La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 14

Line In the Sand

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 02, 2000 on USA
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Birkoff may have stumbled on Section One's biggest coups yet, a chance to nab a top Red Cell operative by the name of "The Cardinal," who has eluded Section One for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, Birkoff's arch-nemesis Greg Hillinger is convinced that Birkoff is wrong, and Hillinger convinces George that Operations and Section One are walking into a trap. Based on Hillinger's intel, George moves against Operations on the assumption that the operation against The Cardinal is bogus. Is Birkoff right after all? And if Birkoff is wrong, is this the end of Operations, and Birkoff too?moreless

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  • Section has it's most important mission and Birkoff has big responsibility but it does not seemed to work out... So events will take place what will change the life of many operatives forever.moreless

    Another very special episode. I do not know but may be they are already sure that the show will be canceled and now they are building up all what they have.

    Birkoff traces the location of Red Cell high person who they have tried to caught last 15 years. Hillinger is back in picture and he believes Birkoff is wrong but he forgot something and he is already facing some serious coincident but in last effort he warns Red Cell.

    As the mission goes bad, Birkoff is almost canceled but Michael and Nikita are sure Cardinal was there, so they with Madeline, Operations and Birkoff go rouge to find Cardinal as Oversight is taking over Section 1.

    It comes out that Nikita's neighbor is George's boss (what?) They get the Cardinal.. and it comes out that on the torment the Cardinal reveals that he was warned from inside Oversight. Hillinger.... Now it comes Birkoff to cancel him but he want's him to stay alive..

    Hillinger is still canceled.. His part of the story is over....moreless
Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

Red Cell Terrorist (uncredited)

Guest Star

Kris Lemche

Kris Lemche

Greg Hillinger

Recurring Role

David Hemblen

David Hemblen


Recurring Role

Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mick Schtoppel/Mr Jones

Recurring Role

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    • Operations: (to the Section's gathered operatives) In less than one hour, Section One will be forcefully relieved of its authority by Oversight. Do not resist. Effective immediately, I am relinquishing my command. There will be inquiries. There will be a purge. Anyone closely associated to my leadership will be tainted. Profess your loyalty to George, and you might survive. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.

    • Nikita: Forget Hillinger.
      Birkoff: I can't.
      Nikita: You have to.
      Birkoff: He's better than me.
      Nikita: Yeah, he's brilliant. It takes more than analyzing raw data to do this job.
      Birkoff: What's that?
      Nikita: Instinct. What does your gut tell you, Birkoff? Is it the Cardinal or not?
      Birkoff: (he thinks about it, then starts sequencing) Bring all teams in. We're operational.

    • Birkoff: What happens if I'm wrong?
      Nikita: You can't think that way.
      Birkoff: Ever since Hillinger came to work here, I've been second-guessing myself.
      Nikita: Yeah, he's good. But so are you. You found the Cardinal. Hillinger didn't.
      Birkoff: Yeah and now I'm wondering why he didn't. What if I overlooked something? I'm about to deploy on the single most important mission Section has ever moved on and I can't give the command.

    • Hillinger: (in the White Room) Go on, pull the trigger. Bang, bang. Come on, Seymour, this is a big step in your evolution from boy to man. If it was me holding that gun, I'd be eating a sandwich right now.
      Birkoff: Did you tip off Red Cell?
      Hillinger: Just pull the trigger, you coward!

    • Madeline: You are aware that we are going to need a mobile unit to pursue the Cardinal. I want you two to lead the cell.
      Nikita: Is that a request or an order?
      Michael: It's a request.
      Nikita: (to Michael) She is asking us to do a favor? (to Madeline) When was the last time you did one for us?
      Madeline: If you don't want to do it, just tell me.

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