cook.

    • (Referring to the remote detonator to the plastique in her necklace, as she holds Benko close)
      Nikita: Come, Mr Benko, push the button.
      Michael: Nikita!
      Nikita: Neither of us has very much to lose. Go on. (Benko thinks about blowing them both up, then hands her the remote) Thank you. (to Michael) I knew he didn't have the guts.

    • Nikita: (as they are leaving Section) Madeline, where do you go when you leave here?
      Madeline: Very good. It usually takes the new ones several years to ask me that question.
      Nikita: So how many years does it take to get an answer?
      Madeline: I don't know. I haven't yet.

    • Benko: And I went to all the trouble of bringing you a present. (places a square box on top of the table) Knowing how concerned you are about your operatives, I took the opportunity of returning Mr. Lang. What's left of him...
      (Benko waits for Michael's reaction, who merely glances briefly at the box)
      Michael: Thank you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In a deleted scene included in the Season 1 DVD set, Nikita discovers the directory inside a magazine at Gray's apartment, and she retrieves it, while Michael watches. Gray had no idea that it was there, or that it was important.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Tsunami" - Guru Stefan (when Michael arrives in Prague)
      "Howling" - Morcheeba (when Nikita is wired)


    • Madeline: Some of us continue to walk around with a sword of Damocles over our heads.

      Damocles was a courtier of the Syracusan Tyrant Dionysius II, who thought that it must be wonderful to be so powerful. Dionysius allowed Damocles to take his place, but every moment Dionysius had a sword hung by a thread dangling over Damocles' head, representing the constant danger that a Tyrant is in from others. Damocles quickly broke under the strain of fear.

    • Gray: Mr Mom, that's me.
      Gray is referring to the 1983 movie Mr Mom, which starred Michael Keaton as a man who stays home to raise his child after he loses his job, while his wife continues to work.