La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 16

I Remember Paris

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 1999 on USA
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After an operation against a terrorist group, Michael brings one of the terrorists back to the Section for questioning. The "capture" is a plant, and he knocks Madeline out during interrogation and runs amuck in Section One's HQ. Before Michael finds and eliminates the man, he successfully uploads many of Section One's crucial files, including the Registry (which is at least encrypted, and will take the terrorists several days to decipher) and the exact location (un-encrypted) of Section's HQ (located in Paris). Operations orders the evacuation and destruction of Section One's HQ. With Section in temporary quarters, Operations takes over the counter-operation personally, and goes out on a mission with a less than thrilled Nikita. Will Operations be able to find the terrorist base before the terrorists decode The Registry?moreless

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  • Dead man revived and Operations malfunctioning....

    This episode was pivotal in that Section gets relocated and Michael reopens the romantic relationship with Nikita. However, several discrepancies made the episode less than believable. For instance, it is claimed that Sparks escaped the explosion that killed him in Season 1, episode 3. However, during that episode, he was locked in a room with Simone and had no time to escape. I felt that bringing him back was an error. Also, when Operations chose Nikita to accompany him on his mission, it felt off. Someone like Operations would choose the best agent, namely Michael. He dislikes Nikita and her views, so he would not willingly choose her for the mission unless the profile specifically called for a female. Even then, I believe he would have used Madeline instead.

    Otherwise, action packed and interesting as usual.moreless
  • Section is packed and moved out with two hours.

    How fast could you pack all your belongings and move out? It really made me think as the story of this episode really catches. Section is not perfect and they can be plotted too. A man is brought in as in the operation something weird was discovered. It is a trap, the man manages to get out of the chair that holds him, tried to suffocate Madeline, then escapes and puts up uplink - they lost their directory again. And those villains from "Simone" are back. They looked great then and now too and they definitely have improved.

    Most of the data stolen, is encrypted and they get some time with it, but the location of Section is reveled and now we learn they were in Paris. The Section is packed together and moved out. Those scenes before the explosion - gorgeous.. it remind me Babylon 5's ending - same way - everything is empty, last people get to elevator and bang.

    We do see Operations first time in field. And he is not very good at it - too stressed, somehow understandable but he does not make it easy for all others. The different situation, different way handling it - very refreshing. And in the end, new Section location is set up, and everything starts all over again.moreless
Vincent Corazza

Vincent Corazza


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Deborah Odell

Deborah Odell


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Julian Richings

Julian Richings

Errol Sparks

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Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mick Schtoppel

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Nitpick: Section moves into a new base, but Nikita stays in the same appartment?! Considering she has to be able to reach Section One ASAP at all times, they can only be within a finite distance from her home, but Birkoff says he'll miss Paris, implying that they end up nowhere near their previous location.

    • Nitpick: Michael says he's been in Section One for nine years. However, in the second season, he is said to have been arrested in 1984. This means that there are a number of years not accounted for -- was he in prison somewhere, and only later recruited for the Section?

    • This is the second time we see the Section up against Glass Curtain.

    • Nitpick: How did Sparks make it out of the Glass Curtain lair before it blew up in the first season episode "Simone"? Simone had him tied up!

    • We learn that the Section had been located in Paris, France.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Birkoff: What do you think of this place?
      Walter: Um, I don't like the way it smells.
      Birkoff: Why? What does it smell like?
      Walter: New. I don't like anything new. In fact, I don't like change.

    • Operations: So we live to fight another day.
      Nikita: Where?
      Operations: Not here. Oversight will select a location.
      Nikita: Where are we going to go until it's ready?
      Operations: They're ready now.

    • Nikita: I wanted to follow up on the driver I wounded yesterday.
      Walter: I had a field kit. Birkoff uploaded the data to the CIA.
      Operations: Why were you wasting your time with that?
      Nikita: It only took two minutes. There was nothing to lose, only something to gain.
      Operations: You're not here to think, you're not here to plan strategy - you're here to do whatever I tell you to do. The Section runs simply: the people who are trained to think, think. The people who are trained to fight, fight. Why am I always having to remind you where you stand?

    • Nikita: Now there's no reason to kill her.
      Operations: She's seen us.
      Nikita: She does not know Brogan. Look at yourself. You talk about all the innocent people we protect. You've got one sitting right in front of you and you're going to kill her.

