La Femme Nikita

Season 5 Episode 7

Let No Man Put Asunder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on USA
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The situation is dire as The Collective, still led by Graff and Haled, is cleaning Section's clock. But, just in time, Michael asks Nikita to help him return to Section, where his re-emergence is viewed with suspicion by both Mr. Jones and Operations. While new missions continue against The Collective with Michael's return, Nikita admits that she lied to him in "Four Light Years Further," and that she does indeed love him. Operations discovers that The Collective has infiltrated Section's mainframe to try to locate and kidnap Michael's son Adam, in attempt to re-assert control over him. Can Operations foil The Collective's plans?moreless

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  • Michael is back... but the results will be awful...

    Michal contacts Nikita that he wants back in - it looks like Nikita confidence about him was right and he is bringing the intel. They two are no happy and Michael had plans - he will trade information to Adam and then they all could leave Section. The problem is that when he offers that to mr Jones he agrees - with his terms - Nikita will stay. So.. they are in dilemma - what to do. Now it comes key to both side to find Adam first and so they will have the control over him as he seems to be the best man in both side. Operations and Quinn are talking, trying to fix their relationship and she has plan - they will make Michael to get Adam, so he could leave, take Nikita with him - so there is noone else to lead Section that Operations. He likes the plan but discovers that there is also someone else in the system - quickly he will run to the scene and gets killed trying to get Adam. Oh.. I was almost sure they won't kill him.. but they did.. and it is over now.. they have Adam.. they have Michael and they want mr Jones.moreless
  • Michael contacted Section offering to help track down the collective in return for the location of his son.

    Michael finally makes his grand return to Section One after he's been out for (due to budget of the shorten Season 5). Although his help is valuable to section for tracking down the collective, it comes with a condition.

    The Michael/Nikita reunion/love scene answers all questions and debate at the end of Season 4 and it was great to see the two in action again without missing a beat! The efficient and smooth mission once again proof that Michael and Nikita is the most fearsome anti-terrorist team that ever exists.

    One of the heart-wrenching moments of the series comes when Michael and Nikita ponders on what 'thing could have been'. Nikita's admission that "she has lost the courage of their dreams" make long-time series fans shed a few tears!

    A GREAT EPISODE leading up to the finale!moreless
Aidan Devine

Aidan Devine


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Conrad Coates


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Jonathan Walker


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Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward

Mr. Jones

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Roy Dupuis

Roy Dupuis

Michael Samuelle

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Evan Caravela

Evan Caravela

Adam Samuelle

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Walter: (drinking to Operations' memory in the perch) What are you doing here?
      Quinn: I rather liked him.
      Walter: Not the majority view.
      Quinn: And, you?
      Walter: I hated him. And, I feared him. And, I respected and admired him. I saved his life once. Did he ever mention that?
      Quinn: No.
      Walter: No? It was a long time ago. He didn't even thank me. But, over the years he had reason to have me cancelled many times, but he always looked the other way. But, then again, he did things to me that... (he realizes it doesn't matter anymore) I guess in the end, we both came out about even.

    • Quinn: (referring to spying on him for Center after sleeping with him) About what happened...
      Operations: (coldly) It wasn't personal, you felt bad, but you were just following orders. Does that sum it up?
      Quinn: I enjoyed it. I enjoyed you. I still do.
      Operations: (bitterly) Then, you're a fool. I'm just an errand boy now.

    • Mr. Jones: I've reviewed the additional intel you've provided on the Collective. Extremely useful. However, you neglected to give me certain pieces of important information.
      Michael: They're available. At a price. I have a son. Adam. Where is he?
      Mr. Jones: Yes, that's available too, at a price.

    • Michael: I came to debrief.
      Operations: Nikita sent you?
      Michael: Yes.
      Operations: Must be a joke on her part. Things have changed. Mr. Jones has taken a more active role. By the way, the real Mr. Jones isn't Mick Schtoppel after all.
      Michael: Who is he?
      Operations: Nikita's father. Did you know?
      Michael: No.
      Operations: (smiling cynically) I wonder. No, you were... you were always smart. What could be smarter than getting into bed with the boss' daughter?
      Michael: You want me to debrief?
      Operations: You'd give me enough to be useful, but not too much, or you would lose your leverage.
      Michael: Of course.
      Operations: I've played the game too many times. It bores me. Jones and Nikita run things now. Go play with them.

    • Nikita: (as they stand before an altar) You wanna do this?
      Michael: I do.

    • Nikita: (Referring to their last meeting at the end of season four) I lied.
      Michael: I know.

    • Michael: Come with me.
      Nikita: I could never replace Elena in Adam's eyes, Michael.
      Michael: Don't try. Be yourself.
      Nikita: A white picket fence? A minivan? A cocker spaniel?
      Michael: Why not? We could even have children of our own.
      Nikita: I fear I've lost the courage for our dream, Michael.
      Michael: It's no dream. We'll make it work.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The bottle of scotch that Walter drinks to toast Operations was Paul's. There is a deleted scene included with the season five DVD set in which Walter and Operations share a drink, while Walter tells Operations that he is still needed by Section, and not just the "errand boy" he sees himself as. Operations blames Nikita for his downfall, but Walter tells him what he really can't forgive is that while she has all the characteristics that Paul has, she's still human!

    • This episode is the last appearance of Eugene Glazer as Operations.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Enough Love" - Mandalay (as Michael and Nikita make love)

    • The reunion scene featuring Nikita and Michael was heavily cut down by the network censors. In the original scene, the shot of them both holding each other whilst naked was longer, and Roy Dupuis' nude rear is shown for several seconds. To meet network standards, the shot cut away before any nudity was shown. The scene is available on the season five DVD set.


    • Operations: The prodigal returns.

      This is a reference to the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, who leaves home, spends his inheritance foolishly, and then returns home, begging to be taken back if only as a servant. He is welcomed by his father, who celebrates his homecoming with a feast, much to the dismay of the other son who stayed at home, living a sober life. It's an ironic metaphor, to say the least, but Operations and Michael did have a dysfunctional father/son relationship at one time.

    • Title
      The episode's title is inspired by the standard wedding vows, particularly since Michael and Nikita meet in a church, and when she asks him if he wants to return to Section, his reply of "I do" is also a direct quote from the wedding ceremony's vows.