La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 8

No One Lives Forever

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2000 on USA



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    • Madeline: (as Nikita prepares to shoot Operations) He's your guardian angel, Nikita. He's your father.

    • Nikita: This place, you think you hate it. Then you get used to it. Spend enough time here, you depend on it.
      Birkoff: We were depending on you.

    • Madeline: Don't let this distract you. Maybe that's what George wants.
      Operations: What he wants is a war.
      Madeline: Are you prepared to fight?
      Operations: To the death.

    • Henri: What are you afraid of, Nikita?
      Nikita: What do you think I'm afraid of?!
      Henri: You're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, I'm afraid you'll grow old waiting. This is your life, now.

    • George: Operations' drive is what brought you to Section.
      Nikita: I don't understand.
      George: What do you know about your father?
      Nikita: My father died when I was very young.
      George: How?
      Nikita: I don't know. He was very sick.
      George: He belonged to Section. He was recruited around the same time as Operations came in. The two of them were always competitive. Your father was clearly the rising star and Operations knew it.
      Nikita: He killed my father?!
      George: Yes. And when your mother started asking questions, he introduced her to drugs and destroyed her life. You were his trophy, Nikita. He recruited you to prove his strength. His willingness to do whatever was necessary.

    • Michael: He wanted to know why you contacted me.
      Nikita: What did you say?
      Michael: I didn't have the answer.
      Nikita: I don't want to be free if I can't be with you.
      Michael: They won't make it easy on us.
      Nikita: What else is new?

    • Madeline: ... So you two are using Nikita to kill Operations.
      Michael: Why would I do that?
      Madeline: Because you'll inherit his post.
      Michael: My time will come.
      Madeline: Oh yes. But the question is, when?

  • Notes

    • There is an extended version of the scene where Andy asks Nikita out on a date included with the season four DVD set. There is also a deleted scene, in which Nikita runs Andy's ID through the computer to see who he really is, and is surprised and pleased to discover that he's a real person, then calls him to agree to having coffee.

    • Music Featured in this Episode
      "Unglued" - Melissa Gibson (as Nikita clears out of her apartment)

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