La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 1998 on USA
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Michael's loyalties are divided when Nikita discovers someone from his past life is a terrorist, and Operations tells him to betray his former comrade.

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  • A look into Michael's past and present

    When last episode was a disappointment for me, then this episode was so so much better - they revealed one of the greatest mysteries for us - we learn much more about Michael and it comes out how did he end up in Section.

    The story starts at a park where a bomb is found. Michael seems to be knowing things before they happen and this makes Nikita suspicious. So, she follows him and finds out a man from his past is behind that. She wants to talk with him but as always - there is just no way to have any decent conversation with him and when he orders her to stay out, he does not realize that there is no greater danger than woman in revenge. So, she "betrays" Michael's old friend to Section, he is taken, and he says Michael betray his trust, his cause and his past. I love the very emotional and psychosocial story going around now. The way they two talk about the past, the way he goes to make his peace with him... I am not sure but I think that maybe he thought to go with him and in the end, when they were caught, played with the situation - he manages to do it all the time - playing with boarders so noone can know which side he is.

    Moving ending.. moving part when he mets his friend's comrades... I like the story with his past - I not thought about it but it was a great..

    Something really good..moreless
  • A very endearing episode in all.

    First off, I have to mention my favorite scene here: Michael broke his blank stare long enough to tell Nikita what was happening with him. And the end result? They held hands. And them holding hands meant more than Nikita saying anything or going even further. It was a sweet gesture to get her point across - she cared, and she was there.

    But before this scene could happen, Nikita had to go spying on the, for once, disobedient op. So the great Michael Samuelle *did*, in fact, have a life before Section. He wasn't always the best operative Section has. He was once quite the terrorist and activitist himself, and that he was very angry at everything around him, for still unknown reasons.

    After finding this out, Nikita went to Michael to confront him, which resulted in him telling her firmly to 'stay out of it' and that he'd handle it. Obviously, since he had to tell her about it later, betraying his best friend was too much for him.

    Did anyone else find the fact that Michael has a sister was very...for lack of a better word, adorable? Michael had a little sister that he cared sweet again. But then have to turn around and kill the man that had taken over his job of nurturing and supporting his sister? That's simply not Michael's way, no matter what Operations forces him to do.

    True, he decieved Rene. True, he let Section kill every other member of Rene's group. But to kill his friend face to face?

    It was a bit predictable, even before you could see the hint of blonde hair behind Michael, that it would be Nikita to the rescue to do the deed for him. Yet it spoke volumes on her part, fulfilling her implied promise to Michael in her apartment - that she was there and that she cared.

    And to repay her, Michael made sure she knew that he wasn't angry with her killing Rene. That he was grateful.

    This episode ended with Michael finally driving to his sister's neighborhood and watching his sister, brother-in-law and nephew, from in his car, to see what he couldn't be apart of.

    All in all, a very endearing episode in which we finally get to know a litte more about who Michael is, or at least, was. And could this possibly mean that Michael is getting less machine like...and more human like? Has Nikita's presence finally begun to unravel his hard, cold exterior? We can only hope...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Michael is unable to disguise his feelings after Nikita shoots Rene, something that rarely happens.

    • Nikita's pad, when she was looking at the "L'Heure Sanguine" file, had only "Michael" as a header- no family name. Also, the information about Michael ended saying he had died in prison. Obviously Section was trying to hide all sensitive information about Michael's past since coming to Section.

    • The announcer's text of the L'Heure Sanguine's file:
      The protest didn't start until everyone had had lunch. But then, the niceties were over. Students, and their teachers, hit Paris in waves, the largest in the month-long series of demonstrations. Officially, nearly 3,000 extra riot police turned out to meet them, but some said the number was double. At any rate, they and the students have played this game before. They both knew the rules. It was the biggest so far of the recent student demonstrations, a national one called to protest against government plans to reform the universities. But the government has handled it so clumsily that, although the plans are deliberately vague, everyone - Left and Right - feels threatened. It was mostly the Right who turned out today.

    • The terrorist group that Section is fighting in this episode is the group Michael used to be a member of, L'Heure Sanguine, which translates as "The Bloody Hour".

    • Nikita learns Michael's background from his life before the Section.

