La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 5

Imitation of Death

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 1999 on USA
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Section goes after Ivan Chernov, a terrorist who trains kidnapped children to do his dirty work. Michael sells Nikita to Chernov, who she discovers wants her for cloning experiments. Birkoff finds his life threatened by Felix, an abeyance operative who blames Birkoff for his status. Can Nikita prevent a clone of her from being created, or is there one already out there?


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  • We concentrate in story where terrorists school children to do their job and the plot goes even deeper.

    This episode's beauty is definitely on the moral and ethic dilemma we end up very soon. The beginning is quite shocking as we start with a 18 years old boy blowing up elevator, himself and an operative. So, Nikita is send to undercover to get into the bad terrorist guy and find out what that is about not knowing that Madeline and Operations have secret knowledges and plans about this mission.

    We learn that they are not only schooling and making robbed children blow things for them and do their job, they want to use gene manipulating to create children who would fit their needs. Nikita tries to take the man but he kills himself and despite her failure on mission, Madeline is not mad about that. So, that makes Nikita wonder why and she ends up in conclusion that Section most be doing the same and is even farer. So, we follow Nikita, who uses the access and tricks she learned from Adrian, and finds children, one of them looking so much like her. And honestly, this question remains unanswered, who they were there, but I do wish to know.. and the all gene manipulating and children storyline - very thought provoking.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Birkoff is about to take a drink of his beverage, and then stops and takes it to Walter, who tells him it's got cyanide in it. Cyanide has a distinctive "bitter almond" scent, so he may have smelled Felix's little addition to his tea.

    • It's hinted that Section is cloning their operatives, including Nikita.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Birkoff hears someone behind him, he's afraid it's Felix, he points his gun)
      Birkoff: Die, bastard! (he sees that it's Operations) I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else.

    • Madeline: (while Nikita tries to talk Milan out of setting off his bomb) He'll self destruct to avoid capture. It'll happen within seconds.
      Nikita: (to Milan) You don't have to do what he taught you to do. Do you know why we caught you? Because we're better than he was - much better. We can teach you to fight, kill, destroy... so much better than he did. In the whole wide world, there'd be no one as dangerous as you, Milan - no one. Promise. Promise. (She deactivates the bomb)
      Milan: Promise. (Section takes him away)

    • Birkoff: It just seems strange. There were three other abeyance ops, they're all verified. Felix isn't. The one tape that could verify defective. (suddenly adding it all up) This is some kind of test, isn't it? To see how I'll react under stress.
      Madeline: What makes you think that?
      Birkoff: Because it's the kind of thing that happens here all the time. Is that it? Is this a test?
      Madeline: No.
      Birkoff: Course, if it was a test, you couldn't tell me, could you?
      Madeline: No.

    • Walter: (after Felix threatens to kill Birkoff) Well, there are stories. Someone gets a hold of a profile in advance, sees how they're going to die, and then they get around it somehow.
      Birkoff: I need a gun.
      Walter: You know I can't do that. All weapons must be checked out, accounted for.
      Birkoff: You must have one or two stashed away for emergencies. Look, if Felix dies on the mission, I give it back, we have a good laugh. If not, it might save my life.

    • Felix: You know what your problem is, Birkoff?
      Birkoff: No, what's my problem?
      Felix: You're predictable. I figured you'd have me reassigned to an earlier mission, and you did. You think I might not be coming back, but I will.
      Birkoff: Oh really?
      Felix: Yeah. I've been here a long time, Birkoff. There are ways, and I've found one. You're going to see me again, real soon, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it.

    • Nikita: Sit down. If you move, I will kill you.
      Chernov: You're beginning to annoy me.
      Nikita: It's fate, remember?

    • Walter: (after Felix threatens to kill Birkoff) Better tell Michael.
      Birkoff: I tried, he won't help.
      Walter: What are you going to do?
      Birkoff: I've got to get rid of Felix somehow.
      Walter: You can't just walk up to someone and kill them, even in here!

    • Nikita: There's rumors that you sell children to terrorists.
      Chernov: That's true. And why not? We're all capitalists now. Manipulating people to buy things or make things. I simply manipulate them to be things, and I plan to branch out into another line of business.

    • Chernov: Are you feeling all right?
      Nikita: I'm fine.
      Chernov: It's in your own interest to be frank with me.
      Nikita: Frankly, I'm not wild about these accommodations.

    • Chernov: (After learning Nikita's name) Nikita. A good Russian name - though usually given to a man. Still, a touch of home is always nice

    • Chernov: As you know, my name is Ivan Chernov. Your friend never did tell me yours.
      Nikita: That's because it was none of your business.

    • Chernov: You're ovulating. If I believed in fate, I would say that you were destined to come to us when you did. The timing is absolutely perfect.
      Nikita: Timing for what?
      Chernov: You're going to be a mother.
      Nikita: You're crazy! You're crazy! Let me go! You touch me, I'll kill you! Don't you touch me!

    • Michael: (turning to go) I look forward to our next transaction.
      Chernov: Why wait, Michael? Let's do it now. I'll give you an extra half million for your colleague.
      Michael: (about Nikita) She's not just a colleague. She's a friend.
      Chernov: Well. That makes a difference. Make it an even million then.
      Michael: (nods) Done.

    • Birkoff: He threatened to kill me. What do you think I should do?
      Michael: Don't let him.

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