La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 5

Man In the Middle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2000 on USA
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Section's newest target is the son of a wealthy industrialist by the name of Helmut Volker, who is throwing wild parties when not funneling arms to Red Cell. The twist is Operations and Madeline have figured out that Michael has "restored" Nikita, so Operations uses this operation to once again drive a wedge between Michael and Nikita. Helmut Volker must marry if he is ever to inherit hit father's business, so when Volker proposes a marriage of convenience to Nikita, Operations orders her to accept! Will Michael be able to stop Operations' plan to divide them, or will Nikita be forced to promise to love, honor and obey another man, at least until death do them part?


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  • Michal thinks he fooled the Section but no - they have much bigger surprise for him.

    It all starts with Madeline figuring out that Michal has somehow managed to undone the change they made in Nikita. So, it seems for a moment that they are giving up as they cannot take no steps against him as he holds Adrian.

    But Madeline is not so easy to give up. She has changed a lot and she is not the Madeline we knew from first season. She is totally somehow different than first but it does look more logic on her.

    They decide to send Michael and Nikita out to mission with some plan - they play lovers and they can be together. It almost looks good for them at the first but then - it comes out that the man needs husband and propose Nikita to marry her. As the man has connections with Red Cell, Nikita has to take it.

    Now, Michael is thinking he can fool the Section again, but this time his steps is seen and Davenport is sent in. Michael's plan fails and Nikita flies away with Helmut...

    It was different than previous episodes in this season but it did not mattered. It had it beauty. Like Walter and Birkoff and those cakes. It was super.moreless

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    • Helmut: I keep trying to read your eyes, and they flash and they sparkle and somehow not manage to give an answer.
      Nikita: Yes, all right. I'll marry you.

    • Celine: (hitting on Michael along with a girlfriend) Karyn thinks my dress is tacky, too obvious. What do you think?
      Michael: It is.

    • Michael: (tired of Helmut's small talk) You're interested in making a purchase?
      Helmut: Of course I'm interested, Freddie. What, do you think all those people out there love me for who I am?

    • Michael: (posing as a heroin dealer) Two kilos, Turkish, uncut.
      Helmut: Freddie, please. Humor me and act as if we're the best of friends. Sit. I've been doing business all day and I'm feeling completely bereft of insignificant small talk.

    • Nikita: (as they wait for the heroin dealers outside the club) You always take me to such nice places, Michael.

    • Michael: Where are you staying tonight?
      Nikita: They've assigned me to temporary quarters while they scrub all traces of the Gelman process from my little apartment. I've got to say, my new pad's almost as nice as this.
      Michael: For how long?
      Nikita: Two weeks.
      Michael: You could stay with me.
      Nikita: Are you asking me to move in with you?
      Michael: You'd be more comfortable.
      Nikita: Well, is this for two weeks or were you thinking of something a little more... permanent?
      Michael: We'd have more privacy.
      Nikita: And how is it that you think that we're going to get away with that?
      Michael: Adrian.
      Nikita: I'll think about it.

    • Michael: (About Nikita) Drugs are the only thing I sell.
      Helmut: Freddie... If somehow I've created the wrong impression here, if I made you think that I thought that I could purchase this gorgeous creature, then I'm profusely sorry. You more than anyone should know, one look at her, she's priceless.
      Michael: Then consider the cost in the event you were to break something.
      Helmut: Are you threatening me? I think I'm beginning to like you.

    • Michael: What are you thinking?
      Nikita: About the man I'm going to marry. It's one thing to convince another man that I love him enough to marry him, but the idea of not seeing you again...
      Michael: You have to separate Anna's life from Nikita's.
      Nikita: Is that what you did with Elena?
      Michael: I tried.
      Nikita: So even with everything that you went through, you still think it's possible to hold on to your heart?
      Michael: Yes. We'll find a way to stop this.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Teenage Sensation" - Gus Gus (as Michael and Nikita talk at Helmut's party)
      "Death Threat" - Death In Vegas (when Michael and Nikita arrive at Helmut's party)
      "Sofa Rockers" - Sofa Surfers (while Michael distracts Helmut)