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La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

Section One is hot on the trail of Tyler, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. After Tyler kidnaps a young inventor named Stanley Shays who has created a new, completely undetectable plastic explosive, Nikita is sent to try and rescue Stanley and keep his knowledge out of Tyler's hands. When the mission is unsuccessful, Nikita is given orders to cancel the inventor, but she refuses. Operations decides that Nikita has crossed the line, and he purposely sends her on a suicide mission to destroy a terrorist hideout. Michael intervenes and gives Nikita the means to escape, but her freedom will change both of their lives forever.moreless

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  • Episode that changed so much, filled with excitement, action and superbly written

    The episode what change so much for so many

    The episode starts with a dance between Nikita and Michael and their conversation lets us believe much more than this is - just a mission. And this mission seems to be rather interesting and catching. Very clean businessman and his coworker, genius, who has discovered new explosive that is undetectable (as we see on the airport), is taken my Section and they has to show their discovery for the team. Walter (who is out of the field. I so much hoped we will have episode focused on him too as everyone else have had it)seems not to believe them but the boom changes his mine. Everyone seems to be happy and condemned, they sens those two guys with a car to somewhere but they never arrive, and the genius Stanley is taken by the enemy.

    Rescue mission, what is more like kill Stanley and go. When Nikita learns it and it is hers to cancel him, she just cannot as all the times the chat before and just all the things he did and said - he could have done so much for world and after all - he is innocent soul and Nikita has a thing with that. So she cannot do it and goes. Oh, Michael is on trouble because of it but he take it. Once again, he protects her.

    We have a reveling scene, when Nikita, on black (as she usually has wore any other colors and all other on section are black), to Madeline and tells her she cannot do it again. For me, so far, it seems that she was coping with the section thing despite the few hints given to us. She asks from Madeline if there is a way out, freedom in the end, and when the answer is no, she seems to be on the bottom of the barrel - for her end. From the end, the knock on her door saves her. It's Michael just to tell - he cannot protect her anymore and why she just couldn't do her job. They end up in a hug and at least she can say, there is one person, who tries to help her and support her.

    But Section has other plans - they make another mission to go and blow the place where Stanley is hold. It is suicide mission and noone is expected back. The face expression, when they tell it to Michael - one of the best we have seen so far. And now, those last 10 minutes - the most moving part. The way he has a decision to make, a dilemma and he is totally alone on this. He gives Nikita a communication device and they go. Everything goes as planned but when Birkoff asks what is the exit strategy , he says there isn't. The way those two look at him and his look - he usually seems not to care much what he is asked to do but to sacrifice so many operatives and Nikita with them.

    The most beautiful moment, I would say, for this and next episode, is when Michael sends her a message: "You are free now, go!" By knowing how much the freedom matters for her and they way all this episode is going – just super.

    Fantastic ending for season 1.moreless
  • Nikita is asked to cancel a geeky inventor, and she can\'t do it. Michael is asked to cancel Nikita. Can he do it?

    Nikita and Mercy serve as bookends for the first season. In Nikita, Michael takes Nikita to a dinner which turns out to be a mission. In Mercy, Michael takes Nikita to a mission that turns out to be a dinner. The case of the Section mistaking Nikita\'s identity is revisited from the premiere. Nikita reiterates in the finale that she never killed anyone before entering the Section. Also since the premiere, Nikita has changed Michael.

    Over the course of the season, I have grown to sorta like the Section. Nikita had too. They seemed to be doing good: stopping terrorist attacks before anyone even knew about them. On the other hand, anyone with a conscience must look at the Section\'s actions and be appalled. Nikita needed to be reminded of this. It has been foreshadowed for quite some time now. In Missing, Nikita asked for her freedom; in Voices Nikita asserts to Madeline that she will never be one of them; and in the penultimate episode of the season, Verdict, Nikita doubted she could keep on doing the things the Section asked her to do.

    When Nikita comes to the realization that she can never be free from the Section, she attempts to commit suicide. Michael interrupts her, and she does not do it. But resignation to failure is not in Nikita\'s character; she will fight the Section to do what is right.

