La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

A brush with death during a mission rattles Birkoff's emotions and puts him at risk of being cancelled.

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  • Birkoff does a Three Days of the Condor Number!

    Birkoff, self-described "cyber geek" does a "Three Days of the Condor" number.

    Excellent, emotionally engaging "Everyman" episode.
  • We get deeper look into Birkoff and his past.

    This episode was about Birkoff. Ok, we have had one episode for Madeline, then Michael (or more Lisa?) and now Birkoff – locial choice as we know so little about him and Walter but definitely would like to know more.

    We learn that Birkoff is more child than he seems and I can imagine his lonely life with only computers (mm.. does all IT people feel like that? Far away from reality, from people). And he has so much humanity, maybe even the same amount that Nikita has. The story rolls on, when on mission a truck is attacked, and Birkoff is there alone and has to defend himself. He kills the shooter but as Nikita thinks, it was the first people he ever killed. So, he lied about his family (as he admit) but also about the sister. Why? How then he ended up there?

    So, from that moment, he is afraid. Afraid of living as he knows he might die. Quite stupid as this will happen with us all, in the end. Noone has survived the life yet. But Nikita, after learning, that they plan to cancel him, tries her best to bring him back into his element and when he understand that his replacement has done a huge mistake, she and Nikita fly to Turkey to help others. Some shooting, Birkoff tries to save Nikita but as usual, Michael does this.

    Exiting and emotional, much new informationmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It the previous Season One episode, "Innocent", Birkoff tells Nikita he was brought into Section because he killed his sister. However, after Birkoff shoots and kills the intruder in the van, he admits to Nikita that he lied about having killed his sister. In fact, until that moment, he had never killed anyone.

    • Nikita runs a team for the first time, during the rescue of Michael's team.

    • Birkoff is put into abeyance in this episode.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Birkoff: (at a bar with Nikita, who tries to get him to ask a girl out) What about you?

    • Jay: Look, I've been watching you for the last twenty minutes. He's not coming.
      Nikita: (turns to look at Jay) What do you mean?
      Jay: You got stood up. It happens. But that's why I'm here...

    • (While on a mission on a bar)
      Jay: C'mon, talk to me. I'm a good listener...
      Nikita: This is a bad time.
      Jay: What's the deal, blue-eyes? You fidget, you talk to yourself. You're all alone.

    • Jay: (After brief conversation with Nikita) Chicks are crazy, every last one of 'em.

    • Golden: (To Madeline while interrogated) You are so far out of your league. You should have done your homework before you picked me up. You are dead and you don't even know it!

    • Walter: (To Nikita) Heard they shot holes in my van.

    • Nikita: (telling Walter the van hadn't properly stocked with equipment) Well, it wasn't and Birkoff almost got killed.
      Walter: I hate to get in your face, sugar, but that clip was close enough. And the reason Birkoff almost got killed is because he doesn't know how to shoot. Now, believe me, I have tried to teach him but tearing him away from those computers is almost impossible.

    • Nikita: Look, Birkoff, no one expects you to be a cold op.
      Birkoff: I'm kinda busy right now.
      Nikita: This was your first time, wasn't it?
      Birkoff: What are you talking about? These keyboards are dead!
      Nikita: You've never killed anyone before, have you?
      Birkoff: I'll deal with it, okay?
      Nikita:You told me that you killed your sister. That's why they brought you in.
      Birkoff: I lied.
      Nikita: Why?

    • Birkoff: I can't live knowing that I could die!
      Nikita: Ah. (she puts a gun to his head) You will die. (she pulls the trigger; it was unloaded) See, you just died.
      Birkoff: You're crazy!
      Nikita: Am I? Then you better get crazy, too!

    • Jay: (when Nikita tells him she's a secret agent) You show me your gun, I'll show you mine!

    • Birkoff: You can't protect me. I always thought I could just go on doing my work. You guys would always be around keeping me safe. Never occurred to me that anyone would get close enough to shoot me.
      Nikita: Oh. So you used to think you were safe. Now you know you're not. None of us are. Birkoff, it happens to everyone. It's called... growing up. Doesn't mean you have to stop living.

    • Nikita: (to Birkoff) Death's easy, you don't have to do anything. It's life you have to face.

  • NOTES (4)