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La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 14

Hand to Hand

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 1999 on USA
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Episode Summary

On an operation to get industrialist and terrorist financier Charles Meyer, Nikita is sent to a "modeling agency" run by Emlin Anagar, which is in reality, not just a brothel, but also an arena where beautiful girls are forced to fight each other to the death in a place called "The Pit." While undercover at Anagar's, Nikita tries to protect a naive young girl named Sondra from fighting in "The Pit," while also trying to figure out a way to save all the girls at Anagar's (an objective which is not in the mission profile). Meanwhile, Madeline appears to be jealous of Renee from Oversight who is visiting Section One. She may have reason to be, as Renee immediately puts moves on the very willing Operations.moreless

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  • Very moving, visually superbly solved and different from usual.

    It seems that with almost three years they have done so many different missions that the question remains, is there anything left that we still did not have had? This time yes. And somehow the way Nikita gets involved, the way the story is build - it reminds me the episodes from first season.

    Nikita goes undercover to a talent agency what in real gets girls into fighting each other until death. When we usually get some scenes before the opening credits, then this time - there is just some frames, artistically solved, and beginning follows. From step by step we learn how Nikita will end up like we saw in the beginning. The story is moving as she tries to protect a naive girl she meets and in the same time we have some tension between Nikita and Michael - all that reminds me first season. And the pit, the fighting, those fishes as random frames between action - artistically and visually superbly solved. And the fight - the contrasts on colors, the way water creates visual - fantastic idea. And the way it ends - they way it seems hopeless, but Nikita just refuse to kill without need. She could have, but she won't. Even if she did not like her opponent - but they all were forced to be in that position.

    The episodes seems lately just get better and better.moreless

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    • Nikita: So what are you doing down here?
      Aurora: I go where I want.
      Nikita: That's because you're good at what you do. You're good at killing other women for the pleasure of perverted men. Right?
      Aurora: When they put you in the pit, you'll do what you have to. Just like me.

    • Sondra: I don't want to die!
      Nikita: Then you should learn to survive.
      Sondra: I cannot!
      Nikita: Why not?
      Sondra: Because I have never been in a fight in my life! I've never even been hit!
      (Nikita hits her)
      Nikita: Now you've been hit. Hit me back.
      Sondra: No...
      Nikita: Hit... Me... Back. Hit me!
      (she hits Nikita)
      Nikita: So now you've been in a fight.

    • Sondra: They make us fight each other?!
      Nikita: Yeah.
      Sondra: To the death?
      Nikita: That's right.
      Sondra: And people pay to watch?
      Nikita: I imagine they pay quite a lot.
      Sondra: And if you win?
      Nikita: You get to fight again, and again, until you get killed.
      Sondra: How can you be so calm?!
      Nikita: Because I come from a place not unlike this.

    • Michael: (referring to saving the girls) What do you expect to accomplish in a couple of hours?
      Nikita: I don't know. Maybe nothing, but I have to try.I have to try. I can't leave these women here, I have to help them. Michael, you've got a sister. When you went to prison, she was all alone. She could have ended up in a place like this if she hadn't been helped.

    • Operations: Why don't you admit you were jealous and you still have feelings for me?
      Madeline: Of course I do: admiration, respect, friendship.
      Operations: If I thought your feelings went beyond friendship, I'd make this whole thing go away. Otherwise, I'll have to let bureaucracy take its course, and that could be very unpleasant.
      Madeline: Don't do this.
      Operations: In the tower, tonight, ten o'clock.

    • Nikita: How do you do it? How do you stay sane? What's the secret?
      Walter: Knowing when to lie, and when to tell the truth.
      Nikita: To them?
      Walter: To yourself. At night you go to bed knowing you live in hell. That's the truth.
      Nikita: And the lie?
      Walter: And you wake up in the morning thinking that this day may change everything- you'll escape, you'll fall in love, they'll close the place up and send everybody home.
      Nikita: Then that night you have to face the truth again.
      Walter: Yeah. But in the meantime, you've accomplished that's truly remarkable. You've made it through another day.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "The Third Gate of Dreams" - Makyo (when Michael is interviewed by Anagar in Kazakhstan)
      "Death By Moonlight" - Rhea's Obsession (during the climatic fight scene in the pool)