La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 5

New Regime

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 1998 on USA
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Episode Summary

Egran Petrosian, the former Section deep cover agent rescued by Section One, takes over and promotes Nikita to second in command when Operations is seriously wounded by an operative pushed over the edge. The only question is, who did the pushing?

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  • The regime inside the Section is turned aside when Operations gets shot and a new man takes over.

    The episode starts shocking - a man just comes in and shots Operations who is seriously insured. From that point, the exciting story takes another great turn as a old friend of Operations come in to be a leader until he recovers but he does not see no hope for escape for him. So, he is enjoying his position.

    Nikita also gets her hand dirty as she is taken down from missions and she proves she can work behind the action very well. She soon gets promotion for Madeline's old position and she, is quite wounded. Everything in her world seems to be falling apart and there is not much she can do. She warns Nikita, that she is not suitable for her job but she does not listen her.

    So, Nikita is on her new position, having a power and enjoying it. She is also making some moves towards her new boss and on the same time, trying to do everything he says - it means also betraying her old friends as he wants to know what Walter is doing. But even if he gets hurt and his new invention is taken away, she does not feel very bad as she can have life as her new boss organize her a meeting in evening - and surprise, Michael comes. She is, again, ready to risk everything and everyone could know, if she could only... But Michael is again opposite minded.

    But the situation goes bad, when she is ordered to cancel a operative whose performance hasn't been the best lately. Now Madeline words come true and she only ends up hurting herself. She makes her a offer as she, as also Nikita, believes that new boss was behind ordering Operations' assassination. In the end, everything will end up in their old place, only Nikita has lost much - Walter denies her presents and Madeline - if there were any friendship between them, now it is over and she is taking defensive position towards Nikita.

    I somehow this episode did not catch me much - it was interesting, exciting, much action but not one of the best onesmoreless
  • Nikita in charge of everyone...including Madeline and Michael??? Operations may die?? How twisted...

    This episode is very topsy turvy, where everything seems quite...backwards. That is, until Nikita realizes her new job isn't ALL about power...

    The episode starts off in Debriefing. All is well until one op decides that he don't feel like discussing today - he whips out a gun and shoots Operations in the chest instead. This causes a chain reaction - Walter shoots the op dead, Nikita looks like she may be in need on Medlab too soon, for by the looks of her bulging eyes and slacked jaw, she looks prepared for a heart attack, Michael stands but stares (blankly, as if I had to add that) and Madeline runs to Ops to make sure he is still alive. Just Barely.

    As if Ops getting shot isn't enough to throw you through a loop, what happens next will.

    In comes Petrosian, the new number one, and he makes everyone then feel like it's a different reality when he starts changing everything, including degrading Michael in to a regular op and upgrading Nikita to be in charge of the mission at hand, despite Madeline's persistant "she's not ready for this yet." But Petrosian is desperate to feel in command, so everything sets forth as he said.

    Michael's life is on the line when the alarm goes off early, and Nikita goes against Birkoff's judgement to pull Michael out of the building. Instead, she orders him to keep searching for their disk, and nearly faints with relief when he makes it out alive. Petrosian is impressed with her work, and decides to give her a promotion again - this time, she can be Section's number two, aka, Madeline's job. Of course, Madeline is ticked about this and decides to let Nikita know that Nikita just doesn't have what it takes to be in that position. But it's power and it's safe from missions and all that Nikita could grow to love very quickly. And so, against Madeline's strong suggestions, she takes the job and basks in the power.

    "Everyone has a weakness." Petrosian insists. And he knows hers - Michael. But instead of destroying her with it, he builds her up. Promising if she stays with him, she'll have the life she wants - to be protected from missions, to rule over others...and a love life with Michael. He even sets up their first date.

    And that first date would have been quite lovely, with both of them looking very classy. Yet Nikita can't seem to resist, and has to rub Michael's nose in the fact that she is above him, even asks him a few times if it bothers him. Clearly, something about this situation does in fact bother him. And who can blame him? But Nikita then switches gears, trying to blossom the idea in his head about how they could finally be openly together and not have to worry about Madeline and Operations. Yet he's not looking to buy tonight, making them both fill with unease. So finally Nikita tells him to sit and have a drink, just a drink, and absolutely no strings attached.

    Meanwhile, Medlab confronts Madeline, claiming that Operations wont be making it. To which Madeline insists that he is wrong - with a gun pressed to the informer's neck. "By the time this is done, there will either be four men alive in there, or there will be four men dead." Or something along those lines, is what she offers him. And shockingly, Operations starts to pull through!

    Back to Nikita again - everything is just peachy and swell - until Petrosian tells her to cancel an op that messed up on the mission. Nikita never was too good on persuasion when it came to people higher up (besides Michael, of course), so when she couldn't talk him out of it, she went to go do the task in hand.

