La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 1997 on USA
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In exchange for her freedom, Nikita agrees to protect one of the targets of a Section sting... who is revealed to be Operations' long-lost son.

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  • Operations' episode and yes, Nikita wants to get out of the Section.

    Now we have change to learn that Operations is human after all – he as a son, who is not doing so legal things. The mission is to go and get the microchip they are trying to get and sell and arrest them and buyer but the Operations' son has to survive it. For that he asks Nikita to guard him. First she does not understand how important the mission will be and that she has the trump in her hand but when she does, she wants something for herself too – a freedom. She wants to get out. I truly did not think at first (in Escape) that she so badly wants out. It seemed like she had much better life in Section that before it and for so far, she had overcame the abomination to kill people. But she does want out – maybe the way Section treats the people, they way they seem more machines than humans.

    The story goes on – Nikita and Michael manages to leak in, Michael has sole mission to get the chip and Operations has a decision to make – send backup to Michael and by that endanger his son, or leave him alone and maybe sacrifice Nikita. Of course, who needs Nikita and when she learns it, she is mad, but she has right to be. More action but nothing special – another get bad guys episode. A shooting in the end and Operations' son understand that they have set up, tries to fight and his target is Michael. Nikita has a choice to make and he shoots – the son of course. So, she does have something left towards him or she just treasures Michael more than her freedom? Ok, we learn after everyone is left that the son is not dead and Nikita send her away, telling to him have a life and stop hunting ghosts.moreless
Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy

Steven Wolfe

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Tony Nappo

Tony Nappo


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Dan Pawlick

Dan Pawlick

Vincent Shirov

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Anais Granofsky

Anais Granofsky


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: It happens really quick but in the very beginning when Nikita turns the lights on, she is seen pressing all three switches. The camera then quickly cuts to a closer shot and she only has her fingers on the first two switches.

    • Nitpick: Why is Nikita allowed to stay behind after the mission is over? They establish in many episodes that an operative is expected to return to Section and debrief before they are free to consider their time their own.

    • Nitpick: It seems strange that Borsos' man checks out the CM-12 using the crew's computer, instead of using one of his own. What if they had created a program to make the chip look like it was responding properly, but was really a fake? Using their own computer, which they would know was free of tampering, would make more sense.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Nikita: All this money you're so hot for, what are you going to do with it?
      Steven: Why?
      Nikita: Curiosity.
      Steven: Is that what killed the cat?
      Nikita: Ah, but the cat had nine lives.

    • Steven: (while Nikita is hostage for the delivery of the CM-12) I know it's cliché but I can't resist. What's a nice girl doing in a place like this?
      Nikita: Maybe I'm not such a nice girl.

    • Vincent: (when Nikita offers to help the crew get the CM-12 chip) What makes you think we're interested?
      Nikita: Well, you've been casing the lab every night for the past week. Maybe you want the copy machine?

    • Nikita: (when Operations tells her privately that she must protect a target) So what's so important about this Steven Wolfe?
      Operations: Doesn't matter.
      Nikita: Well, I just feel like I have a right to ask.
      Operations: (thinks about it, and nods) He's my son.

    • Steven: Good luck.
      Nikita: You, too. (deciding she has to try to save him one last time) Steven, do not spend your life looking for ghosts. If your father was the man you think he was, he'd want more for you. Go live! Have a life.
      Steven: You, too.
      Nikita: (after Steven has left) I will.

    • Operations: (referring to his son) What's he like?
      Nikita: He's cold... hard, ruthless, and greedy. You can be proud of him.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In this episode we learn get some important background information about Operations, through his son. Operations was a soldier in Vietnam before being captured, and later listed as MIA.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Hanging On a Curtain" - Morphine (when Nikita mails the video of Operations talking about his son, and again when she tries blackmailing Operations after he refuses to set her free)