    • Operations: Where is he?
      Matteo: I don't know.
      (Operations points the gun at Ellen, who freaks)
      Operations: Tell me.
      Matteo: I don't know.
      Ellen: No!
      Operations: Tell me.
      Matteo: I don't know!
      (Nikita stands between him and target)
      Operations: Get out of my way, Nikita.
      Nikita: He's telling the truth.
      Operations: What did I say on the street? No one is clean.
      Nikita: Killing her is not going to make him talk.

    • Nikita: For this cover, he's using Pierre Brogan.
      Operations: And he's part of a syndicate that owns the gallery?
      Nikita: Limited partner, and he officially withdrew in April. You know, it's possible he's just an art lover and the people associated with the gallery are clean.
      Operations: No one is clean. I've tolerated enough of your soft pedaling over the years - but not today. We have zero margin for error. I'll kill ten innocents to get to Allen. And you'll do the same.

    • Nikita: Where are we going?
      Operations: To find Freddy Allen.
      Nikita: I don't understand.
      Operations: As of now, everyone's an operative.

    • Madeline: (About missing finding Freddy Allen) Who should I send?
      Operations: I'll take it.
      Madeline: Why would you do that? You're needed here.
      Operations: Comm isn't fully operational. I need to control this one.
      Madeline: You're not expendable.
      Operations: If we don't find Freddy Allen soon, we'll all be expendable.

    • Birkoff: What's going to happen?
      Walter: What do you mean? We're going to get all the bad guys and we'll all live happily ever after.
      Birkoff: Where?
      Walter: Hell if I know. This is my first incineration.
      Birkoff: Have there been others?
      Walter: You never know what to believe.
      Birkoff: I like Paris.
      Walter: You'll visit.

    • (at the Section's hiding temporary place))
      Operations: I want him broken within the an hour. Do we have anything you can use?
      Madeline: A few chemicals, not much.
      Operations: Use whatever's available. Just don't kill him until he talks.

    • Operations: I understand we have a three day window.
      Birkoff: Yes and no.
      Operations: What does that mean?
      Birkoff: A portion of the data was not encoded.
      Madeline: What is it, Birkoff?
      Birkoff: They know where we are.
      Operations: Are you sure?
      Birkoff: Yes.

    • Operations: Tyco's dead.
      Madeline: The depth of the breach?
      Operations: We don't know everything yet, but we do know he tapped into Comm.
      Madeline: This was a well choreographed plan.
      Operations: Even his capture must have been expected. Whoever's behind this has substantial resources.
      Madeline: I'll check the initial intel. See who fed us.
      Operations: Birkoff's already on it. We're going to brief in Systems in ten minutes.
      Madeline: This isn't good, is it?
      Operations: No.

    • Boris: (being interrogated) I see your point. I suppose you're probably right. But if I tell you about this tracker, are you gonna kill me?
      Madeline: Most likely. Unless there's anything else. But it will happen quickly and you won't feel anything.
      Boris: That's good, because I'm not really fond of pain.

    • Sparks: (as she munches candy and breaks the Section's encryption) You don't even care what we do in here, do you, Siobhan? God help us if the other side has more candy.

    • Michael: It's been a strange week.
      Nikita: That's one way to put it. I don't know what was more unusual, Operations blowing up Section or you coming for dinner again.
      Michael: I didn't choose to stay away.
      Nikita: But you did. So what's changed?
      Michael: Maybe enough time has passed.
      Nikita: Maybe too much time has passed, Michael.
      Michael: I hope not. (he pours her some more wine)
      Nikita: Thank you... So why are you here now?
      Michael: I missed you.

    • Operations: ...Thank you.
      Nikita: For what?
      Operations: You're competent and you keep your wits about you under fire. I tend towards impatience. It doesn't always work as well in the field.
      Nikita: Sometimes I do things differently than what you would like, but I've set boundaries for myself. If I was to work outside those boundaries, I couldn't live with myself.
      Operations: I appreciate that, Nikita, but it's not about you and your boundaries... it's not even about me and my impatience.
      Nikita: I know. It's about the Section, right?
      Operations: I know most of the operatives think of what they do here as nothing more than indentured servitude; it's a way to stay alive. If I could just impart the way I feel about this place...

    • Operations: Is everyone out?
      Michael: Yes.
      Operations: How much time?
      Michael: Three minutes.
      Operations: Let's go. You've been for here how many years, Michael? Seven?
      Michael: Nine.
      Operations: I came here 24 years ago.

  • NOTES (4)