    The Op (name is something that begins with a S!) trys to make her pull the trigger after she starts to break down, the tears coming and all. A shot rings out, but not from her. Madeline walks forth, and Nikita admits that she can't do that, but then decides that Madeline is tricking her.

    Switches to Nikita's next task - killing Operations for good this time. She goes, and she is unsuccessful. So Petrosian decides to stick Ops himself. With Vitiam B. Gasp - it was a trick! Nikita and Madeline had teamed together to take out Petrosian - who's actually NOT the good guy! Okay, so this was a bit predictable, but it was still good.

    Ends with Madeline having a talk with Nikita. "You had you're first taste of power." She says. Nikita retorts with how she didn't like it, and her superior insists that she'll be back for more, though she is sure that she never will. We'll see about that...

    Debriefing: It was good. Not the greatest, mainly because I hated seeing what the power was doing to Nikita, but it was good. Two out of four stars.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Petrosian: (after ordering her to personally cancel Sykes) I have told you before, Nikita, compassion is a weakness. You have to be able to kill without a moment's hesitation.
      Nikita: But I've killed so many people I've lost count!
      Petrosian: Yes, in combat. But this is different. This is a man whose one crime has been a failure to live up to the standards of Section. I have to know that you can kill him, too. For me.

    • Michael: (when Nikita says Petrosian arranged for them to be together) Am I under orders to please you?
      Nikita: Of course... not.

    • Walter: (referring to Kronen's shooting Operations) It bothers me that I didn't see it coming.
      Nikita: None of us did.
      Walter: The day before I was trying to brief him on a new laser sight, and he kept talking about his mother.
      Nikita: His mother?
      Walter: Any time anyone in this place starts talking about mom, you know he's got problems!

    • Petrosian: What I need is my own Madeline.
      Nikkita: I'm not really interested in a promotion.
      Petrosian: No? You prefer to go on living from day to day, risking your life in mission after mission until one day your luck runs out and you are blown to bits in some obscure corner of the Earth?

    • Madeline: I think it's pretty clear. Operations is a better choice than Petrosian.
      Nikita: Better for whom?
      Madeline: If you had doubts, why did you side with us?
      Nikita: Petrosian was willing to give me a life, as much as one can have inside Section. But in order to get it, I lied, I bullied, and, who knows, eventually I might have even... killed in cold blood. In other words, I found out what it's like be you.
      Madeline: And you didn't like it.
      Nikita: No, I didn't.
      Madeline: Power is addictive, Nikita. You've had a taste. It's in your blood now.
      Nikita: You're wrong.
      Madeline: You'll be back. It's only a matter of time. But there'll be one difference. The next time... I'll be waiting for you.

    • Nikita: Birkoff. I need a favor.
      Birkoff: Personal favors are against regulations. Walter said we're all living by the book now, even Petrosian's little pet.
      Nikita: Wrong, Birkoff. Petrosian's little pet gets what she wants, or what they did to Walter will look like a foot massage compared with what I do to you if you mess with me.

    • Nikita: (To Michael) Okay, well, if I'm dealing with the devil, it's because sometimes the devil is the only one open for business. But that's not the problem, is it? Michael, it bothers you that I have so much more power now. You don't like it. Maybe it even makes you a little... uncomfortable.

    • Madeline: (To the doctor who said that he cannot save Operations) I've decided he's going to recover. His will to live is very strong. Your will to save him has to be strong, too. I'll help you. (threatens him) Go back inside. Tell your colleagues to do the possible, then the impossible, and then the unthinkable, until he's out of danger. Because when you're finished, doctor, that room will contain either four living men... or four corpses. Do you understand?

    • Madeline: Has Petrosian offered you my position yet?
      Nikita: Yes.
      Madeline: And what did you say?
      Nikita: If I say no, he's going to offer it to somebody else.
      Madeline: That's not the point.
      Nikita: What is the point?
      Madeline: The point is you don't have what it takes to do my job. And, if you try, you'll only end by destroying yourself.

  • NOTES (4)

    • One of the extras at the bar where Nikita and Michael meet seems to be the episode's director, Jon Cassar.

    • Special Guest Star Nigel Bennet returns to play Egran Petrosian. He previously performed in the role in the first season episode "Rescue".

    • There was a deleted scene from this episode included with the season two DVD set. Kronen, the operative who shoots Operations, had an argument and shoving match with Walter earlier that same day. The scene wasn't included because the director thought it was both unnecessary and that it was more exciting to have Kronen come out of nowhere and surprise the audience.

    • Music Used In This Episode
      "Do What You Have To Do" - Sarah McLachlan (at the bar where Michael and Nikita meet)
      "Path to the Invisible" - Pilgrimage (in Michael's first mission to the embassy)