    • Nitpick: Nikita must have given Birkoff a description of the man she saw, but while she saw a blond man, almost all the pictures he shows her are dark haired.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Operations: I know sometimes the line can blur, Nikita. The one between loyalty to a friend and duty to the Section. It's a common mistake for an Operative to believe that he or she can elude the eyes of the Section. They can't.
      Nikita: I never thought I could.
      Operations: Then why didn't you tell us about René Dian from the beginning?
      Nikita: Because I had nothing to .... I was protecting him.
      Operations: That's interesting! You were trying to protect him.
      Nikita: If Michael was hiding something, there had to have been a powerful reason. I respected that.
      Operations: Michael was thrown off balance by René. But he was quick to adjust, as we knew he would. There's nothing you know that we don't know first. No move you'll make we don't anticipate. I think you fundamentally understand this, but every once in a while you need to be reminded.

    • René: (To his comrade) And with Michael aboard, you will understand the meaning of the word 'commitment.' There's no one like him, there never was.

    • Michael: (After René shows him picture of Michael's sister) What did you tell her about me?
      René: The truth. That you were a great hero. She married a chef. They live in the country with their young son.
      Michael: Yes, I know. I check on them.
      René: So, you've seen them.
      Michael: Not in person. I monitor them through our system.

    • René: I was remembering '84, the transportation strike. We all dreaming of the 'great cause' and the role we might play. We spent most of our time delivering fresh underwear and toilet paper to the strikers.
      Michael: We rode those beat-up Lambrettas.
      René: Those were the good times. You must agree on that, no?
      Michael: We were young. Everything seemed good then.

    • René: (after they escape from Section) Are we safe?
      Michael: Not yet. We have to get out of local radius.
      René: How did you do this?
      Michael: I uploaded a pseudo alarm. They've discovered it by now, but it'll give us time to reach a blind spot. From there we can get out of the country.
      René: They'll track you down.
      Michael: ...Doesn't matter.
      René: They'll kill you. Join us, Michael. Give your life some meaning again, or death some purpose.
      Michael: It's not possible.
      René: Why not? It will be what we always wanted. We're older, smarter, we can do it right this time!

    • Michael: René and I were students together at the University. We shared similar beliefs, mostly that a change was needed. We organized demonstrations, shouted slogans, made speeches...
      Nikita: Made bombs?
      Michael: Yes. I don't even remember how it started. I was angry at everything, at the world around me. When I met René, everything he said seemed so true...

    • Nikita: I was surprised to get your call.
      Michael: Did you finish the Debrief?
      Nikita: Yes. ... Why?
      Michael: You did the right thing, Nikita.
      Nikita: It's how you trained me, Michael.

    • Madeline: He claims he's no longer affiliated with L'Heure Sanguine. That he's been commissioned to set off these bombs on behalf of Red Cell. Is that likely?
      Michael: No.
      Madeline: I agree. What's he's doing, Michael?
      Michael: Trying to regain his importance. René's living in another time. His causes are obsolete, most of his comrades are dead...
      Madeline: So you think he's on his own?
      Michael: Perhaps. But, René's a leade, his strength is recruitment. There may be a few others, not many.

    • Madeline: The group you are working for.
      René: Red Cell.
      Madeline: Red Cell?
      René: You don't believe me?
      Madeline: Well, Red Cell is sophisticated, global. Your record suggests more... provincial activity.
      René: One must face the realities of a modern world. Mergers, takeovers... even in the resistance movement.

    • René: The mind is an amazing thing.
      Madeline: Sometimes.
      René: While I sat here waiting, knowing what's to come, the strangest thoughts came to me. Did it rain last Thursday? Suddenly, knowing that was critical. Why would that concern me, here, now? Strange...
      Madeline: Perhaps it's your fear looking for a place to hide.
      René: Hmmm... perhaps.
      Madeline: What group has contracted you to do these bombings?
      René: Hmmm... I see my charm is insufficient to distract you from the business at hand.
      Madeline: I'm afraid so.
      René: Too bad.

    • Madeline: Michael's Team just picked up René Dian. They're on their way.
      Operations: It was only a matter of time before Michael crossed paths with someone from his past. Can we use that relationship to our advantage?
      Madeline: We're exploring that now.
      Operations: Good. You need to find out if the bombing are the work of the resurrected L'Heure Sanguine, or if they represent a new association of Dian.

    • Nikita: We need to talk.
      Michael: I'm busy.
      Nikita: I followed you last night.
      Michael: Yes?
      Nikita: René Dian. In 1984, along with some other extremist students of Paris University, he formed a radical activist group called 'L'Heure Sanguine'. There was a bombing, people died. Everyone escaped, except for you. You were arrested. Of course you died in prison, just like I did. And now, after all this time, René's resurfaced, and you two have crossed paths.

