La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

When an international arms smuggler steals a canister of deadly nerve gas, Nikita and Michael pose as a married mercenary couple in order to infiltrate his compound. However, when the gas is discovered wired to a bomb in a crowded train station, Nikita must put her life on the line to defuse it.moreless

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  • Moving case, humor, lot of action and tension - exiting plot turns - all the things why I love to watch this series.

    I love the way this series just managed to get watchers into the story before the starting titles - with only minute or two they manage to build an interesting case to catch the viewers attention.

    The case this time is intriguing - Nikita and Michael have to play loving couple to get their hands on fatal virus. Nikita, again, takes things emotionally and jeopardize the mission as the Section is ready to sacrifice some civilians. A lot of action, again, some super moments, like on Madeline's office with rings, Walter, again. I just feel - all the good elements of this show where here and the way the outcome impressed me - unspeakable.moreless
  • Michael and Nikita infiltrate head quarter of terrorist who tries to deploy bio-chemical weapons in major city, trying to secure weapon and sabotage the attack.

    LOVE is actually the first episode that was shot (rather than the pilot episode - 'Nikita'). The amazing thing is you can see CHEMISTRY between the two lead characters right from the get go.

    Peta Wilson brought out the playfulness in the young Nikita but her reaction to Section sacrificing innocents laid the groundwork for her character. It is the struggle between staying alive, doing her job and at the same time maintaining her conscience that make the show interesting.

    The 'dance for Michael' scene is priceless! This episode set the tone and style for the entire series and is a huge fans favourite from Season One.moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    The first classic episode of the show, this is La Femme Nikita at its best with an excellent storyline, a sinister bad guy and some insight into Nikita and Michael's growing relationship.

    Love sees the two agents going undercover as a husband/wife team of mercenaries to join bio-terrorist Perry Bauer as he is planning on releasing a deadly nerve gas called L-Virus into an office building. Things begin to heat up between Nikita and Michael...

    Tobin Bell, best known as psychotic Jigsaw in the two Saw movies, is a riot here as the sinister Bauer. He's a major step-up from corny enemies like Sparks or Chandler and he oozes with menace in every one of his scenes. His sexual obsession with Nikita is unsettling and his demands to watch Nikita and Michael have sex via a video camera are extremely creepy...

    Nikita and Michael reach a new stage in their relationship and it makes for some of the best scenes in the episode. We've been alerted to Michael's feelings for Nikita in Charity but this episode really evolves on that, with both agents kissing passionately and Nikita stripping off for him.

    This was the first episode filmed and it hardly shows at all. Alberta Watson is worthy of a mention as she is immediately perfect as Madeline, the interrogation scene in the White Room being the most memorable.

    Love is a fan favorite episode and it's easy to see why. Full of action, drama and underlying themes of Section One's ruthlessness and Nikita's determination to do the right thing, it's a perfect hour.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Madeline: (referring to Bauer) He could hit on you, Nikita.
      Nikita: I'm cool.
      Madeline: He could hit on you too, Michael. (Nikita smirks at him)

    • Stephanie: You two look so beautiful together.
      Michael: Sage is beautiful.
      Stephanie: You must be in love.
      Michael: We are.

    • Nikita: Peter's my first, my only...true love.

    • Nikita: If we'd obeyed orders, you'd be dead now.
      Bauer: Well that's an interesting management dilemma, isn't it? Do I reward you for disobeying me, or do I punish you for saving my life?
      Nikita: How about feeding us? I'm starved!

    • Nikita: (Holding a gun to Bauer's head) Audition's over!

    • Walter: You know, they don't condone sexual relations between operatives, but I think in our case, they'd make an exception.
      Nikita: Really?
      Walter: I've already done the paperwork.
      Nikita: Uh, Walter, there's no 'w' in menage a trois.
      Walter: (looking for himself) I thought I ran a spellcheck.

    • Nikita: Do I have to love, honor and obey?
      Michael: Just obey.
      Nikita: It's okay. It's only 'til death do us part.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The building that is gassed by Bauer is clearly identified as the De Anza Building, which is located in Toronto.

    • This was the first episode filmed, as producer Joel Surnow wanted the cast to be comfortable together before shooting the pilot, which was in reality the third episode filmed.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Night of the King Snake" - Big Rude Jake (used when Peter and Sage arrive)
      "Expression of Loneliness" - Moonsocket (used Nikita is at Bauer's gates and at the end)
      "Hey Man Nice Shot" - Filter (used in the bomb sequence)
      "News" - Clove (used when Nikita is searching the train station)
      "Still Waitin'" - Big Sugar (used when Michael and Nikita dance)
      "Standing Around Crying" - Big Sugar (used when Nikita performs her striptease)