La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 5

New Regime

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 1998 on USA

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  • The regime inside the Section is turned aside when Operations gets shot and a new man takes over.

    The episode starts shocking - a man just comes in and shots Operations who is seriously insured. From that point, the exciting story takes another great turn as a old friend of Operations come in to be a leader until he recovers but he does not see no hope for escape for him. So, he is enjoying his position.

    Nikita also gets her hand dirty as she is taken down from missions and she proves she can work behind the action very well. She soon gets promotion for Madeline's old position and she, is quite wounded. Everything in her world seems to be falling apart and there is not much she can do. She warns Nikita, that she is not suitable for her job but she does not listen her.

    So, Nikita is on her new position, having a power and enjoying it. She is also making some moves towards her new boss and on the same time, trying to do everything he says - it means also betraying her old friends as he wants to know what Walter is doing. But even if he gets hurt and his new invention is taken away, she does not feel very bad as she can have life as her new boss organize her a meeting in evening - and surprise, Michael comes. She is, again, ready to risk everything and everyone could know, if she could only... But Michael is again opposite minded.

    But the situation goes bad, when she is ordered to cancel a operative whose performance hasn't been the best lately. Now Madeline words come true and she only ends up hurting herself. She makes her a offer as she, as also Nikita, believes that new boss was behind ordering Operations' assassination. In the end, everything will end up in their old place, only Nikita has lost much - Walter denies her presents and Madeline - if there were any friendship between them, now it is over and she is taking defensive position towards Nikita.

    I somehow this episode did not catch me much - it was interesting, exciting, much action but not one of the best ones