La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 13

Kiss the Past Goodbye

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 25, 2000 on USA
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Michael has been keeping track of Elena and Adam, and he becomes concerned when a new man enters their life. Sure enough, the man turns out to be a Section One "Valentine Operative" by the name of Robert Corliss whom Operations has sent into to get Elena's Uncle, Stefan Vacek. It seems Uncle Stefan is taking over Elena's father's old terrorist business. Can Michael protect Elena and Adam once again without being exposed as still being alive? And can Corliss be trusted with Elena and Adam?moreless

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  • Past does not leave so easily and Michael has hard time to accept that for Elena and Adam he is dead...

    Very emotional and moving episode - I hoped it to be good but not so good - The emotions, the way Michael was like tortured when he had to be aside knowing that another man, another operative for who that is just another assignment, who in the end will leave them as he was forced to leave. He tries to rescue his family as he feels the others cannot to that - but going back to the old house, seeing all those familiar things - seeing his wife again and then his son - and hear them talking about him, seeing all those pictures about him.. I cannot imagine how this should be emotionally.. but they brought it out so well, made this episode very special.

    Super and special episode, very emotional look into Michael..moreless

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    • Walter: I always figured I've got what it takes to be a 'Valentine Op'.
      Corliss: Why's that?
      Walter: Well, you know, looks, brains, savoir-faire, the whole package.
      Corliss: So what stopped you?
      Walter: My problem is, I also have a heart.

    • Nikita: Elena, it's okay for you to get on with your life. It's okay to be in love again. It's what Michael would want.

    • Corliss: Look, I know how you must feel; pulling back from a seven-year blood cover can't be easy. Especially with a child involved. For me this is just a short termer- nothing personal.
      Michael: I know. I've seen your work.
      Corliss: You've got to stay detached Michael. It's the only way to do this job. Michael I realize she's been through hell but I can tell you this much, I'll look out for them just like you did.

    • Walter: Michael. How was your down time? (Michael pulls a disc from the digital binoculars he's turning in, and walks away) You're welcome. Nice chatting with you.

    • Michael: (To Corliss) If something happens to Elena and Adam on your watch... I'll kill you.

    • Operations: Stay out of it Michael if you care about the lives of Elena and Adam.
      Michael: And you do?

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