    The moral ambiguity of the series resurfaces in the last act. While the Section orders Michael to do something unconscionable, the sacrificing of six operatives including Nikita, he already sacrificed one team member for the mission in the last episode, and he seems to have no problem sacrificing the other five in this episode--his relationship is just different with Nikita. Even Walter who is outraged that Michael would go through with sacrificing Nikita seems to care less about the other five. Even Nikita killed the terrorist leader with several rounds of an automatic weapon in a moment of passion.

    Nikita crumpled the mad libs action script that most spy thrillers (not to mention any names like Mission Impossible 2 and Mission Impossible 3) use. They replaced generic-weapon-of-mass-destruction with a scientific development that would actually be revolutionary. Even the location choice in this episode was great. The exterior of the bad guy\'s hideout was very distinctive.

    Michael must have nerves of steel to rescue Nikita in the way that he did knowing he could never even tell Walter that she was okay and probably never see her again...without blinking an eye. It also changes the direction of the series. Nikita is no longer growing closer to the Section family, but she is running from it, and even if she is recaptured and reinstated (as I suspect she will be very early next season), she will be rebelling against their unethical tactics. The episode was somewhat sedated, like Michael was in the episode, but it only enhanced this already great finale worthy of a 9 out of 10.

    -Matthew Miller

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Richard Clarkin

Richard Clarkin

Gabriel Tyler

Guest Star

Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

Stanley Shays

Guest Star

Alan Mozes

Alan Mozes

Richard J. Spidel

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Nikita: I need to know that one day when the Section's done with me, and I've performed all the functions I'm capable of, that I'll be free. Will I?
      Madeline: What kind of answer would you like?
      Nikita: The truth.
      Madeline: No. You will never be free from the Section.
      Nikita: (with calm resolution) Thank you.

    • Nikita: (at the inventor's junkyard) So what do you with all this stuff?
      Stanley: Blow it up.
      Nikita: Why?
      Stanley: (shrugging) It's what I do.

    • Madeline: What about Michael?
      Nikita: Michael? A friend's someone you can trust.
      Madeline: It's true, Michael has played a role with you from time to time. He's doing his job. It doesn't mean he's incapable of caring.
      Nikita: Michael's not the solution to my problem, Madeline.

    • Michael: I can't protect you anymore.
      Nikita: I never asked for your protection.
      Michael: Without it, you'd be dead now.
      Nikita: You seem to care more about that then I do.
      Michael: Why can't you just... do the job?
      Nikita: I tried to tell you.
      Michael: Tell me what?
      Nikita: I'm not who you think I am. I never killed anyone before I came into Section. I know you don't want to believe it, but you know it's true.
      Michael: It's not important what you did. It's what you do now.
      Nikita: I can't change who I am.
      Michael: Then I can't help you.
      Nikita: Why did you ever?
      Michael: I wish things could be different.
      Nikita: Me too.

    • Madeline: We may have some problems with him. There was something between them.
      Operations: The question is now, can he let it go?

    • Nikita: (in her suicide note) The only sins I ever commited were on behalf of the Section. I'm only guilty of not taking charge of my own destiny. A fake obituary claimed I died in prison. In the end, that statement is true.

    • Nikita: I don't know if I can do this anymore. I don't know how I ever did.
      Madeline: That's what you said when you first came to us. But, despite your own self-doubts, you've performed quite well.
      Nikita: Where you see targets and security risks, I see flesh and blood. Someone's son, someone's friend.
      Madeline: That's okay.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was originally written as a two-parter titled "Father".

    • There is an easter egg in the sixth disc of the DVD set. On Disc 6, access the "Special Features" section. Highlight the "Section 1 Declassified" option or the "Main Menu" option and press LEFT. Nikita's lips will now change color. Press ENTER to reveal a short narative by Nikita with several small clips from season 1 of the series.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "The Love Thieves" - Depeche Mode (used throughout the episode)