    • Michael: They don't know who you are yet. I can protect you, but you have to do exactly as I say.
      René: You mean sell out everything I believe in so I can save myself? Please, Michael! You know me better than that.
      Michael: Don't make me come after you, René. If you strike again I will find you.

    • René: Why did you have to kill two of my friends? Huh? To tell me what?
      Michael: To ask you to stop.
      René: To stop. It's ironic, isn't it? We always talked of them, the 'oppressors.' And now, you are what I fight against- the policeman.
      Michael: Not exactly.
      René: I see little difference.
      Michael: A policeman has rules.
      René: So, what now, my old friend?
      Michael: Go back home.
      René: My home is wherever people are oppressed.

    • René: How did you find me?
      Michael: The details are not important. I have access to people in the community.
      René: You're on the other side.
      Michael: Yes.
      René: And you've come here to, what? Arrest me?
      Michael: No, I'm not here to hurt you, René.

    • Michael: Hello, Harry.
      Harry: Look, I've changed my mind. I can't do this, I've got a family now.
      Michael: Take the money, Harry. Where is he?
      Harry: 221 Impasse de L'Arsenal. What are you going to do with him?
      (Michael doesn't answer, he just leaves)

    • Operations: Hello.
      Madeline: Is there something you need?
      Operations: No.
      Madeline: If you came by to see if I got it, the answer is yes.
      Operations: Did you like it?
      Madeline: Oh, the necklace is lovely. (gives the jewelry back) Here.
      Operations: You don't want it.
      Madeline: Let's not open things up again. We're both much too busy.
      Operations: I wasn't trying to 'open anything up.'
      Madeline: Good.

    • Nikita: Michael. ... What's going on?
      Michael: What do you mean?
      Nikita:You knew exactly what was in that bag, before you looked.
      Michael: It's a common configuration.
      Nikita: I don't believe that. I think you knew who these people are. ... What are you holding back?
      Michael: Nothing.

    • Nikita: This may not be anything, but there was a man on site. There was something not quite right about him.
      Operations: Meaning what?
      Nikita: He seemed a little too interested and wasn't panicking while everyone else was.

    • Michael: (When they found the bag) The bomb's in the bag. 250 grams of Semtex wrapped in aluminum surrounded by nails.
      Nikita: (when she realizes Michael hasn't opened the bag) How do you know its Semtex wrapped in aluminum? (Michael ignores her question and starts to deactivate it) Michael, just wait for containment!

    • René: (after Michael betrays him) How could you?!
      Michael: I'm sorry.
      René: You have no soul, no honor! Defend yourself! I said, defend yourself! You once said that a person can define themselves by what they are willing to die for. I will die for a belief. You will die because you have none! (Nikita shows up,shoots and kills René)
      Michael: You should have let him do it.

    • Nikita: Why are you in his debt?
      Michael: My sister.
      Nikita: Your sister?
      Michael: After my parents died, I took care of her. She was still very young. When I was arrested there was no one to help her. René took her in. Even after he thought I was dead he kept providing for her. He had no reasons to do it, except out of kindness.
      Nikita: Didn't you tell me once that you can't separate the man from his actions? He's still a terrorist.
      Michael: To me, his actions are that of a friend.
      Nikita: Michael, disengage. Let the Section sort this out.
      Michael: It's too late. A profile's been set. I'm not sure I can do it.
      Nikita: Why are you telling me this?
      Michael: I wanted you to know in case something happens to me.

    • Michael: I asked you to stay out of it.
      Nikita: Yes, you did. You should try talking to me the next time, Michael. Maybe you'll get better results.

    • Michael: (About a man they saw in mission) Yes, I knew him.
      Nikita: Now you're protecting him.
      Michael: Up to a certain point.
      Nikita: Why would you protect him at all? After all the lectures to me about sacrificing feelings... for the greater good.
      Michael: I'll take care of it, Nikita.
      Nikita: There's something you're not telling me.
      Michael: Just stay out of it.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The song's chorus from Les Bourgeois (Les bourgeois c'est comme les cochons, Plus ca devient vieux plus ca devient bete) translates roughly as:

      "Upper middle class people are like pigs,
      The older it gets, the more stupid it gets."

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