La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

Terrorists sneak a nuclear device into the country, and Section One find that their only hope in locating it rests on a mentally challenged pizza deliveryman who witnessed something suspicious.

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  • Nuclear bomb somewhere and they have to find it on time

    The plot of this episode sounds little bit like too cliché and somehow the episode did not offered much new. We saw Nikita, again, getting emotionally involved, caring about the one she works with and again, trying to save that someones life. This time she even manages. The first one we see walking away alive.

    But there were some information. Like Birkoff's past. We are finally starting to learn why those people ended up in Section one. One cap filled, many to go.

    But on all other, not much character development, everyone was playing their old roles, doing things they always do, maybe Operations as we saw him first time out of the Section (are they just trying to make us feel like they are more humans or.. Last episode Madelaine, now Operations..) The plot was not quite catching nor was the way it was built and worked out. Maybe only this part when they were interrogating Rudy and the problem was just - he was innocent. They usually do not have people like Rudy there. But Nikita with her humanity still present, saw the situation and worked it out well.

    Good episode but defenetly far from the previous one and the ones before it.moreless
  • What I always wanted to know...

    In the last scene Operation tells Nikita that there have been a similar case before and an other young agent also asked for the life of the innocent person back then. So I asked myself if this other agent from the former case has been Michael.

    Usually in every episode there is a gesture or a word which shows the growing love between Michael and Nikita or some private moment or thought they share. When it would have been Michael in the former case and now it is Nikita who asking for the same thing, the life of Rudy, that would show a humanity they share and which is not that obvious by Michael´s behaviour now but is hidden inside him.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Birkoff says the transport carrying the nuke is heading west from Helsinki, but the image on his computer screen seems to be extrapolating possible destinations branching from a large red dot over the state of Washington, heading east. Also, if that position is correct, the plane flew the long way around the world from Helsinki, rather than straight over the Atlantic. Even carrying extra fuel, it would have needed to land to refuel before it reached the US.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Operations: (after Nikita pleads for Rudy's life) We've decided to let Rudy live. He's already been injected with a microtransmitter, we'll be able to monitor him from the Section. His life won't change. He'll return to his job and we'll see to it his sister remains at her current institution. Only one thing- if anything goes wrong, you cancel him!
      Nikita: (pausing to think) Agreed.

    • Operations: (interrogating Guy Maygar) Start removing fingers. (female Devo chops off one finger) We'll put it on ice, Guy.
      Guy Maygar: (retching in pain) I don't know where the bomb is... but I can tell you where he was transmitting from, so SEW MY FINGER BACK ON!

    • Operations: Take him to Birkoff.
      Rudy: Who's Birkoff? Who is that? Is he the Big Cheese?

    • Nikita: How'd you get in the Section?
      Birkoff: I killed my entire family. (Nikita stares ahead as if wishing she hadn't asked) I'm kidding. Just my sister.

    • Nikita: So, how'd you get like this, Birkoff?
      Birkoff: Like what? A cyber-geek? Hey, technology is beautiful. You just haven't taken the time to appreciate it.
      Nikita: No. I just prefer the real world.
      Birkoff: Which part? The lies, or all the idiots?

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